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Inquiry Please, regarding outdoor tiki totem placement!

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I have some friends that are putting an 8ft (wooden) tiki totem in the garden area of their backyard (a lido would be a more apropos term).... Although they have an idea how to approach it, I was wondering if anyone had specific thoughts on this task. Putting the totem directly in the ground would exacerbate the termite problem, no?


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I would treat the bottom with termite stuff and set it in a bed of concrete. You can screw lag screws into the base of the tiki so the cement has something to grab onto. While the concrete is still fresh, cover it with different size lava rocks to give it a more finished look. Make sure to secure this big ol tiki from falling over while the concrete cures for a couple of days. A cool old-timer(76+) that I did a big tiki for installed his tiki this way. The neatest guy, with a couple of vintage 007-like restored Jaguars in the garage.

Hey Chiki,
Was that the dude in Long Beach?

Right BB. That was the old-timer in Belmont Shores. When we hangin' out bro?

Didn't someone post here before not to place a tiki in cement? Thought it was bad luck and the tiki didn't like it much...

My tiki told me to tell you that he likeed it. Hmmmm...just F**cking with you bro, only cause I like you and respect a fellow carver. True Tiki love. East and So cal west.

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Sounds good to me. Just make sure the base is all sealed up. How's about a pic?



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Stop mixing the concrete immediately!

I am an EXPERT in the placement of large tikes on top of the Earth.

Please, do yourself a favor. Go get a pencil and paper right now! (waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting).

OK. Now. Write this down: Get 4 - 4' steel I-Beam gurders. They need to be about 12" by 12". Get an arc welder and a small ball of silly putty.

OK. Now. dig a hole about 4' deep and place the tiki into the hole until only the top of the Tiki is exposed.

OK. Now. Carefully! God Damnit I said "CAREFULLY"! lay the steel I-Beams over the top of the tiki's head.

OK. Now. Crank up the arc welder and weld the beams together over the top of the tiki.

OK. Now. Cover the entire project with concrete. DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME IN THE CONCRETE DUMBSHIT!

OK. Now. Place a small piece of silly putty in each of your several orifice(s).

There. I hope that has helped you in your endevour.


Mr Tiki - fixit - Bong


dude, you crack me up... I thought you were showin' thechikitiki up for a second... no shit, silly puddy, ehh?!

A Bong, I wrote my name in the cement by mistake. Oh sh1t! What do I do?All I have is a stick of chewing gum and some floss(mint waxed and used).

[ Edited by: thechikitiki on 2003-06-09 20:29 ]

I once asked the guys at OA about that, and they said to put the tiki on a concrete or (flat) rock platform.

Putting it directly on the ground is bad from several standpoints. If the termites don't get you, creeping moisture and wood rot will.


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