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I know...Not everyone thinks of Sacramento as a Tiki Mecca, although we do have our fair share of Harvey's and Trader Dicks mugs...

If you are ever in Sacramento, I would recommend a visit to a place chock full of Tiki collectibles. They are located in a sign business in Rancho Cordova, a suburb east of Sacramento.

I met the owner, Bo whilst hauling a fifties era cement Maori style garden tiki that I had purchased at an antique show. He stopped me to ask me about the tiki and we struck up a conversation about tikis and collecting in general. He invited me to stop by his shop to look at his collection.

His shop is in an industrial area and from the outside doesn't look like much when you approach it tiki-wise. Once you are able to see into the windows, little doubt is left that this guys knows his stuff and his collection stands testament to years of collecting tiki and Hawaiiana items.

Bo's primary business is making signs. His shop is a catacomb of offices and hallways and every square inch is filled with his personal collection. I counted at least three vintage tiki bars and everything tiki imaginable. Bo also is a hot-rodder and has one bar that sports vintage devil collectibles (Halloween, toys, etc), not Satan. There is also a good sized warehouse behind the offices that is filled with all kinds of mysterious goodies, but perhaps my favorite are the large tikis Bo rescued from the Hawaiian Gardens restaurant that used to be on Watt Ave in Sacramento (he has two in the shop and one at home).

Bo also manufactures products related to tiki and hot rod. He has created some interesting and original artwork and casts tiki relief masks, as well as shift knobs for hot rods. This cat is too much!

So, if you are ever out that way, stop in a say hello, look around and you will be amazed. Bo sells the stuff he and his artist make. Bo is at his shop Monday-Friday. I would suggest calling before you head over and make sure he is there! I can't find his card but I think his number (916)859-0824.

The address is:
11337 Suite 10 Trade Center Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

It is worth the stop.

Psycho Tiki D (I know I am but what are you)!

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Pycho, moondog (Ken) has a sign biness too, in Carmichael. Shootz, there are a lot of other tiki people up there now. TikiHula, Mystiki, kingstiedye, and others, my mind lags a little. I sold a tiki to a cop up there a few years back. I'd love to do a show but not familiar with any place. I think Sac is hungry for tiki, just need to organize and market.

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very cool....Sacramento needs a tiki bar!!!!

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I stopped in on Bo today. I guess I have known him about 13 years. I always knew he had hot rod and fifties stuff but was unaware of all the tikis. It is a very impressive cool collection. I see drunken hat, tiki cleen and jungle trader maybe making a road trip....you better let me know when and stop by here too!

tarzan see road trip in crystal ball near future too.
Jane say good, cheetah nod head ah ah eep.

don't go without me!

I am glad to see some response to this thread. I know Sacramento is lacking a Tiki establishment for us locals to call home and hold meetings at.

I hope that next year we might be able to have our own event somewhere but where that somewhere is could be is the challenge.

I plan on attending a few events soon, but it is difficult time wise to travel the distance of of these shindigs are at.

Then there's the drinking thing...pretty much at least a two day commitment if you plan on imbibing, which I would and do.

Until then, I will be content with exploring and discovering what I can and pass the information along as I find it.

Psycho Tiki D (I know I am but what are you)?

pool party at my house next summer for sure.

kingstiedye...being shomewhat new to all this...has there been a Sacramento event?

If not, why? If so, when? If when, where? If where, who? If who, what? If the answer is no, then how?

Primo Beer, Come From Here

Has anyone seen my mask?

See ya,

Psycho Tiki D (I know I am but what are you)!


I like Pancake Circus.

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hey psycho tiki, Aloha Current and myself have been kicking round the idea of getting together at a chines restaurant on Howe ave. sometime in the near future. They do make tiki drinks there I am told. I am up for anything that's nearby.

On 2006-11-16 18:36, Tiki Matt wrote:
I like Pancake Circus.

Everything Tiki at: http://www.bartiki.com

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i was a busboy there when i was 18 and met my first wife there. she went to bishop manogue high school across the street! i'm still pretty new to the tiki scene myself, but i know sactown is seriously lacking any tiki establishments.

moondog and kingstiedie,

The absolute closest thing to resembling a "Tiki" restaurant was when I followed TIKI TOWN advise from TIKI Magazine and went to the Eastern Empire on Howe Ave.

Great food, strong drinks served in a tiki mug (ordered a Suffering Bastard, the drink menu looked suspiciously like a rip-off from a long forgotten era), which I couldn't figure out if we got it with the drink when we purchased it or stole it when we wrapped it up in a napkin and walked out with it? Either way, we then proceeded to the Tahiti Restaurant on Florin Road (basically behind the freeway) which was an all-you-can eat place.

Too bad the Coral Reef, Zombie Hut Tiki Bob's and Hawaiian Gardens are long gone. Pancake Circus is cool but we need to find something more solid.

Anyone been to Delano's (sp)? Island Grill in Rocklin?

Psycho Tiki D (I know I am but who are you)?

Aloha Psycho Tiki D. I'll bet Bo could talk great story and is a hell of a guy to boot. I'm looking forward to meeting him and checking out his tiki and hotrod collection. Hopefully I can link up with Ken and KingsTD for a little road trip.

On another note I like Eastern Empire even though it lacks in ambiance, or decor. As PTD said great food and strong drink-I'm ok with that! The owner is cool too. Besides alternatives are slim. Personally I like the all you can eat dinner with option to steal mug.

A feature piece on Bo, his collection, as well as new Retro pieces is slated for the Spring '07 Issue of Tiki Magazine. It will be full 'O' photos...including his customized louvered refrigerators, pinstriped safes, hundreds of beer lights, Tikis Dragsters and so on.

This might just put Sacramento on The Tiki Map!!!!

Can't wait to see that issue...Heck can't wait to see the current one.

What the F did Hukilau become a pasta house? That place was really nice. The owners put some nice new touches in it. Nice long boards, great breakfasts, nice graphics... What went wrong?

BTW: those cement Tiki masks out on the back porch were Bo's pieces.

My buddy and I have given some serious thought to buying a place and making it a tiki hangout. We were looking at an old Quonset hut in a commercial area near my house, it sat empty for quite awhile, then someone moved in.

The place had a big yard, an upstairs area and enough space to house a serious party.

This was in the burbs and close to home. We kinda thought it could be like an Elks or Moose Club type of thang...members and dues and themed around tiki culture stuff, not a bar, but a bar, a pool table, juke box and TONS of junk culture icon stuff to make the place way cool and way "I gotta be there".

Who knows, maybe an oath, secret ceremony and (possibly) some paddling?

A place away from home and a place to crash if you can't make it home!

I think a club would be an excellent way to go. We are still in the planning stages and even if it is not on the scale we would like it to be, it will happen.

What a better place to hold a "event". It is still something we plan on doing...but if anyone else wants to take the mantle and move forward with this idea...at least give me credit!

Thoughts? Comments? Tiki's are go!

Psycho Tiki D (I know I am but why are you)?

And according to all who know me well...I have PLENTY of JUNK to decorate this place, but maybe so do ya all!

Psycho Tiki D (I know I am but where are you)?

Hukilau.....I wish I had gotten over there before it changed. It is still same owner. He felt he wasn't getting enough business with that format. I know it had food but I don't think he ever used ''Tiki Bar'' in any of his ads. ''Tiki Drinks'' gets my attention better than ''Sunday Brunch''. He also owns Jack's urban eats and Paesano's pizza. Maybe we'll get another tiki bar soon.

Just a thought...Maybe we should plan a day...hit the chinese restuarant on Howe, Bo's..maybe a stop at ''Swanberg's'' and ''sittin in paradise'' and then finish at ''Forbidden Island'' in Alamada (I have yet to make it there)...Of course we would need a van or stretch limo depending on how much interest. You put 8 people in a stretch limo it's not expensive...anyone game?.....like a said....Just a thought.

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I was just talking to Stuart (Minnie's) last night. He said he met a guy up in Sac who now owns what used to be a Miniature Golf. He's converting it over to an events center with gardens/bamboo/ponds/tiki etc. But of course he doesn't remember the guy's name or exactly where it was.
I'll beat it out of him.

I think "Sitting in Paradise" closed too.

I think the Tiki Club thing would be cool but it's a hassle to run a 501-c-3 not for profit...it seems like it would be actually easier to just run it like a bar. A Quonset Hut would be perfect too...I love those buildings.

Didn't Lauren just move his store too? (Swanbergs?) He might be a good person to guage how a project like that would work...and it certainly would be a good hub to plan events around.

swanberg's is now on j about 22nd or 23rd st. i think the other one is still open too, but i'm not positive.


I was just in Rancho Cordova for over a week! I will make plans to see him in january for sure, and No, ther wasn't much Tiki going around here. Lot's of commerce, but, no Tiki per sey. Good to know there is an oasis in this techno spot.



Aloha Sacto Tiki Peoples,

I got a pm a while back from someone from Sacto who was interested in a Entry Way. If that someone is any of you, please contact me back being that I lost the pm. Will be traveling thru your parts soon.



I have never heard of Swanbergs? Anyone able to provide information on this establishment?

I still think a private tiki club is a good idea but will need some long term planning and money. To purchase property in this area is expensive and investors will need to be solicited. A group of twenty people investing $10K a piece or so may be what is needed to get the ball rolling.

By the way...How's the moniker "Fraternal Association for the Revival of Tiki, (F.A.R.T for short) sound as a club name?

Psycho Tiki D (I know I am but when are you)?

Psyho Tiki, Swanberg's is a store that sells Hawaiian shirts and some mugs and Hawaiian Music. It's not a bar or restaurant but might make a fun stop. It is on J street around 25th. It is not to far from ''Sittin; in Paradise'' another store.


Thanks for the info, I'll check it out! Didn't Sittin in Paradise close? I like your idea for a "Tiki Crawl". If we are going to hit Alameda, maybe we could do it on a weekend when the big antique show is going on...first Sunday of the month (probably weekend would be better).

Psycho Tiki D (I know I am but who are you)?

OK.......I talked to Bo and he is up for a visit...small group, would take us in 1 on 1 for 10-15 minutes each. We could also hit the Chinese restaurant on Howe ave. I have to check if Swanberg's is open. We could stop in there for a bit. Also I may have stumbled upon a new tiki bar in the area that we could hit...Then we would head over to Alameda to Forbidden Island in the comfort and safety of Limo. I am sure some Bay Area TC'ers would want to meet us and join us. I talked to Limo Company and he has a limo that would hold ten comfortably, actually seats 12. It would be 80.00 per person for 8 hours of service plus tip. Bo would prefer a Sunday over a Saturday. If we got enough interest we could plan on Dec 10th.....Maybe it's too close to Christmas?.....any suggestions/input?.....Let's git er done!

I stopped by and saw Bo again today and told him of the interest a few of us have. He said most everything he owns has a price on it, but accepts cash only. He said he also has some things he makes which may be of interest to some of you. I also talked to one of the Owner's of Swanbergs. She said if we stopped by they would make some ''tiki drinks'' for all of us. I also heard of a new place in Roseville called ''Paradise Grill''. They serve drinks in Tiki Mugs but do not sell them. So this potential roadtrip is growing hair (wish I could!)

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Is Minnie's too far off the map for the Sacto Ride?

I bet there are lots of local charachters in the area who (since they don't live in the immediate bay area) have been able to afford to make thier houses into palaces of Tiki.

While we've collected enough Tiki stuff to be a "Tiki Palace" unfortunately it's more like a Tiki Warehouse!
Someday though....someday! :blush:

If all you Sactoneons or whatever you call yer selves, ever do make it down to
Forbidden Island be sure an email or PM me and the Mrs. and I will meet up with you! :drink:

If you DO get some sort of Tiki venue going in Sacramento we, TIKI HUNTER would love to offer our wide array of fine Tiki products to you! :D

All ya all,

I like moondog's idea for an event, my only problem is squeezing in the time to do it in December. The holidays and year end closing at work are leaving me very little time to carve out a moment for much else.

Let's keep the date open, if there is a solid decision by enough to participate, I'll see if I can swing this.

Psycho Tiki D (I know I am but how are you)?

Hey it's up to everyone else. Bo is ready. Swanberg's is ready. The limo is ready. Forbidden Island is OPEN and ready. My wife may have to go to Palm Springs for a conference, so she can't commit just yet...But I can.....I'm ready....but if it's too close to the Holidays, or doesn't fit your calendar, I Totally understand. I TRIED......Someday I will get to Forbidden Island and do it up right!

For any tiki tour that you guys schedule, you know I can make it to Minnie's any time. Just let me know.
Also, I would love to help organize a Tiki Show/Event up there for next spring or summer. At your service.

hey guys~

sorry for jumping in a little late in the game here, but we would like to meet up with whoever whenever whereever. :)

80 bucks per person is too rich for our blood right now given our current situation. but we would love to meet up with the group, or if it heads down south we would be happy to host you guys at our humble abode.

Jungle Trader and tikicleen and everyone else who has posted to this thread,

Ya all rock...and ya all way too cool. We need to put central and northern CA on the Tiki Map...You folks down south of us have a couple up on us with Minnie's and the Tiki Bar and for that I am soooo jealous!

Giantalope, many thanks for what you are doing, you are one rad cat.

moondog, this has gotta happen, limo or no.

My friends need someone to play with!

Psycho Tiki D (I know I am but how are you)?

OMG...you are messing with my mind here. I have always wanted to own some nice little tropical bar that plays Polynesian music and serves fabulous umbrella drinks. I can't believe there are so many people in the Sac area that are into this culture. I have collected cocktail recipe books and bar menus for a long time, so maybe finding this forum will help me make my dream come true in the near future. Hmmmmm...thinking about a business loan right now. :0

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Psycho Tiki D (I know I am but how are you)?

Nice Tiki Gawds Psycho....and they vogue so well. :)

Are their smilies on this board?

Since I'm not sure which thread is leading to the party now I'll just have to post on BOTH! :D

Mrs.Mojo and myself would like very much to attend!

Good idea to read both. Swanzberg just got in some Ren Spooner shirts with tikis on them. Even one that had tikis and Mickey Mouse. If you decide to go to Minnies in Modesto they told us to call ahead because one day the open at 4pm and the next day they may change it to 5pm. They sell a wonderful mug in several colors for $40 each but were down to only the brown one last week.


Sale this weekend?

Sacramentens, when Dan started collecting we couldn't tell a tiki from a totem pole, we couldn't tell Hawaiian from African. Same goes for tikis new versus old, we couldn't tell back then. Well we have reached the point where we have to clear out everything that isn't what he wants any more. So he has removed all the stuff we have been calling exotica. At some point or another each item was something that he really liked looking at so it's not junk.

Anyway should we have a sale at super low prices? Would any of you be interested? We could even do it this weekend 11/25 - a garage sale for Tiki Central people only. We live in Elk Grove 14 miles south of Sacramento.

Send me a personal message if you would like to come here this weekend and I'll tell you the way to get here. Wendy and Dan

Looks like Dr. TikiMoJo and tigerlily and coming so it's a go for Saturday. If you all want to come send me a message for the address and phone number. Wendy

Look what happens when I spend "quality time" with my family! I go and miss a local get together from some fine fellow TC members and collectors. I have no one to blame but me!

Kudos to danlovestikis for putting this together on such short notice. I enjoyed the snaps and stories, wish I was there.

Another item of note: Dan, congratulations on the pricing of your items to fellow collectors...true sportmanship and a nod to compassion. You a truly one of the "good guys" from what I could read in the postings...I would rather give a
fellow collector a break and know one of my treasures are going to a good home with someone who appreciates the item than sell to someone looking to make a quick buck on something they care little, if anything about.

Hope to see you all on the 10th,

Psycho Tiki D (I know I am, but little do they know)!

We would so love to be there but Dan and I are both working on the 10th and mine is a 24 hour day. I hope you will all post photos of what you buy from Bo so we can cry in our poi.

We thought there were only a couple of tiki people in Sacramento, we were so wrong and get togethers should be more frequent.

We had so much fun I told Dan he should try to part with some of his tikis each year. Anyone who would like to visit for the fun of going cross eyed looking at tikis can send me a personal note.

Once again, thank you all for coming, keep in touch, Wendy

Anything coming up soon? Sorry I missed the sale in Sac. Anyone around Lodi area?

mahalo myers, haven't heard from anyone in Lodi, butt, there's a few of us in Stockton, a couple in Ripon, and me, in Turdlock.
Welcome to TC.

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