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Mr Tiki's Wild Ride - Hosts Wanted

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We are working on Mr Tiki IV, the other 3 have sadly disappeared. I'm going to try to keep in better communication with the hosts to keep him moving instead of being stuck in one place for months at a time. The idea is that a host receives Mr Tiki and keeps him for a maximum of three weeks before sending him off to the next destination. During that time, take a picture of Mr Tiki with you and any local sites, especially anything of Tiki interest. The idea is NOT to document him visiting every destination in your tri-state area or to hang onto him because you will be visiting Fiji in two years - just take some pics of him, post them here, and send him on.

The current host determines who he goes to next, if you need suggestions on who to send him to PM me or check the last few pages of this thread to see who is following. PLEASE PM ME BEFORE SENDING MR TIKI TO HIS NEXT DESTINATION. This will allow me to check with the new host to make sure they want to participate, that they agree to the guidelines, and to make sure I have a good means of communicating with them (cell phone number). There is a list below of previous hosts, we should send him to new people if possible.

Thanks for playing along :D These guidelines will help everyone enjoy Mr Tiki but will also help protect the hosts from THE CURSE!!! :o :o :o
"Mr. Tiki is a transient spirit and does not like to stay too long in one hut. So welcome him into your home, show him the local sights, but DO NOT let him stay longer than three weeks or strange things will start to happen. The glaze on your most prized Tiki mug will crack and start to flake off. All of your rum will turn to cheap vodka and your limes will be juice-less. Your lauhala mats will mildew and your thatch will catch fire. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

So here is my plan for an interactive Tiki Central activity: Mr Tiki travels across the country visiting TC members, his adventures are recorded here.

You get Mr Tiki in the mail. Take a picture of him with you, or on your tiki bar, or at a local tourist spot, etc. Post the picture here on this thread, I will update the travel map.

Arrange for the next recipient of Mr Tiki - preferably someone some distance from you, not next door. Make sure they want to participate and will be home so Mr Tiki won’t sit lonely in a mailbox for weeks :( Send them a link to this thread so they know what’s going on and where to post their picture.

Wrap Mr Tiki in a piece of scrap cardboard for a little extra protection and drop him in a padded envelope.

Wish Mr Tiki well and drop him in the mailbox. Should Mr Tiki arrive to you in need of repairs, PM me and we’ll arrange for repairs to be made.

There are 10,000 TC members and we want Mr Tiki to visit as many people as possible, so PLEASE get him on his way as soon as possible :)

Well, that’s the plan – we’ll see what happens :) Will Mr Tiki survive the rigors of First Class travel- USPS Style? Will some over-zealous government employee reject him? Will we get bumped to the dreaded Bilge? Keep watching this thread for Mr Tiki’s Wild Ride!

Here's a list of Mr Tiki alumni:
1- MadDogMike - California
2 - AlohaStation - Florida
3 - pdrake - Nevada
4 - BeachBumz - Hawaii
5 - Big Kahuna - Massachusetts
6 - Bongo Bungalow - Indiana
7 - crushenstein - Oregon
8 - Swanky - Tennessee
9 - Howland - South Carolina
10 - pablus - Florida
11 - Woofmutt - Washington
12 - Sophista-tiki - Washington
13 - WestADad - Nebraska
14 - amybean - California
15 - TikiG - California
16 - TikiMango - Florida
17 - Beach Bum Scott - Colorado & California
18 - Johnny Dollar - Maryland Washington DC
19 - leisure master - New York & Florida
20 - rugbymatt - California, Germany & England
21 - croe67 - New York, Texas, Wisconsin, Nevada
22 - Jeff Central - Ohio
23 - Trailerpark Tiki - Nevada
24 - Pittsburgh Pauly - Pennsylvania
25 - AtomicTikiPunk - California
26 - Tiki ESP - California
27 - John Mulder - Alabama
28 - Shameful TIki - BC Canada
29 - Tiki Tabby - BC Canada
30 - Dagg - BC Canada
31 - Slacks Ferret - Alberta, Canada
32 - MaukaHale - Colorado
33 - danlovestikis - California
34 - JenTiki - North Carolina
35 - LoriLovesTiki - New Jersey and Virginia
36 - nui 'umi 'umi - So Cal & Cuba
37 - AlohaStation - Florida and Las Vegas
38 - Tiki-Brian - Exotic Tiki Island (Maryland)
39 - Tikiskip - Ohio
40 - Prikli Pear - Texas and New Orleans
41 - tikitube - Arkansas
42 - Hamo - Colorado
43 - TikiAno - San Diego
44 - Dusty Cajun - Santa Barbara CA
45 - Taboo Dan - Alberta Canada
46 - VampiressRN - Sacramento CA

For future reference, here are some people who have recently (Feb 2018) expressed interest in hosting Mr Tiki
hiltiki (Reseda, CA)
AceExplorer (Jacksonville, FL)
JCorduroy (Michigan)
Coconutty (Portland, OR)

[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2018-10-08 18:19 ]

OK, my turn first. Here's Mr Tiki lounging by the pool with his good friend Spitting Tiki. Getting in a little R&R before his long journey.

Where is he off to?


ok, Im am totaalll,y into irt! Deszpieyt hr fatc that I am all jacked up on southrn conformt andf sooda, wihy a twist ofg lime. Freakinbg, esiy tioll tom otrrtow bns I wilklk do you proud!!! Rockaroll wuith a semaphore ofmm big b=valre.,vsm im callling>

M7y addr43w ukk i e int a P m rtro uou, ok?

[ Edited by: lucas vigor 2010-02-22 22:03 ]


^^What HE said!!!^^

So, how do we get in on this?

Lucas, you OK? :lol:

This will be a sort of random trip around the country. I have already sent it out to someone now it's out of my hands. Each person who receives it will send it to whoever they choose, there's no sign-up list.


can we put other surprises in with mr. tiki?

should we tell you if we get it?


Mike I love this idea but I am bummed there is no list of where it goes or who it goes to. Even if it was randomly selected it would of been cool to have people sign up.

Maybe the person who gets it could PM someone on here and ask for their mailing address. I have a lot of people's addresses from the Tiki Swap so you can surprise those folks if you like!

Does he like to travel first class?? In the air, or on da boat Kon tiki style... :wink: does he swim well???

Wait a minute.... Hawaii's missing..... ;(

[ Edited by: Beachbumz 2010-02-25 20:15 ]

Thanks for the interest folks :)

Perry, when someone receives Mr Tiki and posts a picture then I'll know who had it and update the map. If I don't know where they live, I'll send them a PM and ask. At this point Mr Tiki is traveling "naked" - with no box so you can't really add anything in with him unless it's epoxied on :D

Liz, it's not exactly random - the person who receives him decides who to send it to next. But you can "lobby" to have have him sent to you :) Maybe the reciever will look at this thread to see who's interested. We don't really want to surprize anyone with Mr Tiki, I would rather people know in advance that he's coming so he doesn't get sent to someone who doesn't want to or can't participate.

Bumz, I think he'll float - I guess you could send him off "message in a bottle" style but that would probably lower his Average Speed. When he makes it off the 48 states, I'll find a way to reflect that on the map :)

Count me in!


i was thinking about putting gifts in the box for the recipient. i know who has him now and who gets him next.


I likey the idea MDM, hope you get a better reaction to this then that other thread! I would not mind a visit from Mr Tiki!

I suppose if he travels in a box we should be sure there's breathing holes in the box, yes? Ideas like this just might save the US Postal Service!

He can come here if he wants, but I think he wants to go to Tahiti. (Or maybe it's me... yeah, I want to go to Tahiti.)

I would be happy to be host to a visit by Mr. Tiki. If any one needs a TC'er to send him to feel free to send him my way. Let me know and I'll send the address by PM. :)

Mr. Tiki is always welcome to ride along with me whilst I run my Saturday errands along SoCal's Route 66. On this short trip down "The Mother Road" he'll get to listen to the exotic strains of Digitiki's latest QV podcast blaring in the background before posin' for pictures outside of a bona fide Route 66 eatery and road sign! :D

PM if you need a recipient.

He can ride shotgun in my '59 Impala for a ride up Route 1 to the Kowloon.

mr tiki is always welcome in the northwest! i'd love to host an evening with him! maybe we can hit thatch and alibi, and i'll show him how portland relaxes tiki style.


Mr. Tiki needs to get a Mile High.... Send him to Colorado!!!!

On 2010-02-27 14:16, Beach Bum Scott wrote:
Mr. Tiki needs to get a Mile High...

He's not that kind of wood!


He could ride shotgun while I go to the dump in my dumpy truck! He might find himself lost in West Seattle after (if) he visits me!

I was honored to be randomly selected as Mr. Tiki's first destination. Southern Cal to South FL (2510.2 miles). My plan was to take him to the Mai Kai for a photo, but weather and my schedule did not cooperate (that will have to be another part of his journey). He was a bit disappointed, but when I came home Sunday I found him cohorting with some shady characters at the Aloha Isle. He has his bag packed is now off to his next destination... where could it be - who will find him next???

This is cool! Great idea, Mike!

Nice photo Tom :) As soon as the next host posts a pic I will update the map again


mr. tiki showed up at frankie's last night.

first mai tai of the evening . . .

mr. tiki likee the big toe!

shag thinks mr. tiki is naughty!

mr. tiki thinks moss tiki needs new dentist.

mr. tiki only keeps the best company!!


mr. tiki thinks swampfire should add him to frankie's bar scene.

even mr. tiki smells poo when he sees it. :P

kahiki puffer caught him in the net when we weren't looking.

mr. tiki seeing a man about a horse.

mr. tiki is ZAZZ!

mr. tiki evesdropping on girlie talk.

mr. tiki learns the best way to double your money in las vegas is to fold it in half and stick it in your pocket.

happy, lovin' couples love mr. tiki!

that's mr. tiki's night at frankie's. wonder where he'll head off to next . . .



If Mister Tiki were to visit my humble abode, I would be happy to fix him a drink, show him around town, get him into trouble, and send him on his merry way..


Great pictures Perry!!! Thanks!!

OK, the map on page one has been updated. Where will USPS Airlines take him next?

Do the people who are getting him know they are getting him or does he just show up unannounced, like my mother-in-law?

Big Kahuna, the person getting him should know he's coming. We don't want Mr Tiki to be an unwelcome guest (like your mother-in-law? :D )


It's nice to see the "human" side of Mr. Tiki - especially having to use the restroom - you know, in the books and movies, NO one has to use the restroom!


Hey, does Mr. Tiki get wood?! LOL

No, beadtiki...he has wood


On 2010-03-12 08:59, little lost tiki wrote:

He's glued and SCREWED to the plaque :lol:

Cool pics, pdrake!!! :)

On 2010-03-12 08:56, beadtiki wrote:
It's nice to see the "human" side of Mr. Tiki - especially having to use the restroom - you know, in the books and movies, NO one has to use the restroom!



Haha great thread!


Send him out to San Jose and we'll have a drink with him at Notch's tiki bar in his shop! He won't walk away sober (might need a cab).

HEY MR TIKI, If you need a place to come relax, sip on a few mai tai's while relaxing on the beach, maybe some surfing... Come on out to Maui and We'll get You Lei'd!

Let me know.... :wink:


Mr. Tiki...St. Louis is calling!

Bump! Where are you now Mr. Tiki?


he stormed out of my house all pissed off the other day. wanted to go to frankie's and i couldn't take him. he wasn't happy about that. haven't seen him since.


So, Mr Tiki's on the loose?! Hide the children!

MR. Tiki showed up a couple days ago here on Maui, broke and with a crazy-kine hangover... He was mumbling something about Perry out in Vegas taking him to Frankie's and meeting up with some other cool cats and then things got a little wild... He said he somehow ended up on a Tikiyaki plane that was headed for Maui and everyone was drinking mai tai's and figured why not.... I let him crash out in our shop for most the day with some of his friends and by 8pm he was ready to party once more..

Took Him out to the South Shore Tiki Lounge and had a couple mai tai's

His friend at the bar was very happy to see him...

Even made friends with the bartender...

Even got a little lucky...

My boys and I found him passed out on the beach the next morning.....

He said before he left he wanted to meet up with a few old friends that were staying with MauiTiki

Later that night he said Aloha and hopped back on a Tikiyaki plane, said he had some gig on the mainland he needed to be at... Where that is.... I'm just not sure....... It was fun Mr. Tiki.....

Cool Pics Beachbumz! Thanks.

BeachBumz, thanks for helping Mr Tiki out :) Map on page 1 has been updated, almost 8,000 miles!


Look who showed up on my doorstep covered in Maui beach sand!

Exploits to follow!

[ Edited by: Big Kahuna 2010-04-09 20:01 ]

Page 1 map updated :) I wonder what trouble Mr Tiki can get into in Grafton, MA???


that punk!! he left a tab a frankie's that i had to cover!

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