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What else do you collect?

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I was curious what else everyone here collects aside from the obvious tiki-related epherma.

Personally, I collect the following:

  1. Records (yes, even non-Tiki ones)
  2. Books (mostly science fiction, mythology, etc.)
  3. Drunken pink elephants
  4. Movies

I used to collect:

  1. Comic books
  2. Stamps (grandma forced it on me)
  3. Baseball cards
  1. Drunken pink elephants

I used to collect these too, until I was finally caught sneaking into the circus with a gallon of rum and a can of spray paint.


I collect SHELLS! Since I was 8 years old and my dad got stationed in Okinawa! Funny you should ask, because yesterday I found one of the greatest ever, a Sunrise Shell. And trust me you would have thought I was an 8 year old the way I was jumping up and down on the beach!

I also collect Royal Copley ceramics, formerly made in my parents hometown and oriental stuff. Anyone who visits and manages to come to my house may well decide I collect too much!

I would love to see some photos of peoples cool collections!

among other things...

original Otis Lithograph magic posters. problem is, the one I have pictured above is an 8-sheet... making it about 9 feet tall. never mind the fact that restoration, mounting and framing will cost a ton, so will a new house with 10ft ceilings! sadly, more than 1/2 of my art is in some sort of storage because of no wall space or no cash to frame it.


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I have way too much bar-ware including the elusive drunk pink elephants! I still pick up any character bar-ware I find. Collection currently includes, rooster's and camels and circus animals galore... too many to list. Let's just say I have a lot of items to drink from and not a drop of booze in the place.

& a whole collection simply known as made me smile!


Ukuleles! I think I have about 20 of them....



Original Movie Lobby Cards. I have a couple of nice Russ Meyer ones and one from the Elvis movie 'Loving You' among others. I think I'd like to get more Elvis ones.

Hawaiian LP's
Hawaiiana (more so then Tiki btw!)
Hapa Haole Music
Ukulele Finger Cord Music Sheets
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole stuff
Don Ho stuff
Anything Menehune
40's-60's Hawaii Travel Agency related
New artists in Tiki that are my friends

....I collect, among other things....

Turquoise kitchen goods, especially Pyrex

Rotary phones

1964 World's Fair ephemera

(Not my photos, but I do own all of the stuff pictured)

Casino Dice from Nevada! I also have Co-Authored 3 Price guides on them with a 4th in the works.


Just so you know that were all sick:

Beside Tiki...What Do You Do? (This one
sorta is a collecting thread)

What is the next coolest thing to collect?

What does yr "Significant Other " collect?


1.Records - LP's, 45's, 78's... running out of room to put them...

2.Tiki Mugs (duhhh!) - mainly newer ones - Munktiki, Tiki Farm, Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily, Shag, and a few vintage ones are in there too, like a Trader Vic's Tepco skull mug, etc...

3.Sports Memorabilia - not a whole bunch, but I do have a few rare things, like a Michael Jordan autographed baseball, from when he quit basketball and played minor league baseball.

4.Things that annoy and irritate my girlfriend - see items 1 through 3 listed above. :up:

I collect VW stuff, including the Thing I have in my garage that needs restoration...
Mexican Day of the Dead
Hot Rod Memorabilia (Posters mostly)
Skull Mugs


That is tres cool!

Your dice site is lovely and has great pics!

Like others, my collector gene also vibrates for LP records.

But wait, there's more...

Hot Wheels cars
Rolling Stones Bill Graham Presents San Francisco Bay Area concert posters
Animation cels
Furntiture by an L.A. designer named Harry!
Hi Fi speakers and a few turntables


Mushroom Ottomen or are they called Toad Stools?

Fireking Jadite Diner dishes

Ancient Egyptian stuff (King Tut thingys) reproductions of course

Cocktail Books

James Bond stuff (spy books, movies, etc.)

Some Vampire movies (but I don't like the gory ones)

vintage drink recipe cocktail shakers
Mr Bartender barware


Ben Seibel "Vision" Impromtu dishware
Franciscan "Oasis" dishware
vintage Descoware,Le Creuset,Kobenstyle cookware

Robsjohn-Gibbings designed Widdicomb furniture
Eames chairs

1960s postcards of Lloyd Center Mall
Googie architecture postcards

vintage stuffed leather poodles
Dream Pets
Vitra model chairs

vintage Citroen pins and patches

wow this list goes on and on !

dibroc posted on Thu, Feb 8, 2007 9:55 AM

mid century modern furniture, bar and kitchenware.
star burst clocks
vintage board games
parking tickets

Like most people...

Mid-Century, MOD, & Psychodelic Furniture, lighting, nick-nacks...
Shriner stuff
Shot glasses when traveling
Design Books (50's-80's)

Used to collect:
Baseball cards (when a kid)(Still have em)
Hot wheels (sold em)
Key Chains (Still have em)
Bottles and Cans (my fav is the "Pepsi SEX Cans")(Still have em)

I dont actively "collect" I just accumulate if you know what I mean. 1950s pink & aqua kitchen stuff, retro lamps, furnature, textiles; toys I had when I was a kid like etch a sketch, Mad magazine game, Planet of the Apes game etc; vintage barware, shakers & cocktail books; 1940s-1950s era pulp crime/murder novels with lurid covers. I used to grab weird vinyl LPs that had crazy covers but I dont see them anywhere anymore. Nada. Zilch.

On 2007-02-08 16:14, TikiTrevor wrote:
Like most people...

Mid-Century, MOD, & Psychodelic Furniture, lighting, nick-nacks...


What is the current market value on a herpies sore?

Pirates of the Spanish Main CCG (Collectable Card Game)
Marvel Legends Icons (I collected 2...and then stopped) :)

MOTORSICKLE jackets!,SHAVING STUFF ! brushes razors etc ,the BIG LEBOWSKI stuff,BLADE RUNNER stuff,and books about collecting,and vintage TATTOO flash and stencils etc ....to name a few hahahah really I have a problem !

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Atomic Ranch Magazine
Barracuda Magazine
Heywood Wakefield
Danish Modern furniture
Franciscan Starburst dishes
Coffee Table books about Mid Century homes, furniture
Vintage Cars (well, only one..but it's a start!)
worthless crap (my biggest collection by far)
tennis racquets


Disney Stuff

and anything Horror and Halloween! :)

Carnivorous Plants

Midwinter Bali h'ai pottery
(not a Tiki pattern, unfortunately - if you ever find Midwinter Mambo, then that will appeal)

1960s and 1970s Motown albums and 1960s Soul/R&B 45s (currently around 1000 albums and 5000 fortyfives).

Poole pottery - mainly the Delphis and Aegaen ranges.

"The Folio Society" hardback books.

Worlds Fair pottery/glassware from the New York and Seattle years.

antique to mid-century Elephants (ebony, pewter, pottery etc...)

1930s pottery Jugs from Lovatts (now Denby)which are in the same pastel shades as "sugared almonds".

Portmeirion pottery from the 1960s.

(edited to add:)

1950s and 1960s James Bond, Man From Uncle, Avengers and Dangerman paperbacks

1950s and 1960s Science Fiction paperbacks (Daw SF, Penguin etc)

Mad Comic paperbacks (Dave Berg Looks at... etc)

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Hey, Sputnik! I picked up the latest Atomic Ranch & recognized your place by your barware collection. :lol: Do we need some kind of 12-step program? NAHHHH! We just need more stuff!

Damn, I kinda feel out of place. :lol:

I collect sports stuff, beer stuff and pirate stuff.

It helps that I like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which have all three:

It makes for an interesting collection when it is together, but somehow it works

I also keep a sharp eye out for ashtrays when I hit the Thrifts but I use those, so I don't know if that counts as collecting.


Comic books
beer cans
baseball,football cards

German cartoon Easter eggs

(and cat fur evidently)



Knock it off ATP! You don't scare me! You're just a big teddy bear!

Oceanic art
Nautical/tropical themed lenticulars
Vintage tropical themed paint by numbers.
Vintage Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. I've been collecting since the early 90's.
Books on Mid Century art, design and kitsch. Books on vintage neon. Books about weird stuff in Texas and California.

foamy posted on Fri, May 9, 2014 1:25 PM

Tiki mugs, of course.

old match books

playing cards, Coke , pin-ups, railroads, etc.

tin robots

model rockets, evidently


maritime prints, books and art

posters and prints, some original art

some bar ware

and for some reason, I have a lot of hats these days.


corkscrews..buy sell trade
tiki stuff of course


African masks called Songye Kifwebe!

(Plural is "bifwebe"!)

My collection of bifwebe

Here's one with a Ka'Oha tiki mug!

Vintage Disney, New York World's Fair 1939/64, and EPCOT ephemera.

I have more ukuleles than I need. Or should. I don't really collect them, I just ended up with them.
The first was a Christmas present from my wife after we got married in Hawaii. A pretty koa laminate concert.
The second is a vintage Kamaka that a friend had rotting in a storage unit because he didn't know or care about what it was. I traded him something for it.
The third is a Kala USA model which I designed for a contest so they sent me a few. I gave most away to friends.
The fourth is a Kanile'a one-of-a-kind soprano Soundmonster with a KU headstock, which I traded a different uke for (that I traded a Gibson guitar for, and which I had traded a cheapo Chinese bass for!)
The fifth is another Kala uke, this time a Steampunk one that was also a freebie as a winning design in the same contest.

Making this list, I just realized I have five ukuleles and I haven't paid for any of them! :D

Here's what the spousal unit collects

She also like the gold Freeman McFarlin pieces

Too much stuff really...

Disney pins (and Disney LPs... and sometimes PVC Disney figures... and Disney movies, basically...)

Toys of ice age animals

Fossils of ice age animals

French-Canadian finger-woven sashes

Shinto prayer plaques from the different places I visited in Japan

And stuff from the video games Bioshock: Infinite and Sakura Taisen... And some vintage Nintendo stuff... and some Universal Monster stuff... And a lot of books... So many books... I'm actually trying to cut down and clear out stuff, frankly. This didn't even include the accumulated bric-a-brac...

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