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ON Hold- TIKI ARCHEOLOGY VIDEO with your host Sven Kirsten

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This is the new thread for my video only. It seems the old one lead to confusion, resulting in the fact that I have not received ONE SINGLE mailorder for the damn thing yet (tisk tisk).
Here is the synopsis and the payment terms in one single post:

This delightful journey into Tikiland consists of two videos produced before THE BOOK OF TIKI was published. But since my research had a major influence on the making of them, they visually complement the book nicely.
Expeditions to sites that are now gone, like THE TIKIS and the Playa Del Rey Polynesian Village Apartments, Interviews, and archival footage of people and places mentioned in the book allow the urban archeologist to revisit and discover the sites and sounds of Polynesia Americana:


This 1996 documentary was produced and directed by expatriate American Peter Stuart for BBC’s channel 4. The archival footage features highlights such as Martin Denny’s first live performance on the Dinah Shore show. To actually SEE Augie Colon voice those birdcalls is an unforgettable moment (I apologize that my voice over was layed over some of it!). Martin is also interviewed in the film, and we see one of the last interviews with James Michener. -Original footage of the Disneyland Tiki room and the Kon Tiki voyage further document important Tiki moments in history.

This Tiki Tour of Los Angeles was only shown on outbound flights of Hawaiian Airlines in 1999. You get to see my house, my Kon Tiki shirt, lots of Tiki apartments (like the Armet & Davis designed Polynesian Village which is now razed), Bahooka’s Restaurant, and Oceanic Arts in Whittier. Gracious host Miss Hawaii 1998 does not necessarily follow my train of thought, but does a good job stroking the lava rock Vanna White-style.

(So I sold a bunch of videos at the Atlanta Hukilau, and I popped one in the bigscreen player at the Fountainhead Lounge, and to my surprise I see that I have involuntaryly copied a bonus piece at the end of it: The DON TIKI musicvideo shot at La Mariana's in Waikiki! It's not mentioned on the box because I forgot it was at the end of the HAWAIIAN AIRLINES tape!
So the first batch will include this as a bonus offering, get it while it lasts.)

PAYMENT TERMS: Mail Order Only!
For simplicity, it's 20.- dollars. DO send cash! A 20.- bill is easy to hide in an envelope (checks will do in a pinch). Mail to:

Sven Kirsten
2300 Hidalgo Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039

This video is made only for Tiki Centralites and personal sale by me. Any profiteering with it on e-bay will result in loss of mana!

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Hi Big bro, I watched the video early the next morning after the OC MINI CRAWL and discovered your little secret. The music video at the end. What a hoot.Anyways, thanks for the great video and all the great info about Sams Seafood tikis. It was a real life documentary. Too cool. Sorry I missed your slideshow at the Tiki Oasis, but I momentarily dozed off.

That's because I sound like Ben Stein as the science teacher in The Wonder Years (according to Atlanta's "Creative Loafing), so it must have triggered that old classroom response.

Sven flowed me a copy of this video a few years back, and its one of my FAVES.

Air-Conditioned Eden is REALLY AWESOME.

It is a great made-for-TV TIKI DOCUMENTARY. Its professionally produced and has some great interviews and info in there, including video of THE TIKIS in CA.

Don't pass it up, guys, this video rules. Glad to see Sven is finally pulling it from the vaults. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED.


Hey Sven, we were watching the video with a few friends last night over some frozen concoctions (Saint Thomas and others)and were really wanting to know what one song was that played in the background. I have not listened to the CD yet, so maybe it's on there. How can we narrow it down so you'll be able to tell us the song?

Any self-respecting tiki-phile should own a copy of Sven's tape. We picked one up on the OC Tiki Crawl and watched it the next day. It was great!

Were was I when Sven was giving out those tapes on the crawl?? That's what I get for sitting in the back of the bus!! Or, maybe he's trying to get me up to his pad to do that work we talked about many moons ago.

The tape is great, Sven! We watched it when we came home from the Hukilau. I can't understand why you have not received any orders. Those of you who own and read the Book of Tiki will be amazed to see Sven move and speak, as well as see him explore tiki temples in moving color. Those who only looked at the pictures in the Book of Tiki, will be amazed to find out what the text says. And, I think everyone could use a copy to show concerned family members, worried friends, panicy neighbors, well-meaning therapists, police officers and firemen. It nicely explains what Polynesian Pop is about and why we enjoy the quixotic pursuit of tiki. It really is a very nice tape.

On 2002-07-29 11:47, Kailuageoff wrote:
Those of you who own and read the Book of Tiki will be amazed to see Sven move and speak...

Having seen Sven move and speak in person, I can attest to the fact that he does indeed, on occasion, move and speak. After awhile one barely notices the wires. Yes, it's that amazing.


Thank you all for the positive reviews, all in one day!

AND today I received my first FOUR orders in the mail:
Mahalo Sean, Mark, Howard and Mike, I'll send the tapes out tomorrow!

(for a moment there I thought I had misjudged the interest and would end up sitting on a stack of tapes, phew!...)

If anybody has any questions regarding the content, let me know.

Swanky: Regarding the song, What tape, which scene?

I just saw this tape yesterday and I recommend it highly. The history of Polynesian Pop condensed to a 1/2 hour tv "programme" (okay, it's 25 minutes, but they had to make time for commercials, right?). On the second show I finally got to see what Polynesian Village and the tiki poles of mystery looked like. Thanks, Sven!


Hey Sven!

We were in back of the bus with Ben during the OC Pubcrawl with Ben, so that probably explains why we missed out on the tape too!

(Ben was ranting and raving about the lame "Surf Henge" sculpture in HB and rightfully so!).

We gotta have one of those tapes! I'll send the $20 bucks out tomorrow.


Uncle Arty (of T and A)


"The check is in the mail."

Thanks for offering this tape. I look forward to receiving and watching it!

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that in the tape, the younger version of Sven looks like a cross between Billy Zoom of X and Brian Setzer of Stray Cat fame?

Looks like somebody is already hocking the tape on Ebay:



Hi Tiki Bong,

It's not just you, I thought Sven resembled them too!


Hey Kentiki,
Is Brian your brother?

Thanks guys for the flattering comparison...so what we have here is someone that looks like Billy Zoom and Brian Setzer, but talks like Ben Stein and Henry Kissinger.
Sounds like any Jewish girl's ideal man!
(I wish there was SOME#&%$grumblemumble...)

ANYWAY...: Fatu Hiva, that's not MY video, that's just half of it (I mean JUST the BBC part), go look under my OLD thread (this is getting complicated I know).
SO, you see mine is a deal. AND you don't have to pay 800.- bucks to see Martin Denny perform! (Granted, I don't have any of THAT footage on my tape, it was orignally done for the "HAWAII CALLS" TV show. It's cute, but not 800.- worth...maybe Bill Gates is a closet Martin Denny fan?)


Aloha, Sven. My YFC (yuppie fun coupon) is on its way!

Okay, cross between Billy Zoom & Brian Setzer...got it for next year's Oasis :wink:


bigbrotiki wrotewhat we have here is someone that looks like Billy Zoom and Brian Setzer, but talks like Ben Stein and Henry Kissinger.

You're lucky.....I look like Henry Kissinger but talk like Exene Cervenka...

Trader Woody


Okay Sven, I can't recall the scene, I think it's where the Tarder Vic's guy is mixing drinks. The music is a guy singing and I swear he's singing something like "King blurgarble, is happy pineapple..." Okay, this is likely no help at all in figuring out the song. I'll make a note next time we watch.

A fellow tiki-fiend here is having a huge Luau next month. Over 100 people and a wedding party. Roasted pig and all. We'll be heavily involved if needed. Maybe there will be need for your video playing somewhere.

he's singing something like "King blurgarble, is happy pineapple..."

Swanky, that's a nearly perfect rendition of that line under Mai Tai influence, I would guess. It actually goes:

"Princess Pupule has plenty Papaya.."
Close, but...

It's the version by Poncie Ponce which is also on my Singalong CD which I still wanna remix and make available to all...

Biotron! Your VHS is going out tomorrow, so are 5 others! Mahalo!

On 2002-07-30 16:15, bigbrotiki wrote:
Thanks guys for the flattering comparison...so what we have here is someone that looks like Billy Zoom and Brian Setzer, but talks like Ben Stein and Henry Kissinger.
Sounds like any Jewish girl's ideal man!
(I wish there was SOME#&%$grumblemumble...)

Actually I always thought there was a little Rutger Hauer in the mix. Maybe its the color of the eyes.


Thanks Sven! Got the tape today and promptly sat down to enjoy it! It's kinda like watching a video version of the Book Of Tiki...you did a great job! My favorite parts were the interview snipits of Michener and Denny, and the Dina Shore footage... and seeing Danny walk around showing off The Tikis....ok, all of it!!

mahalo and 135 to you all!

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We'll need the video for the Big Ol' Tiki Bash. So far, we've got Gilligan's Island, 2 Brady Bunch Episodes and some Tiki Porn (... just kidding)!

On 2002-08-01 19:07, bigbrotiki wrote:
Biotron! Your VHS is going out tomorrow, so are 5 others! Mahalo!

Yay! Can't wait to see it! Thanks for the update. Speaking of updates, when's the next book due out? I really enjoy the BOT.

...When I spent less time on Tiki Central and finish writing it...

I got my video the other day, watched it twice already. I loved the early Tiki Room footage, and seeing Walt Disney with Jose.
Sven, is that Moai in the background of your interview scene yours? If so, I guess you don't need to worry that your idol is sizeable enough :wink:
I really enjoyed the LA tour as well. Do you ever organize Tiki tours to see all of these, or do you have maps of good spots to see in LA?


Got my video in the mail the other day... thanks for all the little extras Sven - tres cool! I was suprised to see the TIKI apartments here in Redondo Beach featured (p. 221 BOT)! I used to skateboard through the complex and around the pool as a kid. There used to be a much larger tiki mask covering the light near the TIKI name (and red light shone through it at night!), but a few years ago, someone broke/stole it and they replaced it with the small one that used to be hidden behind the trees.
However, I was even more suprised to see you (and Vanna) at Hale Hawaii, a closet-sized bar that has been there FOREVER, yet most people don't know about it at all! It has no real regular hours and is often closed at night and open in the morning!! I go there every few weeks 'cause the guy that runs the place mixes a seriously wicked Scorpion (but serves it in plastic clamshells...) At any rate, of all the places you could've gone, you picked two that I know well - thanks!

HOLD! This is a notice to put all video orders on hold until I return SEPTEMBER 28TH. I will officially announce that the video mailorder biz is open again then.
Mahalo, Sven

Thanks, Hanford, for closing my party thread for me, that looks impressive and not to be misunderstood.


Can't wait to see it!!!!!!!


Now I am back home, and despite my delayed work on the Witco book and other duties I am offering the TIKI ARCHEOLOGY video again, same conditions as stated above.
Has anybody NOT received their copy yet? (Please spare me the pranks)

So what's the maximum you'd pay for a bootlegged Sven videotape on Ebay? $30?

Great video (I'll join in the chorus here)! Got mine at Hukilau and it was well worth the $4O Sven charged me.

Yes, I'm kidding, I'm kidding. He said I just had to "polish his big tiki", whatever that means.

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My mouth is now dutily watered, so, is there a version suitable for german vcr’s?
Big Bro don’t say no…



I will be sending my dough in the next few days. Do not worry about sending it ASAP though, as I'll be in Quebec (looking for those elusive JArdin Tiki bowls) until the 20th of October. You can send it ground mail, or by burro, or whatever's cheapest. I think they unload the burros and pack the mail onto dogsleds at the border...

On 2002-10-07 18:16, Kawentzmann wrote:
My mouth is now dutily watered, so, is there a version suitable for german vcr’s?
Big Bro don’t say no…


NO! (Sorry, couldn't resist)
Maybe you can get a PAL copy of the BBC show from the BritTikis, or you need a NTSC compatible recorder... just wait til I get to do my own Documentary, then...!

BigBro- I have not gotten mine yet.

Ummmm, I wanna copy...
Call or email me Svenbaby!!!

Stingray, did you order it sometime between end of August and end of October? That's when it was on hold because I was in Germany...send me your address again, please.

Tikigardener, yours is reserved, for future support of spreading the gospel...

Bigbro- Just sent you a private message.

Maybe you can get a PAL copy of the BBC show from the BritTikis

Actually, that's not a bad idea at all. I'm currently unable to dub video copies but if there's any real interest I can look into getting hold of another video recorder and knocking out a few PAL copies for the European crowd. (On a non-profit basis!) That would be the BBC documentary only. I don't have the second half of BigBro's video.

Anyone interested from this side of the big lake?

Trader Woody

Actually, any electronics/video buffs know anything about transfering video types?
My home machine shows NTSC and PAL, so would it be possible to play an NSTC video on mine & record onto a PAL video?

If so, I could tack on the 'I am Cuba' Tiki bar footage.

We're hoping to show the BBC doc at TikiStock, by the way!

Trader Woody

Tikigardener, yours is reserved, for future support of spreading the gospel...



Hey Stingray, found your order in the mail that was forwarded to Germany, sorry for the delay, will send off tape today.
Dawntiki's order got here too, tape going out also.

Crap BigBro I could have put a twenty in with the mugs I sent you. I will have to get one in the mail. Have you recieved them yet? UPS Tracking # is 1z0xw9100310021596 if you havent seen them yet. I will get a twenty out to you in a couple of weeks. Enjoy them mugs!


Thanks Sven, I will let you know when I get them! I can't wait! :D - Dawn

Whew! Thanks for the reply Sven.
Looking forward to watching it and I'll let you know when it arrives.
Thanks for the opportunity!

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