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Weight Watchers and Tiki Cocktails

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I've committed to doing the Weight Watchers points diet with my wife between now and Thanksgiving (I know, I know...). Is there anyway to accurately determine the points that any given cocktail would cost me on this diet?
A couple of Mai Tais would sure help with the hunger pains. :wink:

here is a thread on low calorie tiki drinks:


my VERY general rule is approx 50 calories is 1 point.

a lot of fruit juice-based drinks are pretty high in calories.

check out website dwlz.com for really good calories and WW points for a lot of different types of restaurants and specific chain restaurants, including some drinks I think.


Here's a previous link discussing low cal drinks...but doesn't give you info on the point system that your asking about. Shouldn't weight watchers have some tools online to help you do the math thats required for this diet plan? http://www.weightwatchers.com/util/art/index_art.aspx?tabnum=1&art_id=13581
The big bummer and double whammy is besides tiki drinks being high in calories, all that lover-ly alcohol lowers the consumers stupid metabolism to boot :(
http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?mode=viewtopic&topic=4480&forum=6&start=0&hilite=de%20vinci TC's scigirl's wonderful drink link...
Good luck on your road to better health FinkDaddy...

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Don't bother -- you'll just regain the pounds after you quit the diet. If Weight Watchers really worked they'd be out of business by now.

--cyn, zaftig and proud


finkdaddy...what are you trying to lose pounds for...
your a tiki stud....and besides....it's my understanding
that cocktail calories don't count in any diet.



I have made several attempts at the Weight Watchers diet. I must say it is a great plan IF you follow it..pretty much to the letter that is. I started on it January 2004. My first try was pretty successful. Lost nearly 20 pounds. I have gained half of that back. Tried another stab at the diet with less success, however I can safely say that if I didn't ever do WW I would have no idea about what I was eating and drinking. Even though I have gained 10 of the 20 I have lost, WW combined with pretty regular exercising (bike riding + a couple hours per week at the gym) has made it possible for me to not go beyond that. If I could just get commited to the program again, I could lose the 10 and maybe even 15 to get back to where I should be. Eating and drinking is just TOO MUCH FUN. Expecially Tiki drinks..most loaded with calories. I figure one Mai Tai made with Mr. & Mrs. T's Mai Tai mix and Mount Gay rum is about 5 points. That's not bad. So if you really wanna let loose on the Mai Tais, save all your Flex Points for the weekend or whatever night before your day off, this way you can get crazy and have seven of them in one night!!!!!!! Good Luck!!!

Through an education from weight watchers, and a dedication to fitness, I've dropped from about 300 to 240 or so. I've also dropped over 25% in body fat. I've kept if off (and continue to lose) for almost two years now. So it can be done, and after looking at all of the diets, and trying a few out, the WW method seems to be the most reasonable and livable. The key is that you can't think of it as a diet, it's something you need to think about forever, whether you are going to WW meeting or not.

Regarding drinking. I've tried to stick with drinking rum on the rocks, maybe with a twist of lime, for the most booze per calorie. Baja Bob's also makes a line of mixes with splenda. His Mai Tai mix is decent. and it only adds 10 calories on top of what the rum has.

Under no circumstances try Baja Bob's apple flavored mix! I took one sip and down the drain it went.


I've dropped from about 300 to 240 or so.

Wow! That's great! And here I am having a rough time trying to drop 10-15. Keep at it man!!

You are right, the whole WW philosophy is pretty much a way of life not a diet and it's probably the only reasonable way to diet.

i made chicken curry and the sauce was made of a 9% creme fraiche and it worked fine so have done it since ...

i also used it for homemade tuna salad tongue

I have been a fairly frequent writer on a global blog for a number of years on numerous bar and tiki cocktail related things. Someone responded recently to something I had written about alcohol consumption and weight gain. There has come to light information that alcohol is harder to process than previously thought and may not have the same impact on our weight as we had believed. (All bets are off if you drink beer - lots of carbs come with that alcohol.) But for us who drink distilled spirits I thought this was worth sharing. I can't vouch for the bias (if any) on the site or in the article, but it is accompanied by references for fact-checking and further research -- and that's very cool.



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Two ideas:

  1. Seltzer or tonic water w/ Lime or Lemon wedge
  2. Rum on Ice

Calories in, calories out. These are the two lowest options. Skip cocktails & beer until you're within your target weight. Good Luck!

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