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Tiki Tiki Yokohama, The Taitanic, & Wedding Pix

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For those who have been following my adventures (and those who would like to) here's some pix from Tokyo :

These first ones are from Tiki Tiki Yokohama (the same one reviewed 3 years ago on tikfish.com). It was our wedding night dinner! My brother took all the pix so I apologise if they are light on the tiki and heavy on the newlyweds, but still I think you will get a flavour of the japanese polynesian pop experience. I also have pix of Tiki Tiki Shinjuku, I'll put those up at a later date.

Tiki Tiki Yokohama

These next ones are from a restaraunt/Bar in Shinjuku called "Taitanic". I think it used to be called the Marine Bar but a few years ago they cashed in on the Leonardio DiCrappio craze and changed the name. The whole bar is walled by fishtanks, each with their own gnome. And see the fella on the menu? Kinda looks like an Asian Cap'n Highliner/Gorton's Fishsticks guy? Well, he was fast asleep in one of the restaurant booths under a blanket when we walked in! Lookin' much older than on the menu I might add. A true salty dog.


For the truly hardcore (or those who want to kill some more time at work) here's a few wedding pictures of Mr and Mrs Tikifish. Warning: No tiki involved.

Wedding Pics

Tikifish, you are such a lucky man. I mean to say, lucky because you got to go to all those cool places.
The Tiki Tiki is so the bomb, but what the hell is that in your drink?
The 2nd place looks like you went to buy a puppy and got lost in the fishy section.
I bet you could get tanked in that place. (not enough sleep)sorry
And the last pics, the place you are in is very, I don't know, I just get all calm and I feel like taking my shoes off.
Thanks for the pics and story update.
Congratulations on your newlywedness.


I am a lucky man?
Geez, I hope not. Last time I checked, I had breasts!

On 2002-08-15 08:13, thebaxdog wrote:
Tikifish, you are such a lucky man.

Fishstick, I was gunna say did you go to Japan for one of them thar operations?!?

ooooooooooh, so THAT'S why they call you Fishstick!

Sorry, terribly sorry, crawling back under my rock,
Tiki Chris

Congratulations Tikifish! You make a beautiful couple. You look so happy. Oh yeah, good tiki bars, too.

Great pictures, and a great website you have at tikifish.com. I really like the wedding pictures. You look beautiful in your wedding dress, and you remind me of my wife in her wedding kimono.

When my wife and I married, we intended to do it at the summit of Mt. Hood in Oregon, however, at the last minute the preacher cancelled. We were forced to scramble to get another preacher to marry us, and couldn't find one that would climb with us on short notice, we also couldn't delay the wedding climb because it was already scheduled for the last day of the climbing season (July 28), since I'd been studying for the Oregon State Bar Exam all summer, and had just finished the exam three days earlier.

Anyway, we had to do our wedding climb without the ceremony. We started climbing at midnight and reached the summit at 6:30 AM. We were down by noon, and got married at the Lodge that evening. Because of the circumstances, we had to scamble to find wedding attire in a single afternoon. I wore a suit I already had, and my wife bought a mostly white kimono. The ceremony was nice but was a disappointment in comparison to what we'd planned.

It looks like your wedding was really great. Congratulations.

Well, we couldn't find any clergymen (or women) willing to marry us in Tokyo on such short notice, so we ended up, after much looking, asking my brother to do the ceremony for us. Then we got the marriage license signed by a minister back in Toronto when we returned.

Something crazy like that ALWAYS happens to every wedding!


Terrific pics, TikiFish!! :D You look simply radiant!!! I can't think of a better way to begin your life together than on a tikicrawl !

Anxiously awaiting pics of the tiki tiki...

Wow - great pix! My wife & I had our honeymoon in Tokyo last Jan - so it brings back memories. I loved all the wacky vending machines - I'm still missing the tangy taste of Calpis! What the heck is up with the big pink carrot shaped guy your husband is with????


The carrot-shaped guy (as you so politely put it) is the mascot of the Tokyo Tower.

Mascots are the bomb.


Wow - he's intense... I couln't believe that bright orange recreation when I saw it (the tower I mean!) Tokyo has some very strange buildings. There is one near Asakusa that looks like it has a giant golden tadpole on top of it....


That is the HQ of Sapporo beer, and the tadpole was designed by Phillippe Starck!

-Jane, the fountain of useless knowledge

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