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help me get La Mariana there own tiki mug!

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GECKO posted on Thu, Jan 2, 2003 9:49 PM

Aloha friends here at TC! I hope to see the regulars as well as da people who post just a few times to leave a little feedback.

I'm trying to get Mr Mike (general Manager) to get La Mariana their own tiki mug for the restaurant to sell to tourist and collectors. Of coarse, I'm going to try my own design with the La Mariana name and logo on the mug. we just talked about it briefly last Monday. It first has to be approved by the Owner Anette. I WILL NOT make the mug!! just design and name it. That's only if they approve the design and name also. So I will be searching for a maker as soon as they say yes....Thats why you all are here! I will show Mike the Gen.Manager this post Saturday so reply asap please!

Would you visit the restaurant and buy a mug from LaMariana if/when you visited the islands?

Please help me! you don't even have to post a reply. just post your tc name for a YES vote for a La Mariana's sovenier Tiki mug! Your help is DEEPLY APPRICIATED!



Hell Yes! I am bummed I missed it the last time I was there, but I wont make that mistake again! I'd bring more than 1 mug back to the mainland.

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Aloha Mr. Mike,
Get the damn mug!


Aloha Mr. Mike,
Get the damn mug!

Yes, I will...


mug mug mug :)

You'd better believe it, buster! Why, I'd go so far to say that I'd buy several of them. I'm amazed that with all the wonderful detail at La Mariana, they don't already have a souvenir mug. With Gecko at the helm, it's sure to be an instant classic. Thanks, Braddah!

-Weird Unc


Would I want a mug from La Mariana? But of course! What a silly question...

laney posted on Thu, Jan 2, 2003 10:06 PM

Me too!


i want MUGS! i've been to hawaii 5 times, and no souvineer mug ~ we're gonna be there next year in November..so scale up production..and save 2 for me!


Try [email protected] he can be very helpful when it comes to mugs.
By the way


You should get Dave Cohen to make the mug. He's easy to work with, fast, and talented. He is the man who realized Shag's mugs for Tiki Farm after Shag's designs, so I'm sure he could do a fantastic job with yours as well.


(and yes I look forward to buying the mugs)

I'm so down with that - the post you did a while ago on them was awesome. The Farm is here if you are interested. Your sculpting talents are obvious bro - we're up for this!

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Yes I would buy one!!! I don't see me getting to the islands anytime soon so perhaps availability through mail order or internet sales would be good for me!


simply put................YES!

the world needs a resurgence of personalized tiki mugs, so in 50 years our kids can collect them just as we do now.

Yes I would too.

MUG ME!!!!

Of course!
(And please make them available to buy overseas!!!)

Trader Woody

Mug for me too. And I want mine signed by the owner and sculptor!


Sounds like a perfect match. A sure fire winner! Get on it me Buckos!


mr. mike,
ya gotta have your own tiki mug...you would add to the tiki-charm of la marianna, provide visitors w/ happy memories & probably make some good money too!

an all-round good decision!

i'd buy at least one.


Yes I'd buy a mug...

but please fill it up first :D


Absolutely! Count me in for several.


Of course I would!

GECKO posted on Sun, Jan 5, 2003 10:11 PM

Aloha and Plenny MAHALOZ to all that left feedback!!!
I just gave the GM a copy of the thread and he is going to read it Sunday or Monday.
It's just getting the idea through miss LaMariana that I'm worried about. She dosen't like to spend a lot because the restaurant is already a big hit with tourist and locals. They just recently started to sell t-shirts after all these years!!! I will just cross da fingers now and wait.

it would be great to have something from that place for da friends who might not be able to see it anytime soon...Like our members from da UK and other overseas localz. I'll be in touch Holden if it goes through.




Did anything become of this? Are there mugs to be had?


Yes, I want a mug!!!!

Yes, I would buy a mug, I'd have to get one in every color (if they had them)


I'd love to add another mug to my collection. Any progress to report?

me too dammit

I don't think I'd expect them to be putting out any money for mugs. Remember this post about the $250 fine? Mugs would be waaaaaaay more than that as an investment.

Just my 2 coconuts worth.

elvira posted on Thu, Aug 7, 2003 6:19 AM

We will be visiting the islands, next year, and would definately be interested in purchasing mugs from La Mariana.




God yes! Of course!

aloha, emspace

Oooh I want one!

I want a mug too!



We would certainly buy a mug. We loved La Mariana when we were in Hawaii. We made a special point of visiting it and will go again when we return.

I will be there in September, I'll be sure to stop by & (if available) purchase a mug...or three.


Sign me up! First visit to Hawaii was a couple of years ago on my honeymoon. Been dying to get back every day since I returned. LOVE your pics and description of that lovely tiki treasure, Gecko. And your work is AMAZING. Put em together? Unstoppable combination. I'll be there with my lovely bride and we'll buy two to bring back in our suitcases... if we can even bear to leave...

Aloha Gecko, this summer I will most likely be visiting the islands while my fiance is working there.(he's in the Canadian Navy) La Mariana is on the top of my list, right next to purchasing one of your carvings!

In case I didn't make myself clear, you bet I'd buy a couple of mugs!

I was just there with some friends. That would have been 4 mugs right there!


Ho! The owner let this idea slip away? I told her it was good for her restaurant and good for tiki but she has a cause in her contract where she cannot really advertise and thats a form of advertizin'

I'm going to see if she will let me use her name and give her some profit if I sell them on my site. But first I have to look for someone to produce the mugs for me. I plan on going on a trip in March and hopefully get this done as well as some of my other designs I want to come out with. It's just a matter of time. I'll keep you here posted.



Of course I would!

good luck!

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