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Lakanuki, Mammoth Lakes, CA, Mammoth Lakes, CA (bar)

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Name:Lakanuki, Mammoth Lakes, CA
Street:6201 Minaret Rd., Suite 200
City:Mammoth Lakes
Phone:(760) 934-7447

Opened in 2003. One of the best Tiki Bars in recent years. They spent MUCH $$$ on this bar/restaurant. Huge, thick Tiki carved wooden door greet you while a separate pair let's you out. Furnished by Oceanic Arts, Tiki Farm, Bosko, and Shag. Huge Tiki mug collection. They even have exclusive Tiki Farm mugs for sale. The food is high end. Salads, sushi, etc. Great Mai-Tais in proper Tiki Mugs. The music varies but Exotica music is coming soon. This is part of a new North Village Sky resort in Mammoth. Not to be missed! Maybe some can call them to get pictures to post here.

Oh, of coarse they open a tiki bar when I'm not living there. I use to bartend at Whiskey Creek. Mammoth is a really fun town and I now have a reason to go out and buy some new snow board, and visit Mammoth once again.
Thanks for the pics Monk!

I live in Bishop, CA. Mammoth is nearby. Come visit Lakanuki...I'll come with you!
[email protected]

I was staying at the village in mammoth and decided to go eat at what seemed a great tiki restaurant. The food was pretty good and so was the service however when I left and came back home I realized on my bank account they had overcharged me. When I called them they said it was because of a standard charge they add on when using a debit card? But they overcharged me like 15 dollars?! It took alot of long distance phone calls and speaking to many different people to finally be credited back my money. Great place, but be careful because they'll mislead you on how much you are being charged.

I was in Mammoth over the weekend and tried to go here. I went at 9pm but they were closed until 10pm due to a private party. I walked around in the freezing cold for an hour to wait to get in. I went back in a half hour and explained to the guy my love for tiki and that I just wanted to go in, have a Mai Tai, buy a mug, snap a few photo's and be on my way. he still would not let me in, so I sat in the waiting area until 10. I go to walk in and the guy tries to charge me a cover (he never bothered to tell me that when I was waiting). I hate paying covers, so I didn't go in, plus it looks like it turns into a "Club" after 10. One of my freinds went there the next day to try to buy me a mug, and they told him that they ran out. Good thing I didn't go in.

I went to Lakanuki yesterday, 1 year since I had last been there. The decor is the same, an impressive collection of tikis still lurk in the corners, and you could tell a great deal of thought went into its design. However, this "tiki" bar, I'm sure to cater to the clientele of snowboarders and families, has changed its vibe entirely, feeling more like a family restaurant/sports bar. The Mai Tai, their only tiki specialty drink, went from a well thought out tasty cocktail last time I visited to spiked red koolaid. They sold out of mugs in the first year and have no plans to order more, and have since lost the key to the t-shirt cabinet. I am sad that a place I was so excited to visit on my next trip to Mammoth has fallen into such a rut.

Welcome to TC....luuuuuv your user name!!! Sad to see yet another tiki bar has bit the dust, thanks for the info. I haven't been to Mammoth in about 20 years, but I'll bet it is full of snow from the recent storms. :)

Just got Back from This cool little bar we discovered while we were on our snowboarding trip..
Here's a few pics my 6yr old took...

Oceanic Arts Doors

Shane-O Diggin the Shag..

Cool lamps and paintings all over

Bathroom pics..

Boyz waiting for the juice...

No mugs to sell and the mai tai's were funky but still a fun little bar..

Was on a trip to Mammoth with my wife and friends last weekend and I talked them into checking this place out.

I thought the decor was pretty good, lots of tikis!

However it is more of a sports bar and they had football going... the plus side being you could play football bingo and win a free bar tab :wink:

As has been shown, in the bathroom there are old menus and matchbooks in a collage

I liked the T-shirt and picked one up as well. I was also told that they are planning on stocking Tiki Mugs at some point.

Ha, this makes it the 4th bar that has its restrooms wallpapered with images from my books. :) A proud credit, I say!

The week before we did a Tiki Tour of Palm Springs.......Thanksgiving weekend it was Mammoth Lakes. It had been awhile since I had been to Mammoth and it was great to see this place still going strong.
Tiki at 8,000 feet ...I'm all in


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