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Mojave Oasis, Newberry springs, CA (other)

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Name:Mojave Oasis
Street:45931 Silver Valley Rd
City:Newberry springs

Might as well make is official (well, Tiki Central official, that is)

What looks to be Queen Kamehameha's crowning Jewel, Mojave Oasis is a classic style Trailer/Campground complete with a lake, full camping amenities and hookups, bar, luau grounds and stage for entertainment. Set on 5 acres and is being built by the best in modern tiki artists and craftsmen.

Open April 15th, 2011.

WooHooo! Everyone is in for a Huge Surprise!! I can't even explain how tiki-rrific this place is going to be. SoccerTiki has been commuting back and forth from Newberry Springs to Long Beach the past 6+ months helping Queen Kamehameha to make this place "The BEST" If you haven't booked your campsite yet you need to ASAP!!! Sites are going quickly :)

Bamboo Ben was here........ :wink:


Hey just saw that there were up to 80 MPH winds at Mojave area. 12/23/2015
Is Mojave oasis ok?

It may not be, but for other reasons......

I realized no one really documented the physical structure of Mojave Oasis. I may be a little biased by irreplaceably wonderful times there, but I think it may have been the greatest Tiki location every built.

Queen Kamehameha was the power behind it all along with SoccerTiki and WooHooWahine. It's been a long time and a lot of rum since then but here's what I remember about the creators. Please feel free to correct me where I'm wrong.. Seemed that Bay Park Buzzy lived there for months on end and built much of the structure with some help(?) from the local meth heads. RevBambooBen did the stage A-Frame and some signature black rock including a volcano (that I can't find a pic of). TIKI-RAY carved 2 life sized carved Mermaids and a few other Tikis. He and Tiki Kiniki helped with much of the cleanup. Even I got to pitch in on the bar a bit. NelsonsTikiHut did the big sign at the entrance. Tiki Diablo built the large clamshell roof to the Mermaid Lounge and the Rapa Nui Roost structure by the lake. little lost tiki had a big painted mural above the bar. I'm sure I'm missing plenty of people who helped.

The entryway to this mirage-like literal oasis in the desert.
Entry 01
Sign 01
Sign 02

The heart of the campground was a large lake with boating, fishing, swimming, relaxing, and surely some late night debauchery.
Lake 01
Lake 02
Lake 03
Lake 05
Lake 06
Lake 07
Lake 08
Lake 09
Lake 10
Lake 11

The Mermaid Lounge with it's huge scalloped shell roof was a popular hangout
Bar 01
Bar 02
Bar 03
Bar 04
Bar 05
Bar 06

The stage for entertainment was an imposing A-Frame. I'm not even sure what kind of engineering degree it took to get a building permit for that!
Stage and Entertainment 01
Stage and Entertainment 02
Stage and Entertainment 03
Stage and Entertainment 06
Stage and Entertainment 08
Stage and Entertainment 09
Stage and Entertainment 10
Stage and Entertainment 11

The second bar on the property was on the wing of a historical airplane "re-enactment" created by Bay Park Buzzy (see his post below) In the 1950s, nearby Polynesian styled resort Lake Loreen had a plane they used to ferry clients back and forth to LA and Las Vegas.
Plane 01
Plane 02
Plane 03
Plane 4
Plane 06

Accommodations included vintage trailers available for rent, a tent alley, and RV hook-ups
Vintage Trailers 01
Vintage Trailers 02
Tent alley

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"The second bar on the property was on the wing of a historical airplane. From a 1950s Resort, Lake Loreen, in the same area as Mojave Oasis. This, now wrecked, plane was tracked down in Alaska and returned 3,600 miles to Newberry Springs."

The plane at MO was not the original one from Lake Loreen(original was a twin engine Beech 10 if I recall correctly). It was actually a junk Cessna that some guy altered to make some sort of experimental aircraft that never worked (and I think we got it off craiglist.) It was primered grey when we got it, so I hand painted it with rustoleum to match the graphics of the original tiki bird. We made the wing from some shed siding and rebar. It had no engine, so we grabbed a blown one from a Ford explorer and turned it on the side so it looked kind of legit. I traded an autographed Carroll Shelby photo to the owner of the Baghdad Cafe for an old wooden propeller she had hanging in the restaurant and we attached it to the engine.

Buzzy Out!

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LOL, thank you Buzzy for setting the record straight. I will correct my post :)

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