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Being Polynesian Provides Legal Protection for Tiki Torches and (possibly) Mai Tai Fridays

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The State of California allows lawsuits to be filed against employers and landlords\sellers for discrimination based on Polynesian descent, I just realized.

I will now put back my tiki torches on my front walkway that freedom-infringing homeowners made me remove by citing this polynesian provision of the Fair Employment & Housing Act - Government Code section 12940, et seq.

I may also insist on leaving work one hour before sunset on Fridays because it is part of my tiki religion to watch the sunset with a Mai tai on freaky-tiki Fridays.


Say what?

[ Edited by: TikiGardener on 2003-11-08 02:16 ]

Can one convert to this new reilgion?

If yes, I'm in!

But only if I get to be the Grand and Most High Exalted Potentate of Oom-Poppa-Mau-Mau.


Jesus just told me I can join as well, so I'm in. You can find me praying at the Mai Kai in Fort Lauderdale. Two Hale Mary's and a Zombie please!

Rastafarianism is a religion, so why not!


Yes, We must take a sip from the "Holy Water" each and every day.

From the Tiki mug-Scorpion bowl chalis.

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