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Even though we prize the tikis carved by the Masters, we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that there are a few young up-and-coming carvers.

Two that immediately come to mind are Chiki Tiki and Gecko (Crazy Al is a given!). These two have studied, and studied with the Masters. They are true to tradition in both form and quality.

Last weekend at the 'Gathering of the Tribes', Chiki Tiki had a stand set up with a number of his carvings and other items he had created.

I adopted a very nice 4' tiki of Ku he had done (after doing a very thorough background check, including DNA testing, lie detector, a sworn and signed allegiance to tiki, and a credit rating, Chiki Tiki ALLOWED me to gain possession; I think you can adopt Russian babies easier!)

The work is very detailed. He had gone above the standard 'full-frontal' work and had some design carvings on the back. Ku was then lacquered with some braided trim on the base.

Gecko - a cool, laid-back, easy-going kinda guy (what island boy wouldn't be), is also true to tradition following the Marquesian style. I have a 3' Marquesian style and a Tiki Bar sign incorporating half of a tiki head.

My 3'er is interesting in that Gecko (Mike) had stained it then painted typical Marquesan tattoo markings over it. In addition, I've indirectly provided some sort of sex ed with him as my daughters like sneeking a peak under his bark cloth is ya know what I mean! (the brah is hung, No?).

Anyway, Tiki was around before the 20th century masters and will be around after we're long gone. I think it is important to assist these young carvers by, well, buying their work and thus perpetuating tiki.

GECKO posted on Fri, Aug 23, 2002 3:20 PM

Aloha All,

Bong you know what to say at the right time bro! What is it that you need? a free Tiki, Bamboo, a new Aloha shirt? malasadas? ewww that sounds good right now. Those words were ALOHA! I think Chiki Tiki would agree! Wazzup Chiki! I can't thank you for the kind words because thanks is'nt cool enough for someone like yourself! Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo!
"Salamat" As we say in my mothers native tounge of Tagalog .
I would also like to thank everyone here on Tiki Central that has purchased my Tiki's, for this is what I love to do! It makes me happy to see my customers HAPPY! I FREAKIN LOVE IT!
To get something off my chest, if I had ever offended anyone here on Tiki Central I'm sorry but sometimes I speak my mind. I have to watch that as well as some members. I say that because sometimes people want to get real contraversial(spell?) here on Tiki Central and I Think we are all here to JUST HAVE FUN. live the way of ALOHA...right? So sorry. have fun and enjoy the CULTURE! I'm not here for debate. just to talk story about TIKIS.

Other than that, like Bong said, yes I'm a very laid back local boy that likes to party with the best of ya.
I have been busy carving some styrafoam(spell?) Tikis for someone but I'll try to get some things on ebay this weekend. If you are a Tiki Centralite I'll take 10% off the final bid. BIG MAHALOZ TO ALL and especially to you BONG!
p.s Bong tell your daugter to stay away from Tangaroa, He's a playboy dude!
I can't beleive she does that! that is so funny!!hehe


Yah brah, pick me up some malasadas hot out of the fryer and rolled in sugar from Ferdinands.

Gecko....I'm sure there are a few of us overseas islanders that would love a carved Tiki, but mailing costs are ENORMOUS. Are the styrofoam ones a whole lot cheaper to send overseas?

Hell, mebbe I have to visit.

Trader Woody

GECKO posted on Fri, Aug 23, 2002 6:21 PM

Aloha friends,

Malasadas are in the mail Bong! They might be like lava rocks by the time u get them (light & hard)

Trader Woody u from da islands brah? which one did u live on? A styrofoam Tiki would be excellent for the people ova seas. They are light as hell and you can have a 4,5 or 6ft Tiki for cheap shipping.
Disneyland in Florida called the guy who painted and coated the 3 new HUGE Tikis (yes, they are made of styrofoam) on the side of the Polynesian culture center. They look like wood. Did you see those Bong on your last trip? Anyways, they called him and said they needed 2 for a photo shoot. He happens to live down the street from me, so
he asked me to do it in 2 days but they still wouldn't get there on time. so, Disney just ordered a couple of Vacumed cast Tiki's. He supplies most of the Island with Props as well as the mainland. I'm going to carve a Tiki that he will reproduce out of foam in a limited edition. When, I don't know? I will give you guys his webpage the next time I'm on. He makes great Volcanoes!!!!

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