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Is There Ever A Tiki Event in Kansas City?

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I can't get away from my work much, so going far and wide to frolic with you other tiki fun folks is pretty much improbable (ie, The Hukilau and Tiki Crawl), so I am wondering if there is ever anything happening here in the landlocked prairie?? I want to get to know much more about tiki and tiki addicts!!

Thank you for playing,


plan one and people will come.

My friends and I had a big Tiki party that also included a homemade Tiki bar. That was last year! Perhaps I'll post some photos of it for proof. I got everyone addicted to Tiki after I met Sven Kirsten himself in LA. Anyway, I'll keep you posted if we have more parties.

Thanks so much Stellabelle! Since I'm a newbie at this and I've never been to any kind of a tiki event, or even a luau in my 55 years, I'd sure like to see how it all works before I jump into the firepit and try to organize anything myself. Besides, I"m finding that since following TC for awhile now that my choice of decor isn't really considered "tiki"....it's more like "tacky", so I don't feel confident enough to host anything other than for my family. They cut me some slack for being slightly nuts.

I'm sort of amazed how having my 16th birthday dinner at Trader Vic's in St. Louis in 1966 made such an impression that I built a tiki bar in my basement 40 years later just to revive the relaxing untroubled dreamy atmosphere. (wasn't allowed to drink that night but they did bring me a nifty "shirley temple" with a gardenia float.)

Ahhhhh, the 60's. BAH ha ha ha ha!!

If "the great plains of Kansas" is Wichita, then we might be in business. I'm here in Wichita and would be open to discussion about getting a Tiki event going. Isn't there someone else here called "Tikijackalope?"


Silverline is from KC as well.

Lava - If I remember correctly from you previous posts, you are in Hays, KS. Threre is a tiki event happening here in Denver on June 24. Head on up here to Denver and make a weekend of it. I think Hays is only about 4 hrs from Denver, about the same distance to Kansas City. The drive isn't that bad, my wife and I drive from Denver to Wichita and back every year.

Here is the link to the event.

The Mysterious Island of the Tiki Finks, Denver, CO, June 24th

Thanks for the invite Zulu.....trouble is, June 24th we had a wedding to attend in St. Louis, DANGDIDDLYWHITIK! I would REALLY rather do a tiki event. In fact, I'd rather pull weeds.

BTW-nah, not near Hays, just a tad SW of KC.

Queso....Wichita...now that's do-able I think! Makes me laugh to think about a "tiki" anything in Kansas. I feel like we live off the end of the tiki horizon. I can wear my grass skirt over my overalls and make leis of wheat.

REminds me of the bumper stickers a few years ago that read, "Ski Kansas". Sheesh. What a vacation mecca! (are we allowed to say "mecca" anymore?)

LavaLounger-a maitai short.

OK, It's not Kansas City, but if you can get to Branson, MO before Aug. 12, this is going to be a don't-miss!


just a warning for those of you unfamiliar with WHO actually RUNS the Poly Center--the MORMONS. So what you will get will be a neutered, non-sexy, heavily ATTIRED Polynesian FAUX experience--ESPECIALLY in a hotbed of WHITENESS like Branson. All I remember at the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu is A. we were DOG-TIRED from the flight & should not have done it the day we got in... B. the 'luau' was CAFETERIA STYLE---you got poi on a tray like at Furrs
C. there was a SERIOUS lack of reality involved--the Mos spin it like the Samoans, et al have been CONVERTED from HEATHENISM forever and their culture was a cute aberration and they've DISNEY-FIED the bite out of it--long, LONG skirt--the GUYS are more naked than the girls!!! Good luck getting a decent drink there--the Mai-Tais are the WORST EVER

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Thanks for the warning moondog. Sadly though, this is likely going to be as good as it ever gets here in mid-MO.

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