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sophista-tiki orignals Dawn Frasier

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[ Edited by: Sophista-tiki 2011-02-04 10:58 ]

Aloha Dawn!
I'm a fan of your work. Happy to see you posting on Tiki Central.
Really liked the stuff you sent with Selector Lopaka & Puamana to Hukilau. Please keep up the great work.

hewey posted on Wed, Nov 23, 2005 4:06 PM

Cool art, like your style. My folks have a Fijian cannibal fork hanging on the wall.

WOuld like to see the pics a little bigger.

Cant wait to see more from ya


Here they are a bit bigger.
Nice work Dawn

The reason you got the thumbnails in your post is that you didn't open the photos in Shutterfly. You took the properties from the thumbs therefore you copied the thumbs. It happens to everyone at first including me.. Hope this helps.

Very nice choice of colors and style! I really like seeing new stuff like this. Don't stop now!

Welcome to TC :D

Wow, thanks,
T hanks for making my pics bigger. as I was posting these I was learning and taking notes.Ever since Dogbytes bought my collection there has been lots of local support,so I got all fired up and made a giant pile of new work.
I appreciate the positive feedback. Seems like Ive been doing this just for myself all these years. Now I'm ready to share.Its my personal obsession


Big WELCOME Dawn, it's about time you brought us your stuff. Thanks,.

Here are a couple more pics

This pair of tikis are created using elements of tapa designs. They can be hung any side up.Acrylic on canvas.3ftx1ft

This is my map of Taviuni. I lived on this island for a while, this is where i fell in love with Tapa
here are some of the small tikis I make . they are charges with mana to protect the wearer.

Wow, I like the various woods you're using, it's all great stuff!

very cool small tikis, nice grains and finishes.

The small tikis are actually made from Sculpy. I just figured out how to make them look like wood grain. I use these to make my tiki necklaces. The necklaces are kind of big, using semi -precious stones and vintage nuts and seeds ,coral and pearls.No two are alike.


On 2005-11-23 18:44, Sophista-tiki wrote:
Seems like Ive been doing this just for myself all these years. Now I'm ready to share.Its my personal obsession

This stuff is way too good to keep to yourself. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Hope every one had a nice holiday. Here are a couple more pics. Just so you all know I'm having a really good time doing this. you have all been very welcoming and kind.

This painting was available in post card form at Hukilau

this watercolor was also at Hukilau
Next time Ill post pictures of the larger wood wall pieces and maps. Thanks again .

[ Edited by: Sophista-tiki 2005-11-25 18:50 ]

I'm a little rusty on the posting thing. Id like to be more involved but alas I'm also on the shy side. Any way... I fee compelled to share some new art today Ive been working all spring and summer in anticipation of the Tiki Art Three show coming up in Sept. There are about 40 new paintings and wood pieces. Ive also been working on re-doing the interior of my 64 bus. I just put in a slate floor. Here are some paintings I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions about what your looking at please ask


Very cool stuff, Dawn. Imaginitive and colorful--just like me! :D


awww come on, don't be shy.....you've got some GREAT art!! i really like the paintings you put in your last post. the colors & designs are really good. those small tikis you made are pretty cool, too. some of the look like actual wood. looking foward to seeing more of your work.

Hi Dawn- You do some very fine work. It's intricate and has a definite unique style. Thanks for posting. Please feel free to post Much more as you create it!

Thanks for the encouraging comments. Look for two new works in the upcoming Tiki Art Three show. For those of you who are coming to Seattle for the opening . Ill have aditional pieces available.

[ Edited by: Sophista-tiki 2006-08-15 18:53 ]

Great Work Sophistatiki!
It's like magic! Love the artwork! it's so fun and has a playful feelin about it!Congrats on the Tiki Art Three Show! How does one get into the Tiki Art Four Show?

Mahalo! Not sure how one would get into Tiki Art Four. Three was by invite only as was one, I missed out on two because I wasnt paying attention. Otto von Stroheim curates these shows and makes the selections. Ive been making Tikis since 1987 and met up with Otto and Tiki news in about 1990 or 91. I always feel honored to be included.

hewey posted on Thu, Aug 17, 2006 6:14 AM

Like these latest pieces :)

Great art as usual! Remember you have a customer just down the

Tiki Riviera
Ive been coming to terms with letting go of the big surf board. I'm ready, its yours!however its currently buried behind a pile of furniture. I cant wait to show off my new creations at my party in Sept.Stay tuned.Plus , I think that part of what mak4s some of my goofy art look really cool is seeing it in the context of my house.

Tiki Riviera,
I just went out to the carport to look for that board and Its gone!!!!!!
For a minute I thought some one took it the I realized that it was hanging on the fence behind me. whewww.

I love your art and am looking forward to seeing more in person at the show next month.


Here are a couple of recent picture of my 64 bus,in its latest incarnation. Dawn

Bad angle to see the big tikis on the rear sides, sorry

Wow, Dawn that's a beautiful piece of art on wheels! Do u use the canoe or would that ruin the paint job on it ?


in case you dont look at all the Events threads.. here's a picture with 2 of Dawn's works more

ST, The canoe is a 64 Dolphin Chief from M
Minnesota. Its fiberglass. Yes I use it. alot. it does take two people though. Its painted inside in aqua and green with Maori designs and the outside is painted in browns Then the whole thing gets covered in marine varnish. Because everything in Seattle has to be waterproof!Its big enough to carry three people and alot of gear and I made this hut like structure that fits into holes I made in the cross bars. I also have wheels so I can get it to the water easily. oh and his name is Chuck.

Hi again, I wanted to post a couple of pictures I took of things I made to-get ready for last weekends giant tiki show and tell.

I would like to explain what the globe means. No one has actually asked me about it, but I'm dying to tell . This is what I think the globe would have looked like prior to the last polar shift. Notice Lemuria in the middle of the pacific. Lemuria or Mu or Havaiki, or a dozen other names it has is the legendary homeland of all Pacific Islanders. I have been working on perfecting this version of the globe.

Here is my other piece in the gallery flanked by a pair of Boskos

These are canoe prows I made to complete some goofy art that goes all the way across the front of my house

this is my front entry showing one of my flat tropical flower arangements
a pile of tiki necklaces. all made with semi precious stones, vintage nuts and seeds, coral and pearls.

this is the tiki at the end of my hall, its one of the last pieces I have left that match the tikis I have in Luau(Green lake, Seattle) Its about 7ft and I had just put up the vintage tapa print wall paper about two hours before my Tiki Art Three guests arrived

Bula Bula I wanted to post s watercolor I did, its not a new one. I am producing product for my holiday sale and wont start painting again until begining of dec. I have some special projects to work on!!!!! Anyway you may recognize this one

Cant wait to get painting again. I will be posting a limited edition christmas product in the marketplace thread Nov 1

Beautiful Dawn...those colors make everything seen ALIVE.

Hey Dawn! Those watercolors are great! I like the top one-the colors and light give it that total island feeling! Are you gonna post those totems soon? Hopefully, you're busy with them right now!

Hi, The top watercolor I posted a couple of days ago is the original of the painting that is in Taboo, The Art of Tiki, which was coincidentally Product of the day, like two days ago, thats why I thought some of you may recognize it. I have some homework to do the next couple of days but totems are coming soon If some of you don't check out General Tiki, I have a post going about by BIG CREATION, which is Polynesia Americana, museum of Polynesian pop. I am in the Museum Studies program at UW for the year. There of course will be gallery space for creating tiki people to show their work. Yeah.

Presenting two new Tiki Christmas Stockings!
Following in the success of the first felt stockings I designed for Party Partners a few years ago I am delighted to present two new designs. Each stocking is individually hand crafted by me and includes a small tiki charged with Mana to ensure you receive that special gift! There are two styles and production has been limited to 50 of each."Ornament Totem", and " Bamboo Spirit" They sell for $30 and that includes shipping.
I will post this in the market place as soon as I can figure out what the rules are (that page wont open) Several have already sold to the local crowd with rave reviews. I love being able to offer a fun handmade product for your Tiki flavored holiday experience. I have been in frenzied felt production for three weeks and they are ready to ship now. Dawn

hi i love your work keep it up


I'm sooooo in on the stocking action!!!
I'll get hold of ya soon to place my order!!! Wheeeeeeee
I've seen these up close, and they are GREAT!!!!


Yeah, those are cute!

Im updating my assorted posts today. Just put some pics on my chrsistmas stocking post, now heres something for creating tiki.. I just finished these two they will be leaving on saturday so I wanted to show them just incase they dont come back. I use alot of my own art for my job and sometimes it sell right from the job site.

these are two in aseries inspired py Mimis Arikva Tropika.


Cool Pix, Sophista-T, Really nice.


On 2006-09-20 23:58, dogbytes wrote:
in case you dont look at all the Events threads.. here's a picture with 2 of Dawn's works more

This are so cool!!!I almost here music! And the van is really great too!!Greetings

Thanks Clarita

Braking news! I just found out about 2 seconds ago that Im in a show in Vancouver, and I think I will send them these two paintings. dawn

Ive been working on designing a logo tiki for polynesia americana. Im not sure this is it, but this is where Im at for now. I really like this tiki however I dont know if it can be sucessfully translated into a mug. I am not computer graphics literate, Im an old school, low tech kind of girl, these are watercolors

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[ Edited by: Sophista-tiki 2006-11-27 10:31 ]


woohoo, I got to see some of the goods up close and personal last night! I love yer work Dawn!!! Can't wait to do some more shopping!!!
Thanks for the goodies!!!

Oh my goodness!!! YOU are quite the talent. What a lovely collection of artwork...great blend of colors and subject matter. I really love those 3D leaf compilations you have on your house. (Does that van do 0-60 in 15 minutes...LOL.) You wouldn't want something like that to go by too fast with the great artwork to admire. :)

Nice paintings Dawn!
You left out the second "C" in the word "architeCtural" in your painting text. Another suggestion would be to use the word "preserve" rather than "ensure" in the second paragraph.


[ Edited by: Sneakytiki 2006-12-01 12:17 ]

thanks for the proofread! Unfortunately a handmade watercolor has no spell check.
I have only made about 5 color copies of that one . I will do it over, hopefully better quality, and I will make the corrections. At first I just read your post and went HUH? whats he talking about, then I went back to the last page and figured it out. I wish I had a proof reader here at home, but the cats and dog wont do that for me.

The more papers I have to write for school the better I get at the Bullsh###ing. I'm rusty its been 20 yrs since college. You saved me from an embarrassing moment, good thing I haven't handed it in as an assignment!

Vampiress, Thank you so much, I spend so much time in my own little version of Tiki, that sometimes I wounder if anyone else gets my vision,
Unfortunately Jahmbi my bus doesn't go any where right now. I hit a really big pothole in the dark on my way to dinner at the Dogbytes home, and the next day something important broke. I heard it break, went uh oh and got myself off the freeway, Whew, Now hes just parked in the carport until I can crawl under there and take a look. Jahmbi does have a brand new engine less than one yr. and I take very good care of him, he will be on the road again soon speeding around town, I have a hard time driving slow, I drive the hell out of that bus and loooovvveee it. He's my special Jahmbi! Dawn

[ Edited by: Sophista-tiki 2006-12-01 17:49 ]

LOL...I love how you named him Jahmbi....so cute. I have never named my cars...I guess cause they don't have any personalities...they are beasts of burden for me. But you have inspired me, so I will think of a name....since she is really gold...any ideas?

Take good care of Jahmbi and give him a wave of good vibe from me. :)

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