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Thank you for that firsthand account of what you found. I hold the most stock in stuff like that as most times firsthand accounts don't come with an agenda to get you to think one way or the other.

Be skeptical people and don't believe everything you are told people, that's all I ask.

Ok on to some tiki stuff.

Here is a new bar hanger barrel just did. used to find these all the time for like 5-10 bucks. Now they are $20.00 or more when I see them.

Got about ten or more of them they would be great shelf stands.

Just add some rope work and a hook plus a cork and yer done.


IMG_0909 (2)

IMG_0905 (1)

Here are some molded resin items I made some time ago.

IMG_1801 IMG_0342

so I have done this, "It's not so bad if somebody made one just for themselves"

But what is your take on making a copy of a table lamp from the Kahiki that was from the 60s and the artist if you could find out who made it is most likely dead.

(This is the second version and not the Marcy Sapp one we all knew who made that one)

Made about five of those and sold three? Did let people know it was a copy.

The thing is what do you do about a light you can't find any more and still want that light? you really end up covering the cost of making that light and end up with a few for yourself as any kind of pay off for making that light.

Do try to keep the lights I made mostly things I have come up with but do look at others from the past for ideas.

Have seen on here lights that are just like mine the more original ones I have done over time and one guy who I just asked to see a photo of it as it was in the background and he was all like "I have never even seen any of your lights" this was a long time TCer too that apparently never went to my light thread.

Man it would be nice to at least say I got this idea from.... Do try to give credit when I directly use an idea, and have asked for permission to use others ideas like from a painting but have never used that idea after they said yes I just never got around to it.

What's yer take on that.

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