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Coco Palms Hotel....In memory of Elvis and Blue Hawaii

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Gotta check this site out. Some wonderful pictures of vintage post cards, etc.

Enjoy -TikiGuy


Since the above link seems to be kaput. Here's a palms website with tons of pics and info. Sorry if this is a repost.


I once stayed there before the destruction. I was amazed by the giant shell as a sink basin in the bathroom. Sitting in the hottub drinking tropical concoctions in that fabulous ambiance was just great. The grounds were so beautiful and you could imagine Elvis floating down the little river in his hawaiian shirt and lei. I was just in Kauai in October 2006 and looks like the place was totally dead...I didn't see anyone doing any work there. I can vividly remember the bar area...it was so romantic.

I wish I could've seen it in the 'before' stage. When I was on Kauai last month there was a lot of sales stuff going on for the "luxury residences" going in there. I don't know what they've done so far with construction, everything up by the road still looked completely untouched.
This site (without the dash) seems to be for the sales/redevelopment side: http://www.cocopalms.com/index.html


what a brilliant website !

very sad to see what happened to this beautiful place
after the 1992hurricane ...


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The Missus and I got a chance to check out the grounds of the Coco Palms when we were on Kauai in 2004. If you book a movie tour where they put you on a bus and drive you all over to show you places that were used in movies, they usually stop at the Coco Palms, and will actually let you walk around inside the lobby areas and any other parts that aren't too bad. I took tons of pictures. I'll try and post some if I can remember (and if anyone is actually interested).

You know we love pictures. Right now the only way you can experience the CoCo Palms is by watching Blue Hawaii, some your pics would be greatly appreciated. That website is neat...I am glad to see they will keep the little river. I would love to own a condo there.....can somebody fornt me the funds. :)


Thanks for this thread , the link and the pics guys . Blue Hawaii is on on 20 minutes and I'm going to watch it .

juke posted on Mon, Jul 9, 2007 11:13 AM

Apparently they are going to renovate Coco Palms. Looks like you can buy a condo/time share and they will have a resort/Spa there as well



Here's a recent article on the Coco Palms... someone's also written a book about its history:

I hope to stay there one day!



Kauai, also known as the spiritual garden island
is the beautiful island oasis where Blue Hawaii was filmed.

The home of the famous Coco Palms Hotel -
yes that special spot where the "King of Rock and Roll" entertained us.

Probably the most famous and beloved Elvis film of all times is Blue Hawaii.
Many boast they've watched the film hundreds of times.
Fragments of the past still remain of the authentic Coco Palms Hotel
after a hurricane passed through many years ago.
The romantic quality of this tranquil oasis remains.

The Wailua River carries long ago memories of romance, song and starry eyed fans.
Couples travel near and far to gaze upon a whisper of a past memory
of a romantic moment lost in time and cherished in the hearts
of the hopelessly romantic souls.

I recently visited the original "Blue Hawaii" location
where the movie Blue Hawaii was filmed.
As we walked through the last remnants of the soon to be torn down
Coco Palms Hotel you could still feel the spiritual presence of
"The King of Rock and Roll."
There was the stage where Elvis sang and there was the hotel suite
where Elvis stayed.
Looking in the window your heart skips a beat,
somehow feeling that maybe you'd see the amazing icon.

I saw a performance of none other than "Elvis of Sedona" fully dressed
to the max as "Elvis" performing live at The Hilton with another Hawaiian icon
on the Island of Kauai, Larry Rivera.
Rivera performed at the Coco Palms with Elvis back in the good ol' days
and explaining that Elvis paid him $ 55.00 to sing him a song.
"Elvis was my friend," says Rivera.

Locals call him "Uncle Larry".
Rivera has a wonderful spirit that carries a beautiful light of joy and happiness.
His cherished memories of Elvis emanate through his performances.
He performs original Hawaiian love songs and is also the only one that does
the Blue Hawaii weddings at The Coco Palms Hotel;
all a reenactment of the Blue Hawaii Wedding as seen in The Blue Hawaii Movie.
The blowing of the conch shells, floating down the river in a canoe filled with beautiful flowers,
strumming a ukulele with two handsome Hawaiian men
wearing cotton cloth Hawaiian wraps -
a totally authentic Hawaiian experience.

Imagine seeing Elvis floating along a tiny river in a paddle canoe
strumming a little ukulele and singing authentic Hawaiian Love Songs
in a place they call Paradise.
The fragrance of tropical exotic blossoms fills the air.
A romantic moment in time... a moment in time often remembered and cherished
by the romantic. Heart felt memories of long ago...


I spotted this picture recently at the Orange County (Florida) History Center. This is downtown Orlando in 1961.


I spotted this recently in Orange County (California) This is downtown Fullerton in 2008.

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