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Mahiki, London, UK (bar)

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Street:1 Dover St., Mayfair,
Zip:W1S 4LD
Phone:0044 207 493 9529

Mahiki, is based over two large floors, The Lanai, a more traditional styled bar with lots of matting, bamboo, Peacock chairs and Tikis whilst the Aloha Room downstairs which has a more retro vibe with glassed in garden and Aloha print murals.
Set on the corner of Dover St and Picadilly, accross from The Ritz, the entrance can easily be spotted by the two large Tiki torch holding Tikis outside.

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London's calling, and Mahiki answered.

Just got back from places far and farther, Mahiki was a special highlight of the excursion. If you find yourself in foggy London town, find Mahiki, have a good time in a tropical setting complete with great decor and some very fine cocktails.

The area of Westminster is perfect, virtually on Picadilly, it is tough to beat for easy-to-find simplicity. If you can find the Ritz, you can find Mahiki. And do find the Mahiki's red sign and artful tiki-flanked glass doors, 'cause inside lurks some of the City's best mixologists. Bring a healthy liver, or a close approximation, and a fistful of pounds. It's going to be an expensive, but tasty, evening...or morning as the place is open until 3am!

Step right in and quickly descend the staircase (dig the collection of float lamps in one big piece of netting) and sit down in the Lanai room. It is tiki bar as tiki bar should be. Dark, but still sufficient illumination to inspire the correct mood. The decor and design produce the right setting to enjoy the masterful cocktails. I particulary like the seashell lamps and the multi-surfaced ceiling. It's dimensional properties offer just enough of depth to give the room more height, or the appearance thereof. The overall affect strikes the right balance between sparse minimalism and over wrought clutter.

Plenty of bamboo and rattan. Comfy booths and enough space to move around. There are some fantastic tikis mixed about and from virtually any angle you'll have something interesting at which to look. I think the sound system volume could be a tad lower and the Lanai needs a few more plants, more green. However, the volume issue may simply be a product of when I visited, right before a party when the place as literally empty except for employees. If it seems to you I liked the Mahiki decor, you're right. That is without even mentioning the further downstairs Aloha Room. That space is a bit different, more modern but it still retains some fine elements like the hand painted murals and tile work.

The drinks? Well, my visit was brief so I only got to try a few. I been around a while and have tried a few Mai Tais, the Mahiki Ultimate Mai Tai (that's it in the first pic) is one of the best ever. No doubt, take it to the bank, hands down, it is a real winner and worth the price, even with the deflated dollar. I've had a handful of better Mai-Tais and only one came from a commercial establishment (and no, it wasn't named after a one-legged fellow) that could be considered its superior. Yes, it is that good.

There are many other cocktails at Mahiki I'd like to try. That will have to wait until Spring, when the new dividend checks come in. The creativity of the cocktails' design and presentation along with the menu's fine graphics make ordering a treat in itself. I mean really, where to start? The Coconut Grenade served in an actual frozen coconut or the Neptune's Bounty presented in a mini diver's helmet? I'd have to go with the Bikini Blast: a hollowed out watermelon, it's carved top the shape of a nuclear warning sign, which "explodes" in a flaming shot. Oh wait, the Krakatoa erupts in a fiery display of cinnamon sparks. That's mixology with flair, mate. I like it, a lot.

Not that I need another reason to love London, but Mahiki is one. Long live the Mahiki! You know, it's the type of Polynesian drinking hole that London's Trader Vics has been doing for 40 years*.

Mind the gap,
cpt. midnite, esq.

*No charge for that publicity, heh heh.


Am off to the Mahiki for my first time saturday night (10th March), cant wait!!! Looking forward to blastin my brains (whats left) with one of those coconut grenades!!!!

An article that was sent to me this week, in the NY Times no less.


ACCORDING to Polynesian mythology, Mahiki is the path that leads to Lua-o-Milu or, more simply put, the underworld. So it’s rather fitting that a club that has often been a playground for the British monarchy’s two young princes is named after the descent into decadence.

Nearly every morning, the British papers run over with tales from Mahiki, this kitschy two-level court in central London’s Mayfair district, like how much money Prince Harry and his friends spent (on one night last month, about $21,000), and which pop icons were spotted in the corner. (Madonna and Guy Ritchie reportedly spent two hours there discussing the state of African orphans with the prince, who will soon trade his clubgoing for military service in Iraq.)

Though the prince was recently whisked out the back door after a fight started outside, this is not your typical A-list club.

The club, which opened in November, draws a fancy crowd, but there’s no velvet rope, so royals, socialites and average Nigels commingle here amid Polynesian-theme shell chandeliers, bamboo walls, grass hut ceilings and, most of all, convincingly tropical drinks.

Piña coladas are served in large carved-out pineapples, and Coconut Grenades out of frozen coconut shells, giving everything an authentic, if rather Gilligan’s Island, feel.

“It’s so not pretentious, it’s fantastic,” Stephen Lisseman, a fashion designer for Asprey, said of the club. He was celebrating the success of a fashion show with friends on a recent Friday night. The tiki lounge music, he said, “is so bad that you don’t have to worry about it.”

Just behind him, faces were illuminated by a flaming shot glass of rum sitting in the middle of the Bikini Blast group drink, served in a watermelon rind full of pineapple and lime juices mixed with tequila. A young man struggled to blow out the flame while a woman beside him giggled.

At Prince Harry’s regular table in the center of the space, a large group nibbled on skewered chicken and mini-burgers. A waiter placed an antique treasure chest on their table, opening it to reveal a mystery brew served over mounds of ice and decorated with sliced fruit and tropical flowers. With a flourish of the wrist, the waiter doused it in Champagne, and the group did their best to out-sip each other through foot-long straws, taste-testing what has come to be known locally as a favorite of the princes (and those with princely bank accounts).

“I had read about it recently in the press, as it would seem it’s a regular haunt of the two princes, and we thought the tropical cocktails sounded as though they might make for an interesting evening,” said Tor Leckie, 31, who lives in the Hammersmith section of West London. “Bring on the Treasure Chest!”

As a note of interest, in the quest to percure cool items for the bar, Mahiki will swap you a cocktail (not sharing drinks unless the item is worthy)for something you bring in for them.


On 2007-03-12 09:27, sporkboyofjustice wrote:
The tiki lounge music, he said, "is so bad that you don't have to worry about it."

:o Ouch. Hey now, he's trampling on what I love!

Ok, before I start I know I've been very slow getting to the Mahiki, but I won't be slow in going back. This place is gorgeous! The decor is fantastic. Cheekytiki have done an amazing job. Everything is perfect, the tikis, the plants, the lighting, the ceiling......AND two floors of it!

And the cocktails were brilliant. Very very tasty. My wahine is hooked on the Honolulu Honey, and I loved the Zombie.

Great atmosphere, great service, great drinks and great tiki-ness.

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It's on my list for the weekend of the 21st and 22nd after I get done watching rugby for a week in Wales!

Sigh.......I need to get to England some day and now that tiki is there, that is a good excuse. How close is it to Harrods (you know a girl's gotta shop!!!) :)

On 2007-09-06 19:42, VampiressRN wrote:
Sigh.......I need to get to England some day and now that tiki is there, that is a good excuse. How close is it to Harrods (you know a girl's gotta shop!!!) :)

A short hop on a bus to Harrods - and Bond Street is a block or so away :) Happy to show you about ... and shop!

Here's a couple pics from a recent visit to further whet your appetite...


Mr 54...

Can't wait to check out Mahiki, SLP, and Happy Trailer

Yee Haw...sounds like London will be a visit in my future (probably a couple of years out), but have always wanted to go. Thanks for the offer Liz...may take you up on that sometime. Is that a 007 mug (from Live & Let Die)?

Mahiki has also apparently been voted one of the "Worlds top 50 Bars" by the Diffords Guide.

Just got back from London. Mahiki and Trailer Happiness rule! Photos to come. Mega mahalo to Rich, Russel, and Papa Jules at Mahiki. Nothin' but love for Tim, Emma, Riki and the crew at Trailer Happiness as well. Two great bars, two great nights, one great city!


As promised here are some photos from my visit to Mahiki a few weeks back. What a great place, mahalo again to Papa Jules, Rich, and Russell.

Welcome to Mahiki

Meet the natives: me with Russell and Rich

The main event:

Another level:

harro posted on Fri, Aug 20, 2010 7:10 AM

Bout time this thread got an update as there's been some great renovations made recently by Cheekytiki - got any new photos Jamie?

This place in my opinion has the best 'classic' tiki bar feel of the new swag of tiki bars in Europe. Drinks are usually great but last nights' Guinness Punch was a shocker! Luckily all the others were the usual top notch.


I got this picture from the article above. Interesting looking drink. It is called a Treasure Chest cocktail and it is a combination of Brandy, peach liquor shaken with lime and sugar topped with Moet champagne.

The Aldi supermarket chain has produced a knock-off version of the treasure chest cocktail for their stores..


Wow, look at the glass float ceiling!

Mahiki sucks so bad. They have gone high end disco, have a very rude hostess and likely won't even let you in. Unless you dress like a guido.

My understanding is that the Mahiki doesn't sell all of those beautiful custom Cheeky Tiki mugs that they use. Evidently they are #1 on the list of nightlife looters!


Has anyone been able to buy them there? Of talk (tip) a bartender into releasing one? I suppose one could find one on ebay or something but it would be so great to acquire one on a visit.


London Ohana:

In London-town for a few days before heading to Berlin. At Trader Vics this evening and planning to be a Mahiki tomorrow...any place else that the Ohana meet or will I see some at Mahiki tomorrow?



London Ohana:

In London-town for a few days before heading to Berlin. At Trader Vics this evening and planning to be a Mahiki tomorrow...any place else that the Ohana meet or will I see some at Mahiki tomorrow?


Just got back from London. It is absolutely imperative that you see if a place takes reservations if you want to get in. We swung by the Mahiki and the lady in the fur coat (!) said they were all reserved. Trailer Happiness is a nice tiki bar, although they play classic rock. They also require reservations.

All reserved, Hmmm I wonder about that. Trader Vic's is way more tourist friendly. Way more!

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