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Are your dreams ever tiki-related? If so, please share!

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Just wondering if any other members have ever woken up in the morning to recall tikis visiting them in their dreams.

I've had a pretty substantial number of dreams involving tiki in some way or another (I'll try to describe some in a later post) and tons of dreams involving Hawaii, usually the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island.

Good Morning,
Tiki Chris

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I dreamed one time that I found a whole case of Suffering Bastard Mugs. We all rejoiced. Does that count?



My 4-year-old daughter said she had a dream tikis with red eyes were chasing her. That's my little girl!


I always dream of going to/finding tiki restaurants in Toronto that I had forgotten about...

Here are some dreams from my diaryland page....



Tikifish I was reading your dream diary the other day and was laughing my ass off - that is some funny stuff - my dreams are never that involved - tiki dreams with me usually revolve around finding tiki mugs or being in a non-descript tiki bar. I even had a dream I was on Easter Island and looking at the Moai and they were the size of skyscrapers but other than that nothing real exciting. I'm going to read BOT tonight before I go to bed and force myself to dream of something a little more interesting...


The other night in a dream I was going to a restaurant in a strip mall center for dinner, and passed by a little shop that was like a Jamba Juice place, but was called Juice of the Gods or something. There was a moai painted on the sign, but when I went inside there was nary a tiki to be seen. I was very disappointed... sigh

So this isn't tiki - but it has a monkey.....
So, I'm back living at my parents house for some reason, and there is a knock at the door. I answer it to find a large (but very old) chimpanzee with flaming red eyes, wearing one of those powder blue tuxedos from the 70s with a giant lapel. With incredible force, he grabs my arm & drags me outside - never letting his gaze drop from my eyes.
I begin to scream.
I then wake up in a cold sweat....


Okay this is stupid but here I go. I had a dream that I was an old fashioned, low-res arcade game character ala Mario, pacman, Q-bert, etc.. I was so anxious that I HAD to jump around and catch these magic flowers that were floating around or else I would loose my energy and shrink. All the time tiki heads would pop up out of the ground and try to chomp me.

Not VERY tiki but at least they made an appearance.


Hey Tongaroa - sounds like my prom date. Frightening.


I've been having all kinds of tiki dreams lately... Most of them had to do with finding a stash of some incredibly great vintage mugs or decor in some out of the way place, but then being unable to get them home for some reason. Typical dream ending - I guess that would make it a nightmare! I've been having these since I joined TikiCentral - I guess staying up late reading 'the posts of the day' has affected my subconscious...

I sometimes dream about drinking rum. It's so vivid I can actually taste it. I'm not a lush, I'm not I'm not I'm not...

Yes, I too have experienced the dream about finding the mugs - but my problem was I had no money and I could not find my wife!
One such dream had something to do with a hamster in a small costume - I have no idea where that crap came from.

When I was a kid, my mom would give me a single M&M before I went to bed and told me it was a sweet dream pill. (Naturally, I would not encourage such behavior today.)
Plesant dreams kids.

Last week I had a dream where I was trying to make this Tiki drink for someone and things kept going wrong and it was taking longer and longer to get the drink to the person. Last night MY DREAM CAME TRUE!!!. A casual after work gathering and I was attempting to garnish the hell out of this hollowed out pineapple...The skins on the limes I was skewering bent the point on the skewer yet the skins were soft enough that two lime shell "cups" were mangled by the skewer so as to not hold the everclear I was going to set ablaze. The cherries I fished out of the one gallon jar looked all smashed and chewed on. Paper umbrellas wouldn't stay open. I finally got it all together and lit it and liquid flame washed down the side of the pineapple, then set the paper umbrella on fire (I always put the flame and umbrella at great distance from each other but this was just meant to be). A blast of hot air from me and the undesired flame was extinguished. The drink was delivered (the guests were Ordinarys so a hollowed out pineapple and a flaming garnish were enough to make them ooh and ahh) and I kept thinking how easy the wine set has it.

Weird, weird, weird...I've been shaking my head at all your dreams...thinking, Geez..what's up with these guys? y'know? and then It happened to me...I had a crazy one myself I just have to put forth for your psychological evaluations...Here goes...Seems in my dream I had a flight canceled, so the lady at the desk tells me that I can fly on this new start-up airline....she tells me that Virgin airlines went out of business and it was bought and run as a cooperative effort between Trader Vic's and Hooters and she pointed out the window and there was a 747 with a Ku tiki on the rudder, and tapa effects in a big stripe on the fuselage...I should have woken up then and there when she told me the name of the airline...gulp...Ku-ters...inside was nice...lauhala lining on the cabin walls, slack key guitar piped in as music, the wahines were dressed up kinda like Hawaiian Daisy Dukes...y'know, Aloha Shirts tied up to show off their belly buttons, and small surf shorts...King Kukulele was roaming the aisles entertaining during the flight, surfing videos were played, And when the Captain came on the intercom,,,it was SVEN!!!...from behind the curtain in first class I could distinctly hear a cocktail being shaken...then I woke up...damn...Am I crazy now...or just wishfully thinking? Grey


"I Dream of Sven Tiki"

I dreamt last night I travelled back in time to the 60's and ran into BigBro as a little blonde boy, riding his bicycle down the street! I walked into his garage in the suburbs of some sunny suburban subdivision, and he and a little girl followed me.

I showed him a tin toy I had for him - it was a tin ironing board that folded out, and had the tin head of godzilla attached to it, as well as an attached, hinged fold-out tin sign that said "SVEN TIKI" in a polynesian 60's type font. That was apparently the name of the toy, which was designed to appeal to both boys and girls.

I watched him with amused grin as he studied the words SVEN TIKI very closely , knowing that it would be his nickname later in life, though he didn't know it then. His 7 or 8 year old self was fascinated by the words.

By going back in time showing him this toy in the 60's, I was sowing the seeds of his interest in polynesian pop for the future...

Ha ha!

Last night I dreamed I was walking by a new shopping area with my husband and parents, when I spotted a newly-opened Hawaiian restaurant. I dragged my family members over to go eat there. While everyone was looking at the food items to decide what they wanted to order, I went straight to the page with the drinks. There were 5 different drinks to choose from, and each was priced at $30 so as to include the mug it came in. Of the 5 mugs, I remember absolutely loving two of them; one of the 3 I didn't like was a raccoon-like creature with big balls (thank you for that image, powerofthetiki!). However, I knew my husband would not be too happy about paying $30 for a tiki drink, so I bargained with him to instead just let me buy the mugs I wanted for $20 each directly from the manufacturer, tikifarm...

So it's not just me who's seeing that horrific raccoon with big balls image wherever I go.....phew.

Trader Woody

Hey, you know you've got tiki fever when it spreads over to the dreams of your mother and your wife!
Both have had recent dreams of excellent tiki finds for me.
Perhaps a glimpse into the future?
Not with my luck. But I though you guys would like to know that it's contagious.


I have not remembered a dream since I was a child.

Last night I had a specific TC dream that I moved to SoCal with my 2 high school buddies and when I got there I called "Polynesian Pop" to tell him that I had moved to Hoity Toityville. Then I went to see a movie in LA that cost $235 for one show...

By the way I have no idea who the heck Poly Pop is...perhaps its that moai eating it;s way into my subconcience!

You fellow natives have been bit.....hard. Loincloth anyone?


About a year ago I had a dream that I met a woman who had a largish collection of memorabilia from "the Beachcomber", Edmonton, Alberta (where I grew up). That was the name of the Polynesian restaurant at the top of the Sheraton Caravan Hotel when I was a kid - first place my folks ever took my bro and I out for dinner. Most of the stuff in the collection was improbable crap based on random neuron firing, like Mexican Dia de los Muertos stuff, BUT there were a lot of swizzle sticks in different colours, and I think just maybe they were based on real recovered memories. The swizzles were yer basic long thin sticks with spoons at one end, but the top had a very blocky "Tiki".

After I woke up I got on the Antichrist (my beloved computer) and quickly made this image with 3DS Max and Illustrator.

Just a few days later I dreamed my Mom, Grandma, and my bro and I went to an entirely different Tiki place, felt like I was about 7 or 8 years old. It had an outer waiting area with bench seating and a nice coffee table with magazines, and the most excellent lighting. This could be a memory of a real place, I have no idea. I went to 3DS Max again and grabbed my newly-scupted "Tiki", and put him into an image that was like the wall in the "waiting area", a slice of which follows.

That same week my bro had a Tiki restaurant childhood dream too. Uncanny - and fun!


On 2003-04-11 22:02, inkylouise wrote:
By the way I have no idea who the heck Poly Pop is...perhaps its that moai eating it;s way into my subconcience!

Inky, it's actually my Tiki Central Special Agent powers. That's funny that you thought of me! BTW - if you really did come out here to Hoity Toityville, not just I, but I'm sure all of us in So Cal would welcome you kindly. Plus, we know a couple of good movie theatres were we can save you a couple $$$ on that show. :)

I had this dream last night that Marian and I finally flew over to Hawaii and met up with Gecko. We were hanging out with a bunch of people who must have been Gecko's family when somebody asked me if I wanted to go outside to smoke some weed. I did, and then we all got in cars and drove to the Kowloon Restaurant -- which is very strange -- because it is in Massachusetts and I have never been there.
Outside of the restaurant there was this tropical garden with a bunch of tikis in it. On one wall was this really weird looking pipe made from bamboo, and Gecko says, "Oh, that's an opium pipe. You should try that before you go inside." So I did, which made Marian mad at me.
Inside the Kowloon was really bright. It was like a giant cafeteria with long formika tables. They only served pizza and beer. The only decorations were carvings. There were two or three huge tiki/totem poles set on high pedestals and a few other carvings hung on one wall. They also had a couple of Koa canoes hanging from the ceiling, including one that was completely covered with the most incredible and intricate carvings I have ever seen.
I told Gecko, "I really like that canoe. I'm glad we came here." He got real serious and solemn and said, "Hey bradda, that's why I brought you to this place. For the Hawaiians, the canoe is the highest expression of the carver's art. It was made to carry the people. This is a religious object. Someday I will carve one like this."
I was stunned and honored to have this information and sat down to think about it by drinking beer and eating pizza with two of the biggest Hawaiian guys I have ever seen. I think they were Gecko's brothers or cousins or something. I felt very small, but very fortunate.

Aloha from the Sunshine State!

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...and I thought it was only the ladies on this forum who dreamed about da Gecko.

Never underestimate the power of "da Swoon"!

Meeting PurpleJade at the Hukilau was like a dream....

Oh get out...

Do you have that dream where you see yourself
standing in sort of sun god robes on a pyramid with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at you?

Why am I the only one that has that dream?

JTD posted on Fri, Aug 1, 2003 8:22 PM

On 2003-08-01 15:14, Kailuageoff wrote:
Meeting PurpleJade at the Hukilau was like a dream....

Concur, but to get back on topic...

I had a tiki dream last night, but it just involved accidentally dropping (and breaking) really old "undiscovered classic" mugs. I'm sure there's a simple explanation for that one. Amateur Freudians, have at it.


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I dreamed that I was sitting at my diningroom table with a couple of the neighbor kids. We were taking a test (name the type of tiki, etc.) to join "The Order of the Tiki."


On 2003-08-01 18:33, purple jade wrote:
Do you have that dream where you see yourself
standing in sort of sun god robes on a pyramid with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at you?

I have this recurring dream where I am throwing a pickle at a purple-clad sun goddess on top of a ziggurat... what could it mean?

Back in my rock star days, I used to stand on rickety wooden stages with ones of badly dressed women throwing cocktail napkins at me. Close enough?

[ Edited by: purple jade on 2003-09-07 20:57 ]

The only recurring naked dream that I have is that I'm back in high school in the lunch line...naked.


I had a dream where I was going bowling barefoot with vintagegirl. At the bowling alley we met Florentina who gave me her socks and shoes to wear, the alley we were going to use had a huge Moai at the end where the pins were inside it's mouth, I picked up my bowling ball to start the game but there weren't any holes in it..then I woke up....not as exciting as my Mini Sven, Baxdog and Atomic C dream, but still kinda weird.


On 2003-08-01 18:33, purple jade wrote:
Do you have that dream where you see yourself
standing in sort of sun god robes on a pyramid with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at you?

Why am I the only one that has that dream?

Wow! "Real Genius" - nice!

I will always remember the immortal words of Socrates, who said: "I drank what??

Doctor Z
Mix-maestro of the Castaway Lounge,
Redondo Beach, CA

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Oh, oh, oh, thank you, Dr.Z!


I'm happy as hell to see this thread surface again; fact is I have at least one Tiki dream a week. Had two last week. In the first one I was hanging out with Mrs. emspace at a college campus of some sort, and we wandered through a forested strip and came out into the parking lot of a strip mall. And in that strip mall, there was: a Polynesian restaurant! A mighty impressive one with a big A-frame roof, too. Inside dark, waterfall, freindly Asian hostess, Tikis, drinks in Tiki mugs, masks on the walls, oh yeah. Very nice.

Second one I was with my Mom and bro on a shoping trip of some kind, pulled into a gas station and adjacent to that gas station: a Polynesian takeout stand! Big Tiki poles attached to roof, friendly Asian proprietor with family doling out food, a great "find".

If only they were real (sigh)...these dreams are all I have to get me through life in a Tikiless desert. And eBay, of course.

:), em.


Just wondering how supportive are your family members toward your Tiki interests? Most of my family hassle, and razz me about it. I think that's why when I have dreams with Tiki, they never have family members or people I know in them. Why is that Dr. Freud?

On 2003-08-03 14:31, DawnTiki wrote:
Just wondering how supportive are your family members toward your Tiki interests?

My family doesn't get it, but they already think I'm weird. 8)


On 2003-08-03 14:31, DawnTiki wrote:
Just wondering how supportive are your family members toward your Tiki interests? Most of my family hassle, and razz me about it. I think that's why when I have dreams with Tiki, they never have family members or people I know in them. Why is that Dr. Freud?

So far, surprisingly supportive. Spouse, kids, mom.... I think tiki talks to them, too. :wink:
I frequently dream of a stretch of avenue that was near my house when I was a little kid in the early/mid-'60s. There were cool bars, the bowling alley, neat '50s motels, etc., some with Polynesian themes. These places fascinated me when I was a kid; you can imagine how I miss them now that they're all gone.


My wife and kids are all on board with tiki. We all see it a something fun.

When my son stays with us he sleeps in our "tiki room". He'll either resent this outrage for the rest of his life, or he's secretly showing girls "his" tiki mugs while I'm at work.

[ Edited by: kailuageoff on 2003-08-05 10:59 ]

My family calls me "Tiki crazy" which I don't mind in the least. I just love checking out thrift stores and garage sales, finding something that's a treasure to me.

I did have a dream that stands out in my mind. I was visiting the US with several ladies who were all cloths shopping. I was sad since I hadn't seen anything remotely Tiki related. All of a sudden I spy a glass case on the counter containing many Suffering Bastards. Excited, I bought one and proudly showed it to my less than interested traveling companions. Unfortunately, I woke up and have not yet been able to purchased the elusive bastard. Although I'm aware that I can purchase him online - it just doesn't seem to do the dream justice. It's like I was meant to find one somewhere, or have one fall into my lap for an unknown reason. What a silly girl I am!
Aloha, eh?

I just read that someone else on this post had a dream that they discovered an entire case of Suffering Bastards!! That is totally bazaar.


Darn it, I wanna find some bastards.


I can't say that I've had tiki specific dreams, but I every so often have a dream that I stuble across some HUGE warehouse of old records that are all on sale for some ridiculously low price..50 cents or something..and I find dozens & dozens of great exotica and Hawaiian albums and as I'm getting ready to buy them, my dream becomes lucid and i realize that this can't possibly be real..then I always have that "sad moment" just before I wake up...oh well.


I dreamed one time that I was doing it with Sandy Warner in the waterfall that is pictured on the cover of Primitiva.

Unfortunately, I lost my erection when Yma Sumac showed up and started that Peruvian yodelling nonsense and then started talking religion and politics.


Unfortunately, I lost my erection when Yma Sumac showed up and started that Peruvian yodelling nonsense and then started talking religion and politics.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Tikibob, you are priceless!

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