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'67 Family Circle tiki

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Stopped at a needlework shop that's going out of business today and picked up 100 old women's magazines from the sixties. (Swanky, you need to see some of these.) Here's a pic of a luau for a high-school graduation.

Great pic. So From what the old ladies knew in the sixties, Martha Stewart was nothing but rehash(?).


Purple Jade any idea what the Volcano is made out of? Or do you have the recipe? That looks Great!

They call it a Mauna Loa Ice Cream Tower. It's just raspberry sherbet, orange sherbet, and vanilla ice cream smashed into a mold. I'd be inclined to put a little black food color in the vanilla, and have some raspberry syrup running down the sides. And some dry ice wouldn't hurt.


I love the dry ice idea....now where to find a mold like this, I need to get hunting. Very cool!

Cool find!

DawnTiki: I believe that it was made with 2 jello/cake molds, one on top of the other.

Thanks SugarCaddyDaddy, this is definitely going to be part of my Halloween tiki table. If I can find the molds.

[ Edited by: DawnTiki on 2003-10-22 22:09 ]

It's one mold, I believe called a "bombe" mold. I have a copper one.


Yes bomb molds are very common in European style restaurant supply stores. If you live in a "European cultured" metro area such as San Francisco or New Orleans it would be easy to find many.

I also wouldn't add food color to ice cream, the tempature rise and drop could make it cristalize or even contaminate it which can be dangerous, just use chocolate :wink: BTW I would scoop out the top and put a resevour of sauce in it.

-BTW I would scoop out the top and put a resevour of sauce in it. -

Mmmmmmmmmm. Need to invent a mini pump for the lava (sauce) to flow!

(Sorry, I've been woring with "dispaly motors" lately. )


All this volcano talk reminds me of the volcano Peter Brady made that errupted all over Marcia's "new" friends.

Definitely a cool idea though!

That photo is great...The tiki in the background looks like one of the "Tiki-Iti" offered by the Torrance Tiki Torch Company. Original price? 10.00!

I just noticed, too, the tapa pattern table cover..I think it's vintage Corobuff. We found a roll and covered two unsightly closet doors with it in the bar.

Yeah, that volcano is awsome but...

Check out those DIXIE CUPS!!!

where can I find them???


Actually I think Mr.Smiley scooped up paper cups just like those at the Hala Kahiki gift shop.

Yeah chocolate's a better idea. I do know using enough black color to make it actually black tastes BAD! Made a bowling ball cake once, eeugh... But it looked good!

HAR! Lady's Circle '74. Wotta rag. But Annette was on the cover.

That totally looks like Magnum P.I.! My Malibu Barbie would have totally dropped Sun Luv'n Ken in total minute for this guy! Like he is so totally Hot! I'm sure Sun Luv'n Ken would have totally thought so too :wink:

[ Edited by: DawnTiki on 2003-10-23 11:33 ]

Chun King ad '69


On 2003-10-23 15:40, purple jade wrote:
Chun King ad '69

But they didn't mention the grilled Dole pineapple slice which makes it oh so 60's Hawaiiana :P

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