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How Much Would a Witco Be Worth if a Witco Was Wonderful?

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Any ideas on the value of this Witco bar? It is in excellent condition, has three bar stools, no "tiki" carvings, but still nice. Any guess on how much?

Thanks for checking it out.

Mai Kai 'Na Girl

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The "antique roadshow" mentality personified.

Ooh, that smarts. I just don't know what's a fair price is to pay for it. Hardly "roadshow" darling. Now back to your basement and fix me a drink.

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Ooooh...you're buying. If you can pick it up for 200-250 I'd say that's fair for a non-tiki Witco piece.

Mama said don't show up empty handed so I bring you tidings and tales of tropical vintage furniture up for grabs.

I found this Witco bar for sale ($300) - located in Virginia. I'm going to pass on it, but if anyone is interested, e-mail me and I can give you the contact information.

Also, I've got a rattan sofa and armchair on ebay if anyones looking. Needs some TCL (Tiki Centralite Love), but I'm just trying to find it a home so it's going cheap. $SOLD

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$300 is a good price for that set, even though not tiki, and yes, it's a Witco. Virginia to California shipping will run at least another $300 (easily) or more, so I personally would pass on it. Still a good buy for someone closer. With the right setting, it would still have "tiki personality", and for the most daring carver, he/she could possibly recarve some tiki influence right into the bar and stools. (Yes, I did say "recarve a Witco"!)

Just my 2 coconuts worth.


save your money, have keigs20 carve you the real deal to spec no less :)

The guy rules!

It's a very cool bar with matching stools. $300.00? I say, if you are in the market, snap it up.



Not THAT much. Red velvet Conquistador decor is still waiting for its revival. The revival of Tiki style and mid-century modernism are in full swing. So here is a value chart how I see it, based on my personal tastes and on what I have observed on e-bay:

Most desirable, from small statues to wall hangings to lamps, which can demand several hundred dollars, and especially rare and valuable when found as fountains, furniture and home bars, which go up into the 1000s.

While the modernist touch is present in much of their primitive/Tiki art, there is quite a big part of their oeuvre that has no Tiki or other ethnic influences, and is purely mid-century modern. Much of that is very ingenious and cool and can hold its own next to other name designers of that period, so depending on your taste and need, some pieces like the "World" and the "Firedancers" can be quite valuable, between 300.- to 600.- dollars, and go up to something like their mod dividing screen (Tiki Modern p. 76/77) , which can demand over a thousand bucks.

Then there is a large gap between the rest of their offerings, be they CONQUISTADOR, VIKING, or any other less descript style, because to my eye they not only are less interesting as a cultural phenomenon, they are less unique and creative design-wise.

This is not to say that for those of us who have developed a soft spot for Witco in our hearts, ALL Witco is good Witco. :) In the more generic Witco department, the above bar is definitely one of the more desirable items (I would say 200.- to 300.-), because it has a high swankness factor, bachelor pad style, while items like the omni-present King and Queen chess piece wall hangings usually end up where they came from in the first (or second) place: In the attic.

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