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Why would you go to Hunt, Texas?

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Maybe to see these Moai!



I hear that's where the Rapa Nui got the idea.

Hey Chris,
Where you at these days? If you're in Cocoa let me know ASAP 'cause I'm headed that way this weekend. If not, I hope all is well with you anyway.
Have you seen these Moai in person?

Heya KG,

Well I haven't seen these in person yet. Unlike Florida, where you can see two coasts within 3 hours, the distances in Texas are depressingly daunting. It would take about 7 hours for me to get there. I heard about it from a buddy and checked it online. Next time I pass through I'll visit.

I won't be in FL until summer. I'll let you and Flounder know next time I'm there. I'll definitely be attending Hukilau!

Lemme know if you ever head over here to the energy capitol (remember in Rollerball?).

Seven hours in what direction?

This may be a stop on my way to Oasis...



"Ignorance of the Tiki is evil."

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Wow...I never had heard of these before. They're in the "Hill Country" of Texas, probably the most beautiful part of the state. I smell a road trip!

Zeta posted on Tue, Dec 28, 2010 9:58 AM

Keep em' coming America!



That guy needs a bar there.

FOM - get on it.



On 2010-12-29 08:14, pablus wrote:
That guy needs a bar there.

FOM - get on it.


we're workin' on it :wink: :wink:

My parent's briefly lived 10 miles from the Hunt, TX Moai and Stonehenge. Now the Moai and Stonehenge reside in the more artsy town of Ingram at the Hill Country Arts Foundation. It was a cool place to go. It was a field in the middle of nowhere and there was never another soul there when we went to go visit them. There were goats across the street that you could hear bleating while you looked around.
This is the only picture I can find that I took of them in their original setting.

These are pictures I took off of another website.

If you're ever in the Austin/San Antonio area take a detour to Luckenbach, Fredericksburg and Ingram and drink a Shiner Bock and eat some good BBQ for me.

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