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Show your vintage Christmas and retro holiday decor

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Hey there! I searched and didn't find anything close to it, besides the aluminum tree thread. I wanted to share some vintage and retro holiday decor with you all, and I would like to see your collections. This can be for all holidays. This is just a small sample of what my wife and I have collected over the years:

Small vintage light ups and danceing Santa

Snow globes (can you spot santa on the rocket?) and modified plastic nativity scene

Christmas door sign

Handmade wall decor

Large light-up St. Nick.

More to come.

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I buy old (excuse me, I mean "vintage") Christmas tree ornaments when I can find them for cheap. I bought these just yesterday - i thought they looked atomic retro spaceagey:

I have a whole bunch around here somewhere, I'm gonna have to root around a bit more - this is all i can find for now.

I haven't actually had a Christmas tree in years - sometimes I just put them out in a glass bowl as a centrepiece.

Just dragging this thread out & warming it up! Stay tuned! I have mucho to post on this one. Hope everyone else can pitch in too! Would love to see Halloween stuff too!


Stay Tuned!

Here's me with two of our trees. The silver tree is from the '60s and belonged to my husband's grandmother. I've gone a little nuts since we bought a house and now we're up to over a dozen trees, ranging in size from 6 feet to one foot. We start decorating Thanksgiving night and I'll definitely take pix.


Awesome! I just returned from Vegas and started the cleanup before the set-up. I hope to be set up completely within two weeks. I'll post as soon as I'm done!

Vintage Christmas is one of my other big vices.
I'll add here ASAP. I scored my Grandma's 6' painted wooden Santa she used to have on her front lawn, from the 50's or 60's. She also had all these wooden letters that spelled out 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' but I think they deteriorated into nothing unfortunately.


Want to buy Aluminum (PVC) Tree with light for $30 brand new?


We got ours in the mail today and with a few minor adjustments to the pole, it's going to set up great! I was going to post about it when we found and ordered it, but I forgot we did that until it arrived today. But none the less, this is a great deal for someone like us who are on a budget, or someone who hasn't had the luck at getting an antique tree.


this is a picture of my tree from last year

I can't find a picture of my tiki tree. I set up a smaller tree in my bar area. This is a picture of what was under it last year: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/129/318114916_2652924d56.jpg

Every year we have our "holiday hukilau" and this is a over head shot of my tiki bar full of people


OMG - my grandparents had an original 50's aluminum tree AND the color light to go with it. I wish they still had it. It was such a cool looking thing!


Just got the tiki bar decorated for our Holiday Hukilau that is next weekend.

More pictures of my house this holiday season here:

Here we go!
My mica cardboard village on a vintage Mickey Mouse Club toy cart turned accent table.

I was born in 1963 & this is the only stocking I remember having. Purchased at Jordan Marsh, I believe.

A trio of light-up snowmen!

This is a very kool tree! It is two layers of cardboard cones with a light bulb inside. The inner cone is full of small holes. The outer cone is pink in color with sparkles & stars that have holes in the center. When the bulb heats up, the two cones spin & create a pretty keen light show!
Must have a few carolers!

Kool blow-mold Santa & Reindeer.

Four sets of S&P's, a couple of Angels & a kool Bobble-head Santa!

Just a little plastic Holly Kissing Bell.

The Santa vignette. I couldn't find a hat to fit Ol' Santa Fink!

Color Wheel.

6' 8" Pom Pom Tree with revolving stand!!!!!!

OK! If I can do this, so can everyone else!
Come on people! Show us your Kitschmas!!!


Mine isn't vintage, but it is kitsch.

You bet it's kitsch! I like it!!!!


Posted a few pics on ye olde blog.

Just a few of my retro Christmas stuff!
Original manger from my Christmases... since 1960 for me!

5 foot santa/sleigh/reindeer set from 1962

another plastic santa sleigh

Santa mugs, ceramic tree and santa doll from 1955

Tons o' vintage shiney brite bulbs all sizes!

Well it's that time again folks and I got some sweet tips on where you can locate some vintage holiday swag!


Holiday Decor

They even have vintage Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Texas Tikiphiles Unite!

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OK, folks! It's that time again. Let's see your Kitschmas!


Ok, I'm excited. Can't wait to start posting some photos.. I'm a Christmas decorating freak. Every nook & cranny has to have some kind of Christmas poking out somewhere. I'm still finding decorations 2 months after I take them down. :lol: Soonnnnnnnnnnn

Ba Rump a Pum Pum!



Some of my stuff:

More, more, more!

Merry Christmas all!

Ugly goat hair and pine cone Santa which i bought one July for a couple of pennies, which I've been claiming I made as a child when anybody comments on its ugliness.

More of my stuff, plus I put my aluminum tree photos in the alum tree thread.

On 2008-12-23 06:18, TikiGoddess wrote:

I have the matching glasses to the tray. I believe they came from Dairy Queen.

Texas Tikiphiles Unite!

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Here's our fireplace mantle full of old santas and snowmen.Plus a few other goodies.


Slushy the Plowed Man


Here are some of mine.


A trip to the thrift store made our retro holiday decor complete. The first pic was our Christmas card this year. A couple of bad outfits really add to the feeling of the season. Thanks.

"Anyone who has ever seen them is thereafter haunted as if by a feverish dream" Karl Woermann

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On 2009-01-04 04:41, uncle trav wrote:

You two are awesome.

Didya havta fire up this thread just to tell them that? You got me all excited. I thought someone had posted something cool. Sheeesh! :lol:
I'll expect a more on-topic post from you, Seafoamer, as we get closer to Santa!

On 2009-09-21 16:51, Big Kahuna wrote:
Didya havta fire up this thread just to tell them that? You got me all excited. I thought someone had posted something cool. Sheeesh! :lol:
I'll expect a more on-topic post from you, Seafoamer, as we get closer to Santa!

ya know, I definitely felt a little naughty bumpin' a xmas thread at this time of year, but I figured WTF, I'm sure I'll be on santa's naughty list this year again anyway.
But in good spirit, here's the best I could do right now:

That'll do! See! wasn't that easy?

Bought this collapsible xmas tree at the Sally Ann this week.

The "branches" are concentric wire rings - the whole thing lies flat to store. You slip it over a metal pole on a stand and you have instant Christmas tree. Set up time: about 30 seconds.

Also bought some more vintage baubles.

-Sweet Daddy T.
Because crap doesn't buy itself.


[ Edited by: Sweet Daddy Tiki 2009-10-23 13:42 ]

OOHHHH! Like the ornaments. Wow, it really is almost that time again, huh?

Bought this for my mom for Xmas back in the early 70s. I was very young and bought something I would like (typical kid!) My mom faithfully displayed it every year until I was old enough for her to stop bringing it out without "hurting my feelings!" She eventually gave it back to me and now I proudly display it every year!

Hiltiki: did you ever re-arrange the NOEL to spell LEON?! My dad carved a NOEL (with a Santa head for the "O") and my sister and I would turn it into LENO and LEON and wait for my mom to find it. She eventually made my dad secure it in the NOEL position on a piece of wood so we couldn't do it anymore. Thankfully I have my own set he carved so we can have as much juvenile fun as possible!




Here ya go Rick. Behold the vintage domed city of Bethlehem. Made by Ohio Arts. Wind it up and it rotates while playing Silent Night. A miracle happens with this thing as it will play sometimes in the summer just sitting on the shelf. About 9" tall and 8" wide. Was wondering if I should retouch the paint or leave it alone?


Uncle Trav do you have a twin brother I can marry?


You and 8Ft have kitschmas covered!


That's awesome, Trav. I think I'd try to touch up the silver, carefully. I've only got my tree up, so far. I'll try to get the rest up, tonight & take some pics.


Not decor so much but some swell vintage paper stuff I finally got scanned...

Disposable Santa coaster. Such a great graphic. Found a pack of them at a junk shop a few years back and used them for Christmas cards.

Santa the sportsman paper. (I've had this over half a decade and still haven't figured out a good use for it.)

Ski dog card, made in England. Marked: Designed by Anthony Browne © Gordon Fraser, Bedford

Three kings card, made in England. The card bends where the beard trails off. Marked: © GALLERY FIVE Wise Men by Jan Pienkowski

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