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(pics courtesy Monkeyskull)


Beachcomber Birdhouse

Some time back Sweetpea tossed this oddball bamboo thingamajig my way to see if I could make it into something "useful." I turned the base into a lamp of some sorts for her (can't recall what it looks like). The roof of the thingamajig I stuck on a decorative birdhouse my landlady was throwing out. Then I added some tropical beachcomber elements like a "driftwood" fence, carved palm frond tikis, a thatch porch roof, and a bird getting tipsy on the porch roof, and someone having a drink inside. It's also got a little light in it so it glows and you can see the interior if you peek through the door hole. This was one of those projects I thought I'd knock out in a couple hours. I'm still laughing at that thought.


A Moai In Winter

A Christmas present for Mrs. Dogbytes.

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Panel (2002)
Wood and paint.

The first primitive thing I made. The point was to make it look like a piece from an old bar or restaurant.

Towel Holder (2002)
Wood and paint.

The second primitive I ever made. Again the intent was to make it look like an older piece.

Log Head (2002)

Made from a piece of log I found on the street.

Untitled (2004)
Carved and painted foam.
(image: monkeyskull)

Plank (2005)
Carved and painted foam.
(image: Tikitronic)

Untitled (2005)
Carved and painted foam.
(image: monkeyskull)

Untitled (2005)
Carved and painted foam.
(image: monkeyskull)

Untitled (2005)
Carved and painted foam.
(image: Melintur)

Untitled (2005)
Carved and painted foam.
(image: Selector Lopaka)

Untitled (2005)
Carved and painted foam.
(image: Selector Lopaka)

Untitled (2005)
Carved and painted foam.
(image: Selector Lopaka)

The Night Visitors (2006)
A found painting that I aged and added the carved and painted pieces to.

The Quiet Village (2006)
The other half of the found painting.

Sleeping Plank (2008)
Carved and painted foam.

Made at the same time as Plank but I date things based on when they are actually ready to hang on the wall.

Boing! (2008)
Painted ukulele.

The Green Monkey (2008)
Carved and painted foam.

As Imagined 2

Tongue (2010)

Crag (2010)

Pop Curve (2010)

Duo (2010)

Big Pop (2010)

Oh Three (2010)

Mantle Something (2010)

Oh One (2010)

Pop Knot (2010)

Thinker (2010)

Island Hotel (2010)

Pop Top (2010)

Sketch (2010)

Curse Word (2010)

Oh Wall (2010)

Cheese! (2010)

Chunk Mouth (2010)

Bone Breaker (2010)

Clunk Mouth (2010)

Weathered on Wood (2010)

How I feel Right Now (2010)

***Boat Mouth L ***(2010) Boat Mouth R (2010)

5-O-Clock (2010)

Plank Cousin (2010)

Plank Cousin Also (2010)

Who Loves The Sun (2014)
(Made this because I came across a half sphere of carving material. It's super cartoony, something that's been well over played with Tiki crafts, but it's also a cartoon sun. So there.)

Merry Moai #1 2016
ink + paint on plywood
11.5" X 10"

Sleepeye 2016
ink + paint on plywood
11.5" X 10"

Worlidol 2016
ink + paint on plywood
10" X 11.5"

Not A Devil 2016
ink + paint on plywood
11.5" X 10"

Slackjaw 2016
ink + paint on plywood
11.5" X 10"

Domoidol 2016
ink + paint on plywood
10" X 11.5"

A.S.I. #1 2016
ink + paint on plywood
11.5" X 10"

Pounderidol 2016
ink + paint on plywood
11.5" X 10"

Modified Moai ROYGBV 2016
paint on scrap wood

Modified Moai ROYGBV: R 2016
paint on scrap wood
16" X 8"

Modified Moai ROYGBV: O 2016
paint on scrap wood
16" X 8"

Modified Moai ROYGBV: Y 2016
paint on scrap wood
16" X 8"

Modified Moai ROYGBV: G 2016
paint on scrap wood
16" X 8"

Modified Moai ROYGBV: B 2016
paint on scrap wood
16" X 8"

Modified Moai ROYGBV: V 2016
paint on scrap wood
16" X 8"

Rhymes With Orange 2016
Paint on repurposed wood.
23" X 13"

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I did this stuff a few years back with AppleWorks. It was my first fooling around making computer images. I found out it doesn't really save a lot of time, just makes changing colors easier. (Someone on Tiki Central said something like "Making art on the computer isn't easier, it just makes it easier for other people to rip you off.") My computer with AppleWorks frizzed up one day and I haven't done much of the really time sucking electric stuff since then.

The Primitive This is the first thing I did. I think it's OK. It's just here cuz it was first.

I did this for Dogbytes who used it on postcards or something for Tiki Oasis.

Just for kicks.

Drink up & Dry Out was a mock proposal for a fund raising Tiki mug to raise money to help fix Tikisgrl's flooded basement. (Part of the design was a small place to put an actual paper umbrella.)

Some variations on the Woofmutt logo:

Invite to a party that never happened cuz it got snowed out. In Seattle.

And here's Almo

5/6/10Some stuff I'd completely forgot about...

Back before I had a camera I did the pics below for the once upon a time Tiki SHOUT! International Happy Hour


The Well Mannered Cocktail theme


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Stuff on Paper
(Some drawing, some scribbling, and possibly a few accidental spills of paint.)

These sorts of things I do while watching TV or while I should be doing other stuff. Some of it's half assed, some of it's pert near fully assed.

The stuff here is some of the Tiki type stuff and others that could be wedged in at the edge of the tiki bar. I have a pile of other images over on the Facebook.

Envelopes which I drawed on a couple years ago. (I like drawing big teeth tikis and get all giddy and light headed when I hear bitching about big teeth tikis.)

These were addressed and never sent for lack of something to put into them. (One day I'll fill 'em with potpourri and finally get them in the mail.)

A couple postcards which will one day sail for exotic mailboxes...

A drawing with no purpose. The mask the kid is wearing is NOT Tiki.

Speaking of things NOT Tiki, here's some skulls. Admittedly skulls are typical and easy and have been overdone since Year 1. But I've been drawing them since I was a kid because it's fun to draw skulls! These drawings are a year and a few more years old and are 8 1/2x11.

Fierce Love 2017 a valentine drawing I made and posted on Faboo then gave away via a random drawing of people who were interested in getting it.


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I have been having fun in the amazingly wonderful so cool Facebook group Jungle Mafia Dead Monkey. Because it's fun.


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GROG posted on Tue, Feb 23, 2010 5:52 PM

Holy crap! You actually posted ART!!

GROG was just expecting to see a photo of a big windbag.

GROG posted on Tue, Feb 23, 2010 5:52 PM

P.S. :wink:

Well that's his 15 minutes of fame!!!!

Nice woooooofy. :)

I really enjoy The Green Monkey, nice work.


Woah W Mutt, Cool stuff, I Really love the "Night Visitors" and the "Quiet Village". Amazing what you can do with found art and some neat tiki carvings!


I love your stuff...i hope this new thread gets your creative juices flowing and posting!

woofmutt is my favorite brand of stuff and junk.

I'll say it again...
what a great batch of art
from a certified lunatic!

you really should make more art,woofie!
great cheese-n-crackers money!

Your art is very cool. My favorite pieces are Log Head, Plank, all the carved foam and that green Tiki with a black frame and no name on it.



Lots of fun and talent all in one.

Yer one talented nut, Woof~


damn, the woof does have some skills...go woof!! Post MORE!

TikiG posted on Thu, Feb 25, 2010 7:55 AM

wOOF -

the range of art here is something to behold

I really like the early foam pieces

-ditto the street style(s) especially the in-your-face vibe of the Jungle Mafia Dead Monkey graphics


isn't he the mascot of jungle mafia Dead monkey?

GROG posted on Thu, Feb 25, 2010 10:08 AM

Here you go, you've earned this.

You have some cool stuff, I don't think I've seen any of it before.

I really like this guy.

Guess that didn't work, he's the carved foam monkey with the cigarette.

[ Edited by: Badd Tiki 2010-02-25 10:18 ]


You all have the taste of a flea ridden crow that was raised on nothing but road kill possum and rabid raccoon carcass.

If your combined brain mass yielded an ounce of sense I'd be surprised as a...Dang, the timer just went off. Hold that thought while I take my evening meds...

Where was I?

Oh yeah, thanks for all the kind words. And a special thanks to my physician the good Dr. James Beam. But seriously, thanks for all the nice comments. It really makes up for all of you having forgotten my birthday.

To my fellow artists: When I get a chance I will go through your galleries and leave glowing replies per our agreement at last weeks Mutual Admiration Society meeting. (Writing this below three asterisks will only make it viewable by Society members, right?)


COCONUT MONKEY OF THE DEAD!!!!!! killer stuff mr mutt.

great carving skillz!


"I really like this guy..." -Badd Tiki-

Thanks, I did this for my friends Sparky & Cookie's quasi-Tiki den/TV watching room which we called The Green Monkey Room. (The name came first, after some green ceramic monkeys I gave Cookie.)

I might make the piece again in other colors. Though I personally don't wanna put fezzes in or on any more pieces it works with a monkey. Same with a cigarette dangling out of a mouth: It's a real easy gimmick to fall on but with a monkey it's just too funny not to. (It's like they think they're people!)

And...I was happy the way the cigarette came out. I stuck a small red craft gem on the tip and from across the room even in dim light it will often look like the cigarette tip is actually glowing hot.


mmm, rabid possum roadkill stew, my fav.

I think that monkey would look great without the fez and erm... 'cigarette' too. :)


AWESOME work! Love the coconut monkey of the dead, and the found painting that you chopped in half, framed, and added tikis... super cool!


OK, OK, OK, now we All get the YUMMY DOUGHNUTS Right? Where are they?

very kool the Monkey with the Cig Rocks !

GROG posted on Tue, Mar 23, 2010 10:58 PM


On 2010-03-23 22:58, GROG went

Watch where you're goin
you big ugly caveman!

The junk is great, but the stuff is fabulous.

Thanks for sharing your art. It makes me smile.



nice work mutt. nice work.

Zeta posted on Sat, Mar 27, 2010 4:05 AM

Es muy bueno!

Love all your "carved foam on canvas" pieces. Had no idea you were such a talented modernist.

GROG posted on Tue, Jun 1, 2010 12:20 AM

Enjoying your art Woofy.


I keep trying to sink to the bottom of this forum and you people keep pulling me back up.

But seriously folks, Liloti has lotsa new stuff to look at. In fact in the time I started writing this reply he finished 3 small paintings, a monkey pod bowl commission, and a wall sized mural titled El Alfabeto Al Lado Del Mar down at the new Centro de la Rosa daycare center and all of it is irritatingly good which is why we hate him so.

And now if we could just raise the house lights a little? I want to see your faces and say thanks, thanks for the kinds words. You're the reason we do this show every night and two matinees on Saturday and Sunday plus the special Sunday morning cabaret brunch performance where everyone who attends gets an 8X10 black and white photograph personally signed by one of the back up singers. So, thanks. Now let's rock!



[ Edited by poptiki on 2022-10-12 03:32:06 ]

Yes, let's embarrass him further with some more attention! :D I mean you MUST be good if your work hangs in the homes of so-called Tiki celebrities! Here are two of three in Humu Humu's rumpus room in progress:

If you ever make more of this style of foam recycling, pencil me in, please.

Go Woofy!
Carve some more foam!

GROG posted on Wed, Jun 2, 2010 9:48 AM

Yay! Out of 36 threads in the TIKI GALLERY, your thread is the 8th most viewed. Congratulations.

...and yet you deny my every request for commissioned pieces. How DARE you, you "artiste."

  1. Thanks. Again.

2."...and yet you deny my every request for commissioned pieces. How DARE you, you "artiste."
Love, Andy"

It wasn't a refusal and it was only once. Also I had completely forgot about it until now. Fortunately I documented our exchange and here it is (with names changed because I sold the option to Fox and I can't use any of the character names or non-public locations until their option expires)...

*Dear Mr. Mutt,

You did the "Tarantella Place" sign for Olivia, correct? Would you consider doing a sign like that for us and if so, whattya charge? The name is "The Room of Losses" or maybe "The Shadows Room." We dunno yet. Your reply is requested.

Mr. Pacific*

Dear Mr. Pacific,

I made the Tarantella Place sign for Olivia as a trade for a yellow bicycle. She had "won" the yellow bicycle in an auction the Western Hopeless Fest people did to raise money for the Fest. The yellow bicycle was given to them by the Goldfinch Pilsner people. (The Goldfinch Pilsner logo was on the yellow bicycle's frame.) Olivia had assumed others would bid higher for the yellow bicycle. They did not.

I put the yellow bicycle together one night at Sparky's and rode it home (just 8 blocks). It was a cruiser and an unpleasant ride. I think it was really meant to be hung from a ceiling in a bar. That was the only time I rode the yellow bicycle.

A short time later my friend Tyger in Montana mentioned he was getting his wife a cruiser and was gonna look for one for himself. This conversation led to me and the yellow bicycle taking one final trip together on a Route 23 Metro bus down to Amtrak's King Street Station.

It's kinda cheap to ship a bicycle to Montana via Amtrak. That's why so many Montana cowboys rode bicycles back in the 1800s.

As you can see from my tale the price of art is complicated. Even completely functional and easily damaged art.

Mr. Mutt

GROG posted on Fri, Jun 4, 2010 10:55 AM

Woohoo! Your thread is now the 7th most viewed out of 36 in the Tiki Gallery!

Helz posted on Fri, Jun 4, 2010 3:01 PM

If you think this stuff is good...

...you ought to see my super-sweet Woofmutt Stuff (or is it Junk) Pendant.

He's still holding out on you....I'm just sayin'...\

Helz - Charter Member WMS&JLT Fan Club

I hate in progress shots. I don't even like to see the reflection of me getting my hair cut or watch my dinner being made at an "open" kitchen restaurant. I like the magic of the finished item being presented in its finality. Abracadabra! New hair cut! Abracadabra! Heres' your dinner! Abracadabra! Another open pit mine!

My opinions aside there's a lot to be said for hype.

thers are great I bet you totally sell out

Thanks. And yes, I am totally selling out: All my pieces will be plastered with ads for Red Bull and CBS's fall lineup.

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