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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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Dude- 32 aint so old!!!

Hope that Meyers and the Double " Bac Bac " Banana (home grown by the boo tribe) come in handy up in Frisco! Is Polk Street still your after hours destination?

Rock n roll! Happy Birthday!

Happy "F"in Birthday!!!!


Happy Birthday Al.

Happy Birthday Al!

Man you look great for 32,
Keep it up!

Rage all night Al!
Happy happy to you!

Happy Birthday Craaaaaaaaaazy Al!


:drink: Happy Birthday Crazy Al!!! :drink:


Al - you are my favorite carver of all time! Happy Birthday man....


32??? That might be his waist size!! LOL!! Happy Birthday old man!!

Matty (36, Saggitarius)


Al, You Crazy!!!
Happy Birthday you silly bastard.


Wahoo, happy birthday AL!


Octane posted on Fri, Jun 3, 2005 9:12 AM

Happy, Happy Birthday to you Crazy Al


Happy birthday to my all-time favorite simian dancin' partner! OOP OOP OOP! Hope you have a great one.

Hau'oli la hanau .


Al gave us ALL a birthday present last night, MAN that was nice tiki he carved on the pool table at the Makeout Room! The baby really wanted that tiki, one of these days....

APE was great, the devil-ettes were great, the wiggling wahines were great! How come nobody told us there would be devil-ettes and real hula??? I'm glad I went!

Al - hope your birthday was swell. The pineapples enjoyed the show!

crazy al the man
who carve palm with skill and wit
crazy like a fox


Ah, I dunno, he's OK I guess...

Happy Barfday Al!


Al, you and Ape rocked last night!
Always worth the trip to watch ya.
Have a great birthday and thanks for keepin Tiki Alive!


Hey Al,

Have a great birthday! Hope to see you soon.



hebi b/lated bef day al


hebi b/lated bef day al


Happy Birthday Al , your a good dude and quite an artist .You should be proud , Tiki-Ray

Tiki-Ray is the HOT new carver in So. Cal.All his work is freehanded and very Unique.Signed and finished to last. I have an oldschool tiki style that I get a lot of compliments on . Contact me at tikiray.com....Thanks,Tiki

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All the best Al,


i love the Love.... thanks all!!!!
Ben, the Myers is shrinking like me head!

what a great family to have fun with! tonight any SF types around... lets rage on!!

Sunday LUuuuuuuuCKY TIiiiiiKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I'm an apeman, I'm an ape, apeman, oh I'm an apeman
I'm a King Kong man, I'm a voodoo man, oh I'm an apeman" - the Kinks

Happy Birthay Al! wish I could make the bash.

Happy Birthday, you fabulous Crazy Al!

When you coming out to Sin City to shake down some monkey madness our way????



Happy Birthday, you ol' seadog!


Happy Birthday C'Al, what you up to now? Hope you enjoy or enjoyed your b'day whenever it is or was or will be (you Do have birthdays don't you?).Are there ever any sane moments around you?Have a happyhappyhappy

WoooHooo! Put Another Candle on Your Birthday Cake.....Happy Birthday Crazy Al :)

Happy Birthday Al!
You gonna carve a cake
or cut a rug?

Carve another candle for your birthday cake! May your wood stay good and your chisel stay sharp! (I know that may be a lot to ask for at your age!!!) :P

Al you freakin ROCK!! Have a very Happy Birthday!!

TikiG posted on Tue, Jun 2, 2009 9:19 AM


Just carrying on as usual. Happy Birthday C.A.!!

GROG posted on Tue, Jun 2, 2009 9:39 AM

Happy Birthday to the Craziest of the Als.

Happy Birthday! You da man!


Happy Birthday C-AL !

When are you gonna start acting your age

Happy B-day Al,
don't ever act your age.


HaPpY bi RthDaY AL!



Happy Birthday and Best Fishes for your Hukilau Dishes!

Thanks for ALL the fun and friendship over the years.

Highlights come to mind:

Piggy back rides at Hukilau.

The beach ball popping bastard at Oasis (and how you and I purposely threw the balls at his head - with force I might add).

Our duet - you on bongos I on lobsters at Oasis.

Crank phone calls (on Denny's bamboo phone).

Discussions of the Monkey Jungle south of Miami. ("If you have poo throw it now!")

And the two girls we met at the Lava Lounge that were gymnasts with Cirque du Soleil - I will say no more because of our vow of secrecy.

Balmy regards!



Haffa Happeh Birfday Al!!! :D

NOTCH posted on Wed, Jun 3, 2009 2:29 PM

Happy B-Day!!!


Happy Birthday Al. :)

(appy-poly-loggies for the belated wish -- hope you had as much fun as you make happen for others! Big Aloha...)

[ Edited by: Son-of-Kelbo 2009-06-05 14:32 ]

Happy Birthday Al!

To the one and only mascot of Tiki
and all around good guy (as far as I know? at least he never murdered anyone in front of me)
Have a great one!

Edit:(It's in June folks, back later.)

[ Edited by: Atomic Tiki Punk 2013-12-27 14:29 ]

I thought his birthday was in June?

Hey I think your right, The Wife may have mixed up the date
(she is the keeper of the Birthdays)

Never mind Al! will get back to ya in a few months about this....

On Al's Facebook page it says that January 1st is his birthday. Tribe of the Tiki also shares a birthday with him.

Maybe we'll never know...

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