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Amazon has a bizarre new feature where you can search menus for restaurants in selected cities. Naturally I looked for "tiki". There were five results, with only two of any interest.

  1. Tiki Bob's Cantina in Seattle: Everything is named tiki! (Tiki fish, Tiki Shrimp, etc) Can Seattleites comment on this place? What's its story?

  2. Kitsch'n on Roscoe in Chicago: Pseudo-retro food, but they have a drink called the "Massive Tiki Mai Tai" Who has been here and can comment? I am going to Chicago in August (I hear that's the nicest weather!) and am planning my very short weekend of activities. I'll post that elsewhere.....



Tiki Bob's here in the Jet City is part of the Tiki Bob's chain/franchise. This one is a little over a year old. The decor is like a beach bar where it's perpetually spring break (giant inflatable Corona bottles!). And of course it's devoid of Tikis except for one strange globular quasi humanoid sort of sculpture near the dance floor. I stopped in a couple times in blind hope that somehow the place had become tolerable. Last time I was there "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves was playing on the sound system. Further proof that Satan himself is an investor in Tiki Bob's.


That Kitsch'n does serve a mighty fine breakfast. Doing a sort of "the kitchen of your youth" sort of theme, you'll dine surrounded by Magic 8 balls and old school cartoons and copies of "Dynamite" magazine. Just don't expect too much tiki. They've got a little tiki shack out on their back patio -- nothing to get all excited about. But they're very fine people, and the breakfast food is tasty...

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