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Aloha from Paris :)
so far... here what I've done for the Tiki Tribe Paris event
Enjoy :)

and Cupidon...

All these are for sale ... except some already sold.. (
rendez-vous soon at my marketplace soon)
à bientôt

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Nice work!

Oooooooooooh...I'm in love with those lamps!!! Very nice. :)

Excellent!!! Love the Tiki O'Fish and the Kava Kava especially!




christ above Bai!

when you put it all in one post like that it really blows your mind!

you are awesome lady!

Hi Bai, ever since the menu swap I've been a fan. That's where I first saw your incredible work. I've been waiting for you to post here. I hope you will add past works as well. It's just terrific to be able to scroll down and see all the art together without breaks. Terrific art very special thank you for sharing, Wendy


Great stuff, bai! Love your style!


GROG posted on Tue, May 11, 2010 12:13 PM

They are all Bai-eautiful.

You are a Mug Mistress,Bai!
Cupidon is so cute and has that Bai cleverness
we've come to expect from you!


Just fantastic Bai!! Your the 'Countess of Clay'!

more...MORE! :wink:


Many thanks to you all :)
I just wanted to show you my 1st pendant.
it's all hand made. about 1,9''
the eyes are in black strass
the peanut bob is tinkle. quite funnny :wink:
and the number is on the little orange pearl.

Now I have to think about how I can sale it. I definately would need somebody in the US.
Still have this stupid problem for the shipping. anyway.
I hope you like him. :)

Just fantastic work!

Mademoiselle Baï, YOU are absolutely MAGICAL! Words can't express the AMAZING and consistent QUALITY within your body of artworks. EXCITING best describes an emotion, both before and after each release! Keep reaching for the stars and you will find that YOU are ONE. :D


wow. :) :) :) :)
I don't know if I deserve such a beautiful comment!
you almost made me cry TJ :wink:
Thank you sooo much! :wink:

so here we go :


Aloha everyone :)
here comes the iki tonga tribe :)

the black one, got little pink strass..
I'm gonna do them in 3 colors: pink, blue or green.

Mahalo :)

Yet another clever and cute idea come to life!
with tribal ornament AND skirt!
Your work makes me smile for 2 reasons

  1. they're just so dang cute and clever
  2. You can see and feel that joy in the objects themselves!

Bravo Bai!

Very talented work! I love your style and just how crisp everything is!

my new place:

Bai, did you open a new boutique? Congratulations!


BaiZart, I saw this and thought the ultimate combination of all time was going on. Bai and BenZart working together.

actually it was a "homage" to benzart :wink: because... I'm a BIIIIIGGGG fan of his work! and I loooove the little monkey he created!!! :) :) :)
it is a pur magic little monkey, I've ever seen! I Love BENZART!


Bonne année!!!
I wish you all a happy new year!!
so to begin the year I'll propose you some of...

or maybe some of...

A bientot!!!!

Bai, I am gonna be in town from Monday on, for a week at the MBQ. Do you have any "Tahitians" left?


Love your work, as always...Tres Beau!


Bai is taking over the world!!! love the curly tongues on da Tahitians!!

or are they marquesans??


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Somewhere... over the sea.....

à bientot! :wink:

you just keep producing more and more beautiful sculptures!


Merci ken! :)
here is the witco's god of fortune in differents style

and the zombie god :wink:

and some plants grows into the chininea ....

Aloha.... I've been missing you all...


zaius procession...

Polly posted on Tue, Jun 28, 2011 6:25 PM

Good job!

But why can't I see the pics in the first page?

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