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Who cares if Shag is cool or not.....

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I don't. As far as I'm concerned: nicely done artwork +not vintage = So what...
What's all this fuss about anyway. I thought we were all paying tribute to the era of Tiki then and enjoying it now. Gettin hotter than a whore house on dollar day in here. Let it go people.

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

Hot Potato, eh?

I think the "Three Wahines" and the "Guy Playing Sax" are classic Tiki images.

Whenever someone gets too popular there is always some overmarketing and then a backlash.

I agree, enjoy and relax. We ain't arguing Kant and Descartes here. At least not until we have some extra tropical drink thinking potions under our belts.


I thought the sayng was "sweating like a whore in church"

...getting hotter than sweating like a whore in church. Nah....I don't think that works.

...getting hotter than a whore on Viagra...

Hmmm, how about hotter than a sacrificial virgin on Rum, Red Bull, and E?

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