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Barbie loves tiki mugs

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Well, tiki is so cool now that I saw 2, count 'em, TWO Barbie doll sets at Wal-Mart the other day that contain tiki mugs. Unfortunately, neither mug was cool enough to make me want to spend the bucks on the doll...

The first one is a Wal-Mart exclusive, Barbie's Hawaiian Vacation. The tiki mug is the yellow blob between the dolls in this auction pic. You can't tell, but it is a 3-D "carved" mug, not a printed-on-a-sticker-and-slapped-on-a-cup mug.


The other one is a little more perplexing. It is Barbie Loves Tweety, which is a tie-in to the new Looney Tunes movie. The main reason I noticed it was what looked like a totem pole tiki god facsimile on the packaging. The "carved" mug is clear, and comes with a mini umbrella and bendy straw. However, when I read the back of the package, it was walking about Tweety's trip to Africa?!? I am confused...



Wow...this just proves again that Tiki is the god of the artists, and that it is the designers in every genre, be it cartoons, video games, or TV, who are sneaking in Tikis wherever they can.
Unfortunately, it is not always the most Tiki -savy people who are in the key positions.

They should have hired purple jade to do those mugs.

Oh, you with the sweet talk... :wink:

Here's a Barbie with a coconut mug. It's a Hula Honey Barbie Doll from their Pin Up Girls collection. They were "limited addition" and this one is no longer available from Mattel. http://www.barbiecollector.com/collection/pin-girls-collection
I saw the Hula Honey doll on an auction website that isn't eBay.

Gold Label®
Designed by: Anna Choi
Release Date: 6/1/2006
Product Code: J0951
No more than 9900 units produced worldwide.
The sweet, sultry girls of the golden age of pinups are the inspiration for the Pin-Up Girls™ Collection. Beautifully illustrated images depict all-American sweethearts in alluring costumes and familiar settings. Now, the pleasing Polynesian islands of Hawaii inspire a unique reinterpretation of the glorious pinup.

Barbie® doll designer Anna Choi continues her tribute to this whimsical art form with Hula Honey™ Barbie® doll. This lovely wahine wears an alluring vintage-inspired bathing suit; a second, kitschy ensemble includes faux grass skirt and faux coconut shell bra. "Ukulele" and faux flower leis complete the tropical dream ensemble. Aloha nui lao!


OMG, that's not Barbie, that's Dinah DeRosa. They both have a beauty mark in exactly the same place !!

Quick, someone photoshop a Ken doll to look like Spike. :D

[ Edited by: JOHN-O 2012-08-27 21:26 ]

That is a "Dinah DeRosa" doll, who is going to send her this picture? :lol:

Here is Barbie with all of her extras, like a coconut bra. This is from the online auction.

Barbie and Ken love the Mai Kai!


Awesome DC. Barbie and Ken are smashed. And why wouldent they be after the Mai Kai. But Ken looks really happy or really pissed Barbie took her top off. Who can blame her? He is so possessive. :D

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