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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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I am into theme decorating...a different theme for each room, so posting my non-Tiki rooms here. I am the world's worse photographer, so please excuse these bad pictures. My cabinets are white and the walls are are really nice cream (in case you can't tell).

Here is the OUT-OF-AFRICA Master Bath

Towels = Pottery Barn & Stein Mart
Chair & Bench = Linens & Things
Towel Shelf = Cost Plus World Market
Crystal Sconces & Mirrored Jewelry Box = Bombay Company (I miss that store)
Animal Masks = Design Toscano
Blow Gun = Jungle Trader (thanks Vic :)
Candles = Pier One
Jaguar Figure on Vanity & Leopard Print Vase = Macy's (eons ago)
Vanity Trays = Southern Living @ Home (soon to be Willow House)
Shrunken Head = THOR (thanks, truly a favorite of mine)
Wooden Cot = Mine (Dad used to have us sleep on these when we went camping-eons ago)
Rug = Home Decorators (eons ago)

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Neat! I love that bench.


Very nice room Marlene, let's see the rest of them.

I love themed rooms (and themed dinners too :) ) I hear rumor that Mr Pupu Pants has some great themed rooms too, maybe we can gets some pix out of him.

I like the idea behind the room, but have you thought about painting the walls & ceiling in more Jungle-y colors? Maybe do the walls in Green and the ceiling in a Bamboo Patterned Yellow/Beige?

Thanks for the feedback everyone. It is hard to appreciate the color of the walls, but they are a creamy ivory which doesn't show up in the picture...so I can hang with it for now. I do agree that a nice pale green with jungle plant motif would look great, but that will be another project for this room in the future...maybe a paint party???

I do have my guest powder room done too, so will be back to post that this weekend.

Everything else is mid-decor. :wink:

I love the theme Vamp. I absolutely must get up to your place to see it in person, soon.
I do the same thing with different themes in each room. My bedroom is decorated in beach cottage and my guest room done in flamings.


Very cool! Nothing wrong with projecting the imagination into every corner of the home...


My decorating tends to be outside of the norm, so hope this powder room doesn't make ya'll run for the hills...LOL. I'm hopelessly stuck in that different theme for every room...go figure...can't seem to avoid it, so I embrace it.

This room was prompted by the table with the horses head legs from Bombay Company. It started me on an Equestrian theme and I purchased everything off the Internet and had a professional install the wallpaper.

Kohler Pedestal sink, toilet, brushed nickel hardware, mirror were standard in my executive model
Wallpaper = Steve's Blinds and Wallpaper
Towels = Linen's N Things
Bathroom Set = Home Depot/Expo
Riding Boots = Stateline Tack
Leather Gloves = Antique Expo
Jacket, Blouse, Scarf = Pyramid Collection
Framed Equestrian Prints = Art.com
Pewter Equestrian Tray, Crop = Christensen’s Saddle & Supply

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The hallmark of western civilization IS a tidy and well appointed powder room...don't you agree? I thought so.

Now THAT is funny!!! I got two more bathrooms to decorate...someone save me from myself please. :)

Vamp, do you sometimes put on the jodhpurs & boots and prance around the bathroom? :lol:

Quite a lovely water closet.

In my opinion ......... both bathrooms are exceptionally nice. Would enjoy the experience immensely.


I am seriously enjoying the African theme!

LOL MadDog...now that is a vision that would put your eyes out.

Just gotta do a couple of more decor things and then I will post pictures of my Laundry Room...LOL.

NOT TIKI > > >

I am trying to downsize a few things at my place as my Mom is going to come live with me. She is 93 and had a couple of bad falls recently so she finally gave up and has sold her home. That changed some plans I had as I was going to turn most of my garage into a British pub/pool room, but have had to give up that idea. I still have so much to do in VampTiki lounge but some of that is on hold. I soon will have my San Fran Trader Vic Marquesan Tiki secured in my dining room and another huge map hung, so when that occurs, I will be back with pictures.

In my head, I am planning my large master closet as the Vampire Vault, so need ideas. I have a crystal chandelier I can eventually get installed and use gothic shades on the bulbs. I do not have the energy or $$ to get the room painted so will mostly use lighting to add the ambiance. This is the size of a very small bedroom and is located off the end of my Out-Of-Africa bathroom. The main purpose of this room is storage of my large collection of dishes and also as a craft room. I have 3 large stands full of dishes and on one side of the room is my table where I will do crafts (mostly sewing). I want drapes to hang in front of my dish shelves and possibly all around the room to even hide my craft table. I think a black, red or purple lace would be good, so still trying to figure that out...any suggestions? I can run shelving around the top of the room to store decor so was thinking about wooden boxes and such, but not sure? I love all the gothic items on http://www.designtoscano.com/category/medieval+and+gothic/gothic+wall+decor.do?nType=2

Any Vampire decor ideas would be greatly appreciated. I can provide before pictures if that will help.

Vamp, what about a hinged upright coffin? Put shelves in it for storage and the door hides everything.


Great idea....thanks. I looked at the room some more and think I can put some gargoyles up in the corners.

I like creepy stuff as much as tiki so I've got a few suggestions on web sites. For pictures http://www.hauntedportraits.com has creepy lenticulars. The Halloween Store in Burbank has plenty of vampire merchandise http://www.halloweentownstore.com For kitschy stuff the LA County Coroner has a gift shop called Skeletons in the Closet. lacoroner.com etsy.com is another good place to look.

Thanks for the links...that coroner one is pretty funny.

I have some delightfully eerie music and would love it if you open the french doors and the music queued up.

Halloween season needs to start next week if they are going to get Christmas up by the middle of September. Keep your eyes open for a Spirit store in your neighborhood real soon

Sidebar Rant - They keep putting up Christmas earlier and earlier every year. I suspect they have moved up a year and are actually doing displays this year for Christmas 2013 :D

I will be inheriting some black light bulbs so can really get some creepiness going on in there eventually. This is going to take smore work than I thought, but got some great ideas...thanks everyone.

While I am gone to Oasis, my handyman is going to install a large jungle print area rug in my living room and get all my theater chairs set up. I have a few silk plants around and leopard print throws on the furniture. Should have this room done by September. Pictures to follow.

Also while I am gone, the 10 foot Marquesan is getting installed in the corner of my dining room. I had a huge map framed at Aaron Bros but it was too big to fit in my car, so a friend is going to help me get that at the end of August and then just some other minor arrangements and hanging of some maps in there and it should be done by September too. Pictures to follow.

Thank goodness for my handyman as I need my home to be presentable for our Sacramento Crawl....doubt I will have my bedroom finished...but will just close the doors...se la vi.

Here is the Laundry Room, right across for the Equestrian Powder Room. If you're going to have to be tortured doing laundry, might as well do it in a well appointed comfortable space.

Going to concentrate on a few items for the Bali Hai Dining Room. I've got a map thing going on in there. I still have a lot to do, but it is finally coming together, I just ordered a turquoise Balinese Umbrella to place behind the bar cabinet. I will post more pictures later and still have plenty of wall space to expand.

~Dining Table from Home Consignment Center in Roseville. http://www.thehomeconsignmentcenter.com/location-roseville.shtml
~Banquette from an antique store in Pleasanton, I refinished it, still have to get the doors attached.
~Bar Cabinet was inherited from the Ex's family, it was a TV cabinet but TV did not work, had it gutted and put in pull-out shelves. Going to put the umbrella behind it at an angle.
~Mr Marquesan from the defunct SF Trader Vics.
~Several maps framed and the Witco from eBay.

Pardon me for all this non-Tiki stuff, but love to get opinions from others. Here is my question for all you home improvement builders:

My kitchen has white cabinetry and glass fronts to show off my FireKing Jadite (as in the picture. My counter tops are Corian in a green color called Caribbean as in the picture). I am going to build a Flamingo diorama above my main cabinets...I will have a beach mural put in place and then will decorate with pink plastic flamingos. I want the kitchen to have a general diner feel to it and I have the chrome dinette and bar stools.

My question is about the back splash, should I go with pink or white subway tile or should I go with the stainless steel backing that you see in so many diners. This is an actual picture of my kitchen and I put pink in the areas where I need the back splash.

Here is my Corian.

I have an eating counter top in the green Corian and have 6 diner stools. I want to put that stainless steel back splash on the bottom part of the wall in front of the stools, so I am really thinking that the back splash behind the stove should match. Here is what I am looking for (this is not my kitchen, it is an example)the kick wall in front of the counter stools.

Soooooooo, will the stainless steel look best and does anyone have a resource for the materials.

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Ok so you know I'm going to You tube ya....
I had a stainless steel back splash put in my restaurant it was the quilted style.
When they put it in I helped them and it was an easy job but for the large size of the
stainless steel back splash I was having them put in.
On your house this would not be a problem.
Your stainless steel back splash may need a seam though these are not hard to put in,
as it's just a 1 inch metal strip that has a stainless steel back cap to go on top, it snaps
right on top.
stainless steel was costly, but you could have it made per your needs and then install yourself.

Do yourself a favor and don't use pink.
Would also make the Flamingo diorama above your main cabinets as easy to remove as you can.
It is the first thing your realtor will want you to remove when you want to sell your house.
Ok maybe the pink plastic flamingos will be the first thing.
Good luck.

Thanks so much for your feedback and for the links to the YouTubes. This is the home I will retire in, so no worries on permanent placement. The diorama will be removable though. :)

The plot complicator is placing it on a curved wall below the breakfast bar, as I hear these sheets are not flexible and do not bend. I really love the quilt pattern.


Well the quilt pattern will not bend true.
BUT there are stainless patterns that don't have the bends in them that keep them from bending.
So the pattern is a frost no frost deal going on, they did show that in a quilt pattern.

You need to go and look at what they have to best plan your room.

"This is the home I will retire in, so no worries on permanent placement"
That's good.
Not ripping your style just saying think of the future
as things can change.


I have changed a few things since I last posted but still under construction everywhere. In the "Out Of Africa" bathroom, I had my whirlpool tub replaced with a walk-in tub which is much easier for me to use. Haven't done anything in the kitchen, I have just given it up to my Mother for now (she is a chronic bacon fryer and doesn't use a lid or the overhead vent). Sometimes ya just can't sweat the small stuff.

My garage is in need of lots of work, but I am making my single garage side into a music room. I have a 50's Vibraphone, a matching Conga & Bongo set, a Fender Strat (decorated by David Lozeau), a fancy schmancy Casio Keyboard, and various other items.

"Oh waiter, another cocktail please!!!"

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Moving along with the garage. I was going to have a curtain separating it from the other part of the garage but I have storage sheds on the other side and it is rather tight, so will see what happens over time. The rug is down and some storage stands and the electric fireplace. Need to do some more work before I get any pictures.

At some time in the future I will be doing some decorating in the guest bedroom. I have moved a different way with the Tapa I was going to place on the lounge ceiling and put it on the ceiling or wall in the guest room. I just bought a quilt that will be a good match and have a couple of matching MCM lamps too.

Can't get the file to post so here is the link of the quilt.

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