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Taky Tiki, Prague, Czech Republic (bar)

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Name:Taky Tiki
Street:Cimburkova 22
country:Czech Republic

Taky Tiki is a small tiki bar in the Zizkov district (Praha 3) in Prague, Czech Republic. The bar is operated by American expatriates living in Prague and was opened 1 year ago. The space is small but lively and full of a mix of locals and international visitors. Its decor is tacky and charming and the place is evolving weekly by adding more tikiness, more music, more people, more fun!

Hours: 8pm - 2am and/or bartender's discretion (4 or 5am closing times have been reported); 7 days a week.

Lots of memorabalia from tiki bars worldwide resides in the bar, most of which is from the personal collection of the decorator/manager.

No phone (cuz that ruins the ambience), but check out myspace.com/takytiki for contact details

I wish I had known about this last week when I was in Praha. Next time for sure!



Any pictures that you can post? I would love to see this place.


I was there in late october or early november last year...really cool place, and i had a great time even though we drank all their beer, coke and vodka!

the girl behind the bar...maybe Jen...couldn't make a "Bloody Mary" because there was no vodka, so she used gin instead and the only appropriate name was a "Blood Clot"!

Good times, highly recommended

What happened to praguelodyte.....he disappeared after I got the picture CD from him post my March party. I know he was going down to Fresno before he went back to Prague....but no emails from him and I haven't seen any posts. I know he was going to take pictures of the bar and all the tiki mug finds he was taking back there.

Praguelodyte...white courtesy phone.....Praguelodyte...white courtesy phone!!!!

Well I am finally done with family stuff and can get back to Tiki goodness, here is the entrance to the Taky Tiki in Prague. Had a short, but great time with my Aussie host and hope to get back soon.

PS: and it is TAKY!!


It's Praguelodyte, the tiki cave dweller of Prague and beyond....

Vamp: couldn't find a white courtesy phone; those damn commies had only RED ones (DOH!).

So, as a sort of 'catch up' on what has transpired since I left, let's start the journey with my lil friend Tiki Mofo, a small tiki idol I acquired in a Salvation Army Thrift Store in Sacramento. From those dusty shelves he has gone and seen many things in his travels from Sacramento to Prague. He now is perched in a corner of Taky Tiki in Prague, looking over the peeps enjoying their cocktails. Those photos of him in his new home are forthcoming.

Here are the initial stops along his journey from Fresno to LA to Munich to Prague. Hope y'all enjoy them as much as we did travelling together.

Tiki Mofo hiding out with his Fresno Homies. These guys were collected on my California trip and are all now chillin in Taky Tiki.

First stop on the way to Prague: a Golf Course in LA county...


I am WAY too short for this game...

I'm going back to the ranch club for a COCKTAIL!

WHAT?!?! This is a glass of ROCKS!! Who am I? Charlie BROWN?

Take me to the BEACH, dammit! This Tiki Mofo needs sand and sea, STAT!

Okay, the boardwalk was cool even though I couldn't SMOKE. Now I'm kickin' it on Venice Beach, Baby! Check out the boardwalk in the background...

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh.....Sun, beach, babes....what? no alcohol allowed in public? Screw that, I'm going to EUROPE!

Willkommen im Munchen!

Okay, it's not a Mai Tai. It's a gigantic freakin BEER. When in Munich, do as the Muncheners do....

Looking for Mai Tais in all the wrong places: German shores just ain't the same.


NOW we're cookin' with GAS!

Me and my homie, Praguelodyte....

Oh, yeah.... you're REAL scary, tooth boy...

Tiki Mofo enchants another waitress. They are helpless against his powers.

Back to the land of the Giant Beer Gods: The Munich Beer Garden...

You need help with that, chief?

Beer and pretzels. Hep me. I be HYPMOTIZED....

What are these Mariachis doing in Munich? I'll just have a siesta...


Our Tiki Mofo is down for the count in a Munchen Biergarten. Tune in next time when he rises up and tackles Taky Tiki in Praha!

FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS.....great pictures Craig. The German beer, sausages and pretzels look good. I know you are busy, so look forward to the Taky Tiki and hope if new owners take over that they will keep the tiki theme. Afterall....what better atmosphere to drink in!!! :D

Are you still alive Praguelodyte?


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