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cedar point tiki

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a close reporter friend of mine in sandusky ohio, told me that cedar point amusement park is putting in a tiki section. also a nearby motel is doing the same. anyone else heard anything?



"Cedar Point amusement park/resort will make a big splash with the addition of its new $22 million Castaway Bay indoor waterpark resort scheduled to open in November of 2004. With a tropical Caribbean theme, guests at Cedar Point’s Castaway Bay will feel like they have just landed on an island paradise upon entering this lush indoor waterpark resort."

[Boldface added by me to highlight the bad part.]

Yea, but they'll probably get it mixed up anyhow and think that tikis belong in there... :(

[ Edited by: Lake Surfer on 2004-03-16 10:55 ]

Brought to you by the same knuckleheads that dropped a water slide park right in the middle of Independance Hall, and is systematically tearing out the original 1940s era Ghost Town buildings at Knott's Berry Farm...

On 2004-03-16 10:53, Erika wrote:
scheduled to open in November of 2004.

In November, Cedar Point is under half a foot of snow, and I think thepark closes after Labor day anyway (might stay open weekends only until October).

I drive by the park three or four times per year when I drive from Chicago to Cleveland to visit my family.

I'll stop and inspect it... next Spring!

No, but I hear they are opening a Mullet Salon there...every customer gets a free big comb to carry in their back pocket and a beaded half shirt with the Cedar Point logo on it.....

What was this Tiki Twirl thing at Cedar Point?

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