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Official Introductions Thread. New Members, Post your introduction here...

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This is the thread to post introductions.

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I was tulsatv1 on Yahoo, startling new name of tulsatv here.

Was tikigardener, but now wtih new and improved caps ability, I am TikiGardener

Wonderful! Hanford, thanks a million. No more JC Penney...

I'm one of the Tiki Teabags, from London, England, and will be reporting later today (work permitting) on London's wonderful :tiki: NEW TIKI BAR :tiki: that opened yesterday.

It opened YESTERDAY?
Awww, you beat me to it!!!

And you told me it didn't seem to be getting sorted....trying to throw me off the scent, huh? :wink:

Trader Woody
(Ditched the UK bit)


I was just wondering if there was a way to get to the forum without being routed through Yahoo. I am probably just overlooking it, being that it is still early and I haven't quite woken up yet.


Im hula hula from the great sin city Las Vegas. On groups I was Ventura_dj (my email/yahoo/ real name id) Im very glad there Are not just one but 2 BBboards for all things tiki.

Cheers :drink:

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Hello to the new Tiki Central!

This is Paul. I kept the old screen name, even though it confused most people. Perhaps the capitalization here will help.

Ashame about the Yahoo club/group. Serious problems there. I can't access it at all right now. I was afraid that might happen and I certainly hope that Tiki Central can stay together, either here or back at Yahoo - assuming Yahoo ever fixes all the bugs in Groups (which I kind of doubt).

I was maxton1 on the old list. I'm excited about this new frontier!


I'm a relatively new member referred here by the fabulous Tikifish. Was known for a short time as TTenenbaum on the other board. Grew up 5 miles from the Kahiki and I miss it so.

I live in L.A. now and would love to take part in a tiki bar crawl anytime!

  • Monkey God (Teddy T.)

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johnnievelour then, johnnievelour now.

gads, just realized, im using a different name here! i was etamburine, now im dogbytes ~ and im glad to be here!


Was Aelfgifu, now TikiMama, still Heather. :)

Aloooooha! Hey, gang! Glad to be here where it's nice and comfy. Thanks, Hanford. May this continue to be a fine source of info, entertainment, and commraderie.

-Weird Uncle Tiki


Was kingslod: am kingslod: always kingslod, at least for now.

It's bigger than big, it's huge! http://www.hugemagazine.com
Cool Tiki Desktop Patterns: http://www.hugemagazine.com/mac/desktiki.html

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I am kawentzmann, just like before.
This is really good. Luxuriamusic moved away from yahoo! too, a while back.

[ Edited by: Kawentzmann on 2002-03-28 07:06 ]


Good job Hanford, the site looks great!
Cheers! :drink:

Hey Daisy May, thanks for the kind words. Of course the whole reason this is here is because you did such a great job at getting new members signed up on the club in the early days! I think this new site holds up to our original vision of the club!

:sheckymug: ~Hanford

[ Edited by: hanford_lemoore on 2002-03-28 23:57 ]

Howdy folks,

been a long time since I've been to the old yahoo group but now I'm hypnotically drawn to the new flashing tiki sign.

Looks good!


hey dean, it's been like, 6000 messages since we last saw you, isn't it? :wink:

~hanford :tiki:


I-yie-yie did I miss this club! I didn't even bother when the switch to "groups" was made. But I missed you knuckle-heads!
I Was Fonduie_For_Youie back in the "clubs". Now have the shorter, sleeker, more mysterious name of Fonduie.


Nicely done Hanford.

Good to get away from Yahoo.

still "martiki6"

Hello everyone.

I'm karasu99. I've been a member for a few months now, but due to my incredible shyness, I've yet to post more than a few times...

Okay, I confess, it's really because I'm lazy. Sorry.

Greetings from the sunny shores of northern Indiana. I've been lurking for a long time at Yahoo, but this new site is so great that I'm really looking forward to posting here.

I wasn't going to post in this thread cause it's pretty obvious Im just tikifishdotcom without the 'dot com' but you know, now the folder has flames on it, how could I resist?


If you like good times, listening to good music, candle lit dinners, and long walks on the beach, you're sure to love http://www.tikifish.com!

[ Edited by: tikifish on 2002-03-30 12:44 ]

Hanford, you are the man! I haven't looked at the Yahoo Groups site for months. Thought I'd look tonight and am quite impressed with your devotion to putting this group back in business! -Bryan

Hi! I was "mr_tech" over in Yahoo (well, still am), but prefer to use my email address (minus the @mindspring.com part) here.

I'm glad to see Tiki Central move -- I got tired of seeing message 1 - 40 over and over again :(

Hello all!

I was away in Vegas last week and come back to see the Tiki Central as I knew it improved and unshackled from the bonds of Yahoo slavery!!

I was johnknottjr on Yahoo - now I'm Johntiki...

Just Cool,
Johnknottjr aka Johntiki

Aloha to everyone! Glad to be a member and to be once again united together.

Tiki Kiliki


Aloha to all! I was a semi-lurker on the Yahoo list. I was very disappointed with the migration to "groups" I am happy to be back with some fine folks! Much mahalo to Hanford for making all things in the world better :D

:drink: CHEERS!

[ Edited by: tikimug on 2002-04-01 10:10 ]


http://www.tiki.info shortcut still applies!

Thought I would pop in and introduce myself!
I lurked a bit on the club...I like the set-up here...much better that that awful Yahoo group set-up.
Honestly, I'm sort of a novice Tikiphile, so I don't really know quite as much as you guys, but I enjoy reading! I've learned a bunch from you!
Right now I am working on redecorating the "swingin' bachelorette pad", and my living room is going to have a tropical/tiki/50's type theme happenin'.
Cheers! :drink:


i used to be mrsmileyus, now i am just mrsmiley!

Hey Mr Smiley! So glad you could make it! I was worried there for a while!


kah706 posted on Thu, Apr 4, 2002 5:28 AM

Hello all,

Being a native San Franciscan, I took places like the Tonga Room and Trad'r Sam's for granted. All it took was one freezing winter after my husband and I moved to Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to make us pine for the faux tropical warmth of a good Tiki bar. Glad to have found this group (more so here than on Yahoo) to remind me that there is more than beer and tulips out there. If anyone has some Tiki tips for northern Europe, I sure would appreciate it.


luau63 posted on Sat, Apr 6, 2002 6:06 PM

hey everybody, still luau63 here in texas. planning to visit oceans11 in austin soon. tiki central rocks and who needs yahoo anyway? many thanks! luau63

Hi all! I was Frenchy_Hercules, Now just Frenchy. I'm Mig's Portland connection. :wink:


HI everyone. Lost lurker touch for a while, until I found out about the new boards here..then lost touch again because I was in the process of moving. BUT NOW!!! I'm here!!

Just moving from Arlington, VA to L.A. Walking distance to the Tiki Ti, I'm damn excited about that. Hoping all I've heard and read about the place is still true.

Looking forward to finding out about L.A. gatherings. The Atlanta gig sounds cool too...I love Atlanta!


Aloha Everyone,
I'm new at Tiki Central. I've been interested Tiki Bars since I was a kid. Was stationed in Hawaii in the 60's; used to start my pub crawl at Davy Jone's Locker at the Reef Hotel, they made great Bloody Marys there. The place looked like a sunken sailing ship inside and over the bar was a window with a view into the hotel pool. Sometimes we would start at the Okolehau Bar located in the tower of the Honolulu Airport with a Mai Tai with several layers of rums and a spear of fresh sugar cane.
My Dad and Skipper Kent were old sailing buddies. Skipper Kent's was located on the west end of Columbus Avenue in S.F.
Anyway glad to be aboard and I hope people won't confuse me "tikiboy" with the guy from Tucson "thetikiboy". Sorry about that: I guess I had too many missionary downfalls tonite.
Okole Maluna

New here.

been facinated with Tiki Bars and faux Polynesian Restaurants ever since watching Hawaii five-0 and other TV shows as a kid. Since that time everything Tiki started to rapidly dissappear - which of course only made me more interested. Luckily, I now live only a few miles from the original Trader Vics...


mig posted on Tue, May 14, 2002 6:51 PM

It's Mig here... known variously as Mig, mponce29, Nuttmig, "Hey Jackass", etc.

Hey Tikiboy: you're in Alameda, eh? The Bay Area tiki contingent is strong... and of that, the East Bay is a powerhouse. You're in very good company over there! Frequent events (or even just small gatherings) so keep your eyes/ears open.

Hi, just wanted to introduce myself and let everyone know there is a tiki head in South Beach, Miami just waiting to hear about any events in the area!

Hi I'm atomictonytiki a tiki-freak animator/nightclub manager living in the wilds of scotland (well edinburgh) and I've been into tiki ever since my childhood introduction to bars, at the tender age of seven my parents took me to the Butlins holiday camp in Ayr and allowed me and my brothers to join them in the Beachcomber bar, since this was in the early 80's the bar had a faded tiki charm with dusty fake plants and fiberglass tiki's.
I also run my own tiki themed animation site at http://www.atomictonytiki.com and am very happy to find such a busy tiki forum.

I'm Patrick McNeal, from Bakersfield, CA. I started with Hawaiian shirts, my first as graduation presents from my grandmother in 1986. After several years of drought, I was thrilled to see decent Hawaiian shirts in stores 4-5 years ago, and started my collection with vigor. My wife introduced me to the Tiki Room at Disneyland in '96, and I've been a fan ever since.

I'm the Hawaiian Mad Dog. I'm totally obsessed with Hawaii and everything Tiki. I'm currently collecting Tiki Mugs and planning on converting my basement into a Tiki Bar/Lounge. I love exotica music and I'm glad to be a part of Tiki Central! -Aloha to All!


jtiki posted on Wed, May 15, 2002 3:06 PM

momma called me jimmy,

but attempting to stay thematic, I've adopted the sadly lame name of jtiki for this forum.

Can't claim to have a childhood obsession with the Polynesia, nor affiliation with the Yahoo boards. Instead, my compulsion grows out of a joke made recently about opening a tiki bar in retirement. With my future in mind, I have been studying, collecting and sometimes trading the appropriate accouterments, trappings and accessories; mostly with an eye towards cool-looking island deities preserved as drinking vessels for ritual worship. I was very happy to find you guys last week.

I’m on the Virginia side of DC and can attest to the fact that Politiki survives, but in a reduced-to-the-basement condition. Also Honolulu hangs on, a delightful, surprising find beside the highway.


Greetings to all fellow tiki fans! My name is David, I live in Long Beach, Calif. and I just cant believe there are so many people into this stuff...I thought I was all alone in my love of tikidom....but nay! I am a musician (saxophone/flute) and can often be heard playing in jazz and rock bands, inappropriately making bird calls or playing lines from old Les Baxter tunes. Nothing goes over with a crowd like a disco band playing "Brick House", and the horn section playing the melody of "Space Capades". Guess I just march to the beat of a different tiki drum :)

Alooooha! All my coolest friends have been telling me about Tiki Central so I figured I'd better get in on the act. Tiki AND Hawaiiana are my passions and so here I am. What fun!


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