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tiki and hawaiian fonts

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colly posted on Thu, Aug 29, 2002 1:02 PM

hi, im looking for any kind of hawaiian or tiki looking fonts for my webpage design. i would love it if they were free. thanks!


Middle row, middle page has links to fonts and clipart fonts. Pretty nice for free.




House Industries.com
Not free, but really nice stuff.

Are you on Mac or PC?

colly posted on Fri, Aug 30, 2002 9:33 AM

thanks guys, im on a pc


thats pretty cool but too rich for my blood

I've been able to build a pretty impressive little set of Tiki fonts from such websites as 1001 Free Fonts and FontFace. One very good site for that sort of thing is http://www.anzwers.org/free/tackorama/. Google shoud find a source for just about any of them, though, just by searching on Font and the name of the font in question.
Here's my list...
Bamboo (there are actually several by that name), Castaway, CK Bamboo, Hawaiiah, Hawaiian Punk, Kakukaku, Pythia, Super Tiki,
Surf Safari, Tiki, Tiki Tooka BV, Tropicana Plain (there is also a great Dingbat font called Tropicana BV from Blue Vinyl Fonts) and Zambesi MN. I believe all of these are available as Free Downloads. Some are Shareware but most are just plain Gratis.


This stuff is great thanks for sharing Traitor Vic! :drink:

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Some great fonts to compliment tiki display fonts.
These are some of the OTHER fonts from the 50's. The plain-jane cousins that you still need to have around to make your menus/matchbooks/whathaveyou have that retro flair.
Just a quick and dirty primer to 50's fonts (and some that just look that way) compiled from a variety of sources.
Franklin Gothic
Park Avenue
New Times Roman
Franklin Gothic
Andale Mono
MVB Magnesium

Arial Narrow and Arial Black can look pretty appropriate too.
Trebuchet MS maybe?

Help me out guys and dolls; what did I miss in my overview of fabulous 50's typography?

50's Fonts?....well I know you hit some of the big daddies of the handset type era but they may go back further than the 50's actually....a few more that come to mind are Coronet, Eurostile, Craw Clarendon, Century Schoolbook, Dom Casual, Optima, Palatino, Cooper Black and Windsor....Thanks for info on the fonts.

Definately some of them go further back. Typography is always a bit strange in that you have A) faces that are new and B) faces that are in vogue. Sometimes they are the same, sometimes weirdness happens. For example, 50's mod pulls in a lot of 30's deco, some of which pulls in turn of the century art nouveau floral patterns for contrast.
That's part of what makes tracking things down so crazy.
Thanks for hitting some more of the biggies!


I've also created the Gilligan's Island font a long time ago, but it seems to be very popular. I see it on menues flyers, etc. all the time.

Nice! Any plans to extend the symbol set? Ligatures and so forth?

Wow.....GREAT THREAD. Thanks for sharing all the info, I may pick up a few for use on posters. Of course I am the technically challenged nurse, so may have to beg for help if I get fontitis. :lol:


I don't know if your comment was meant for me. But the Gilligan font has extra charaters, accents, symbols and even the cartoon versions of all the catsaways in the font. I originally made this only for the Mac, so I'm not sure how to acced the character in Windows other than Word.

I offer a free tiki font called Tangaroa Glyphs that might help with any website design. I also offer a Hawaiian font called the Tangaroa font which is a woodcut style Polynesian font. Maybe these fonts would work for your website project.


Welcome to TC David. Beautiful font, I downloaded it while it's FREE and before you change your mind :)


I found a font made of nothing but hibiscus dingbats

It's free, and they seem good for many uses.


squid also makes fonts try here: http://squidart.com/

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