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I want to pretend that I'm an artist too :D

First, I want to thank the TC artistic community for your inspiration, your willingness to share your technical knowledge, and your encouragement. It's hard to decide what to post, what would be representative of my "art". I'll start with my first clay attempt and hopefully you'll be able to see some progress. I love to experiment and I'm not afraid to fail.

I wanted a mug to match my first carved tiki, sort of a mascot in the grand tradition of Mr Bali Hai. Also my first attempt at mold making (July '08)

In a “finishing frenzy”, and not knowing any better, I glazed all my mugs with opaque glaze and pretty much ruined them! So I re-cast a new batch and glazed them with a semi-transparent glaze so that the woodgrain detail shows though.

Dabbled in Batik (Aug '08)

My first hand built (vs molded) mug (Sept '08)

A 48 ounce Kamapua'a (wild boar god) mug (Nov '08)

Woodgrained marbled clay (Feb '09)

Faux mosaic (Feb '09)

Mixed media mug (not tiki) Clay, bike parts, aluminum diamond plate

A Papua New Guinea inspired "Penis Gourd Mug" :lol: (July '09)

Shrunken Head (July '09)

Failed attempt at pit firing (June '09)

Tried my hand at bone carving (July '09)

Epoxy & Clay for the Polynesian Menu Art Swap (Sept '09)

Queen Kamehameha's backyard in mug form (Oct '09)

Experiment in tile making. The jade jaguar is mine, the tan tiles are store bought. (Jan '10)

Zombie Village Pupu Platter (Feb '10)

Frankenpig for Squid's "Fresh Pork" show (Feb '10)

I had a left-over Squid pig so I turned him into a Nguzunguzu (Mar '10)

A polymer clay and mixed media diorama lamp, "Mermaid & Moai by Moonlight". Solar LEDs to light it at night (Apr '10)

"Guardians of the Flame" Firepit Table (May '10)

Marquesan U'u (Warclub) Bowl (May '10)

An attempt at watercolor, "Monday Morning in Baining" (May '10)

Ceiling fan lamp (June '10)

"Gimme Head" mug (July '10)

Hornbill Mug for Birds of the South Pacific Swap (July '10)

Hornbill Hatchling Mug for Birds of the South Pacific Swap (July '10)

Solomon Islands Feast Bowl for Birds of the South Pacific Swap (Aug '10)

"Monday Morning in Baining" 2nd attempt. Watercolor pencil and ink (Aug '10)

Sepik River Fighting Horn for Birds of the South Pacific Swap (Aug '10)

MadDog Mike Shirt (Aug '10)

"Lupus Triumphus" Halloween mug (Sept '10)

A couple of Samoan Flying Fox (fruit bat) goblets epoxied to wine glass bases (Nov '10)

A 4x6 foot multi-media art installation for Queen Kamehameha's Mojave Oasis. Here are some of the 30+ elements (Nov '10 - Mar '11)

And some shots of the finished project in situ

Decoupage bar supply book (Jan '11)

Bob Kong for GROG's Tiki Bob Show (Mar '11)

Baining Firedance applique shirt (Mar '11)

Pua Huna (Hidden FLower) commissioned bowl (Jun '11)

Melvin the Drunken Moai with a lampshade on his head for GROG's Moai Madness Show (Jul '11)

New and Improved Cobra Mug commissioned by one of the physicians at my work (Aug '11)

Barrel Overboard! #1 - more variations of this to come (Aug '11)

Sokwe Finds a Hat - Ceramic & Polymer Clay (Oct '11)

4 cast concrete benches with ceramics embedded in the concrete. Still need a sealer of some sort (Dec. '11)

Tahitian Cannibal Teardrop Trailer (Dec '11 - ?) I got a mostly finished teardrop trailer and am in the process of completing it. The Tahitian Cannibal design is one of Sophista-Tiki's Spoonflower fabrics that I based the decor on with Dawn's permission.
I replaced the cheap trailer axle and 12 inch wheels with a salvaged van axle, giving me real tires and real wheel bearings. Then new fenders, paint to match my car, and a Tahitian Cannibal magnetic decal.

Inside got some paint and new vinyl flooring, Tahitian Cannibal print curtains, a painted border to match the curtains, a wall-to-wall memory foam mattress, orange comforter, and Tahitian Cannibal pillow.

"Kitchen" area in the back

Accessories include a firepit

A doormat

A mosiac table


Faux license plate

A 1/18 model of the Tahitian Cannibal

A matching Tiki Dashiki and tassled Kufi cap

Pele's Skulls & Certificate of Authenticity (May '12)

Mosaic Table for the Pele/Volcano/Fire Art Swap (June '12)

The "Tiki Edition" of the Walther PPK, mug for Tiki Oasis 12 "Exotic Espionage & Polynesian Pulp" (July '12)

Bryan's Kamehameha Bowl (August '12)
The head was molded from an original made by my late brother Bryan when he was a kid, feather helmets and capes added

Another set of Sea Monkeys, this time male & female salt & pepper shakers (July '12)

A Japanese Lantern mug saggar fired with Ferric Chloride, Copper Mesh, Copper Carbonate, Iron Oxide, and Salt (August '12)

Saggar Fired Trader Vic's bottle for VampiressRN (September '12)

Not very "Tiki" but I'm working on a Pirate Ship Tree House for my grandchildren (October '12)

A short run of cast mugs in several glazes. Based on the menu art from the long defunct El Tiki Restaurant (Nov '12)

A mug for the "Sea Creatures of the South Pacific" Art Swap (Dec '12)

Another mug for the "Sea Creatures of the South Pacific" Art Swap. The Yellow Bellied Sea Snake's Fang inspired by the Islander's Cobra's Fang (Jan '13)

More of a "gag-gift" for the Sea Creature Art Swap - a wall hanging made from a dried triggerfish (Jan'13)

I like to take a theme and run it into the ground - "Anything worth doing is worth doing to the point of wretched excess". I am re-doing my Tiki Deck to a "Headhunter Harbor" theme.
Headhunter Harbor Sign (Apr '13)

"Lil Losers" Shrunken Head Mugs (Apr - Jun '13)

Headhunter Harbor dinnerware (Apr '13)

Shrunken Head Mosaic Table (May '13)

Rack for the Lil Loser mugs (Aug '13)

Welcome Sign for the Headhunter Harbor (Sep '13)

"Ndaokus" Trophy Skull Mug for the Cannibal Art Swap (Aug '13)

Hindi diya or oil lamp in the form of the Sanskrit word "Om"

"Witco Meets Small World". Animated window display for Amy's Palm Springs Tonga Hut. (Nov '13)

A piece for the Album Cover Art Swap. Based on this Sam Gambino painting for Waitiki 7's "New Sounds of Exotic" CD. (Dec. '13)

Polynesian Garden Pig - Concrete coated foam with ceramic tusks (Feb '14)

Ndaokus II - Trophy Skull Mug (Apr '14)

Iguana Head - Paperclay 7 inches long and 4 inches diameter. (June '14)

Wind Motion Hornbill - Paper Machie (Aug '14)

Silk Flower Arrangement (Oct '14)

Hula Pig - Ceramic head and coconut bra for a beer can chicken (Oct '14)

Hawaiian Shirt Art Swap (Jan '15)
Matching lamp and mosaic

Reef Fish Hanging (Feb '15)

Macrame plant holder incorporating Kumihimo braid, 10 inch ceramic fish hook, natural cowrie shells, and a ceramic sea urchin shell (Mar '15)

Mosaic tables - Mahi mahi, Yellowtail, & Octopus (Jul '15)

Enchanted Tiki Room Art Swap project, ceramic bottle (Jul '15)

"Still Life with Tiki Mug", oil on canvas (Sept '15)

"Bird of Paradise", oil on canvas (Sept '15)

3rd (and final?) attempt at "Monday Morning in Baining", oil on canvas (Oct '15)

"Reflections of Sepik River Spirit House", oil on canvas (Dec '15)

Shrunken Ned mug (Dec. '15)

Seasons of Tiki Art Swap Mug (Feb. '16)

Maori Art Swap Taurapa mug (Jul '16)

Maori Art Swap Kia Ora coaster set (Jul '16)

Maori Art Swap Moko Sheep Skull - more of an April Fool's joke than a Swap project :D (Apr '16)

Montreal Kon Tiki mug from the 100 Years of Stephen Crane Swap (Jul '17)

Ceramic Snake Hut commission (Dec '17)

Krakatoa Mug with LED ice cube (Jan '18)

Pele's Dream Bottle for the Dream Tiki Art Swap (Aug '18)

Chief Lapu Lapu mug (Sept '18)

3 ft Fabric Column Lamp (Sep '18) After 4 years outside it was looking faded but it was designed to be able to quickly replace the cloth (Jun '22)

Black Pearl Mug (Nov '18) Hard to photograph due to the Mother of Pearl luster

Jade Tile Mug (Nov '18)

16"x40"Jade Tile Window Cover (Nov '18)

Sunken Treasure Chest (Feb '19)

JESIQ (Jungle Explorer Sinking in Quicksand). Small production run of approx 25 mugs for Laava restaurant in Helsinki Finland (Feb '19)

Altered Jungle Explorer Sinking in Quicksand (Apr '19)

Shrunken Head Lamp (Jun '19)

Rapa Nui Birdman Gourd Lamp for the 2019 Tiki Art Swap (Jul '19)

Pele Bar for Barefoot Bay (Aug '19)

3 hanging Lamps inspired by Trader Sam's at Disneyland (Nov '19)

Carved Box Lamp for the 2020 Art Swap (Jul '20)

Rum Bottle Chandelier (May '20)

"Chinese Hat" Lamp (Sep '20)

Ceramic Hanging Lamp for Pau Hana Cove, home Tiki bar in Imperial Beach, CA (Oct '20)

Papua New Guinea "Artifact" Wall (Nov '20)

A-Frame for the backyard. It houses Yali, the headhunter (Nov '20)

Baining Firedance Mask Lamp (Feb '21)

Ceramic Hanging Lamp for Patrica's Pele Pit in Paradise, CA (Apr '21)

Fish Trap with Ceramic Anglerfish (May '21)

Pile o' Skulls Mug for the 2021 Art Swap (Jul '21)

Hanging Box Lamp (Jun'22)

Giant Chinese Jade Tiles (Jul '22)

Canoe Mug for the 2022 Oceanic Arts Art Swap (Jul '22)

24x28 inch Marquesan inspired palm wood mask (Oct '22)

Dvarapala mug - Hindu/Buddhist, exotic but not really Tiki (Nov '22)

Tiki Torch Mug for stolenidol (Dec '22)

Maori Wheku Mask (Jan '23)

Kon Tiki Mask (Jan '23)

Pit Viper in a Basket Mug (Mar '23)

A Palau Storyboard/Spider Prank Box mug for the 2023 Art Swap

Happiness is when what you THINK, what you SAY, and what you DO are in harmony - Gandhi

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Keep going, I can't wait until all of your art is displayed, Wendy

yay for the pretend artists club!

still love that jaguar tile...

GROG posted on Wed, Feb 24, 2010 11:52 PM

You're an insane son-of-a-bitch, Mike!

[ Edited by: GROG 2010-02-24 23:52 ]


MD, Your off the hook brother :) You've come such a long way in such a short time - Mondo Props!!


You may not have been slinging clay for very long but you can see how you have steadily progressed in skill.

Also your imagination and creativity are awesome.

Great art Mike! Love the Jaguar tile!

The backyard in a Mug, realy way out kool .


Nice work, especially love the Zombie Village platter. Actually
it's all cool...the pigs...the jade tile...Queen's hut. Keep 'em


How is it I missed this new forum?! Mike, as usual, great stuff! You KNOW which one is MY favorite :wink:.

ooops, that was supposed to be a PM :)

[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2010-03-01 21:08 ]


LOL I've done that a few times!


muppet prize goes too...


[ Edited by: tikiracer 2010-03-02 06:45 ]


Waitaminut... I know this isn't all yer work! C'mon, post more of your great art!

On 2010-03-02 23:46, tobunga wrote:
Waitaminut... I know this isn't all yer work! C'mon, post more of your great art!

Well, I wanted to treat this like a gallery. If La Luz or Harold Golen called for a one-man show (as if!) I wouldn't drag in every piece I ever made :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :lol: :lol: :lol:


..If you take yourself more seriously and work on the anxiety part, giving each piece a little more time, you would go up up up up IMHO :)

[ Edited by: Clarita 2010-03-04 09:47 ]


Have fun developing as an artist!

Hi Mike, your art is just super. I love the Queen's backyard mug, well I just love it all, terrific, Wendy


I'm losing my mind over the Queen K mug, koi pond and all. Awesome!


That Queen K mug is fantastic! Any other shots from different angles? With the lid removed? Close up of the pond? Anything would be great to see!

Thank you all for you kind comments. Eric, here's a few more pics but it's all I got :)

I want to be at the edge of the pool looking at the fish. This is so inventive and creative, you are terrific Mike, Wendy

WOW! I Love the multi-media art installation for Queen Kamehameha's Mojave Oasis! All those pieces are so cool (especially that coral bowl)! Also love the Jade Jaguar...nice nod to ancient Aztec/Mayan art... but you know with the big cats I am biased. :wink:

Hi Mike, it is so good to see you back here on page one. I'm looking forward to what you add next. I just love the acrylics with the fish in the water. Wendy

Ditto on what Wendy said...and that Queen Kamehameha's Backyard Mug is off the hook...I would love one of those!!!

GROG posted on Fri, Sep 16, 2011 8:27 AM

Such an awesome gallery of stuff. Big diversity of stuff and everything so imaginative and original. Good stuff. GROG like.

On 2011-09-16 08:27, GROG wrote:
Such an awesome gallery of stuff. Big diversity of stuff and everything so imaginative and original. Good stuff. GROG like.

Bamboo Ben LIKE too!!!

mp posted on Fri, Sep 16, 2011 8:38 PM

On 2010-03-02 23:46, tobunga wrote:
Waitaminut... I know this isn't all yer work! C'mon, post more of your great art!

Yeah what Eric said! Are you hiding some stuff :)
Looking so good Mike!



I just found this Gallery of Wonders, love your work! :)

I have been quietly updating my gallery without bumping it for the past year. But it is in danger of falling off the bottom of page 2 so back to the top it goes :lol:

I'm so glad you bumped it up because I enjoyed looking at every singe thing here. Wendy

And near the top it should stay brother

MDM =Master of all...

Keep up the kickin ars


Tabu posted on Sat, Dec 29, 2012 6:41 AM

You are a force of nature Mike. I wish I had an ounce of your energy.

so many cool things here, you can turn your hand to anything!

my favs are the solomon feast bowl and the Trader vic bottle...

Master of all things tiki

On 2012-12-24 18:32, MadDogMike wrote:
I have been quietly updating my gallery without bumping it for the past year. But it is in danger of falling off the bottom of page 2 so back to the top it goes :lol:

I really enjoyed reviewing all of your work. Mike! Although I've seen many of your pieces separately I enjoyed seeing them all together. Your progress is remarkable! I'm always very impressed with you.

Finally updated this page after several years!


Wendy, it's all in the first post :)

I just had fun looking at all your creations again. A real wowzer!!!

Thank you Wendy <3


(my first TC post since the resurrection of the board)

Wow MDM, thanks for updating this post with MORE! Man you're a dynamo of great ideas. And you're game to try your hand at anything.

It was nice seeing some of these again. But it turns out there were a LOT that I missed over the years. Thanks for posting the update.

Philot, welcome back!!! Thank you for the kind words - I entertain myself LOL I have an idea for something BOLD next. Hopefully I have enough progress to post something tomorrow :D

[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2022-07-12 13:50:45 ]

Nice update Mike

Glad to say I am the proud owner of several of those fine pieces shown above

Yes you are! Thanks Jon

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