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Who here isn't going to watch the Super Bowl?

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I admit that some of the Commercials are good.
But I could really give a flying **** about who wins.
I know some think that is anti-american, or whatever.
I will probably get up early Sun. morning,
go down to Huntington Beach, and watch some of the bands playing along the route for the HB Marathon.
Then either go find a place to eat, that doesn't have the game on.(good luck)
or come home and take a nap and sleep thur it.

More than likely,
I will be with my also sports hating buddy, Jonpaul.



I don't care about the Super Bowl. It has also been my observation that most Tiki people do not follow professional sports. The Tiki gene is stronger than the Sports Fan gene !!

As even most Tiki bars will be showing the game, I think I'll go snowboarding.

Super what? is that a yearly thing now?


I think I've heard of that jibber-jabber before, I don't think it's going to last though :P

Since there are so many sports bars, Do we really need our Tiki Bars
to pander to that crowd, I really find it distasteful to be in a crowd
of beer drenched TV screamers who don't see anything wrong with rioting after their team wins.

So no, not my cup of rum.


I would have watched if the broncos were in it because they would kick my happy ass out of Colorado if I didn't. They are out so I have no obligation - going to catch Jimmy Falon's live show after it, thought.


I'm going to a burlesque show instead.

When the Raiders and Rams left Los Angeles because of lack of interest, sports writers in other NFL cities said that the people of L.A. would rather go surfing than watch football.

I think that was suppose to be a sarcastic putdown but I did not see anything wrong that.


I have zero interest in the superbowl. World cup is a different matter!

The Beach on a Sunny Sunday? Live Music? I'll sign up for that!

By the Way,
Jonpaul and friends, aka High Tide will be playing at the Entrance to Bolsa Chica state beach from 8 am to 10 am ish.....

plus 6 or so other bands playing along the route from Bolsa Chica down to HB
park in Sunset, and ride bike down the route.
streets will be closed for marathon.


How about a link to information about the HB Marathon entertainment...

Run Surf City

Superbowl half time show with Madonna? No!
High Tide at Bolsa Chica? Si!

And just down PCH a bit is some of those crazy Californians who would rather surf than watch football on TV.

Seal Beach Surf Championships

All Proceeds from the Event will be donated to Seal Beach Victim's Fund in support of the members of the community that have been affected by the Salon Meritage tragedy.

[->>King Bushwich 33rd on Hulu.com

Zeta posted on Thu, Feb 2, 2012 3:59 PM


Millionaires "playing" a "game" they don't really care about. It's all about the money now. Fuk that sht.
Professional sports are a brain eating bacteria.
Wake up people!


Football bores me, and I won't be watching the game.

The Bowers Museum is free that day:

It may be a good time to see this exhibit:
Spirits and Headhunters: Art of the Pacific Islands

Zeta posted on Thu, Feb 2, 2012 5:30 PM

I will go further...

TV Sports are the


Nothing depresses me more than finding an old tiki bar with a modern TV blaring today's sports news...


I guess if you played it as a kid or your dad did. Or you know one of the players personally, or if you put money in it or if you really enjoy it (which I sometimes do, I also used to play it in Nintendo, good times...)

Oh boy... The thing is, if you tell someone that you love tiki/art. The look back at you like you are a WEIRDO.

I say do not support them. Support your local team. Take back sports for the people. Not corporations.

I live for Art, sports, friends/family. It kills me to see advertise in every square inch. I want to see real passion. Not a multibillon dollar circus.

Excuse my rant, but this is NOTHING compared to the footbol Assault your psique is getting this weekend.

Turn it off.




Well what can I say, I like watching the Super Bowl.. and sometimes I like drinking beer,ok I said it...but I also like "tiki drinks" and the tiki community. relax its a game. Your coming off as an "angry elf"

Zeta posted on Thu, Feb 2, 2012 6:24 PM

Angry elfs are cool. And they are not really angry or mean, they are just frustrated because they realize the world could be really a magical place if there weren't so many "Manipulated elfs" watching "Elf TV".


I thought Angry Elfs were from the South Pole? :-?

So is Disneyland a good place to go to on Superbowl Sunday? Is it empty because everybody is home watching the Superbowl? OR is it really crowded because people schedule visits on Superbowl Sunday thinking that it is empty but in reality it is full of people who think it is empty that day?

Urban Legends: Disneyland on Superbowl Sunday

We know that Disneys' California Adventure Park will be empty on Superbowl Sunday. Why? Well... it's empty everyday!


Go, Pats! :D

If Firemen, Police, Teachers, Nurses, and Lifeguards made millions of dollars like sports and entertainment people make, I might watch it, but until then...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Astronauts, Fighter Pilots, Special Ops (Seal Team Members)etc.
They all make a minuscule amount of money for what they do, also.

Good point Vamps.


Seriously? You folks don't watch movies or TV? Or buy CD's from economically successful musicians?
And I thought I a was a troglodyte. :)


I'm not watchin for any noble reasons, I just think it's boring. I feel the same way about basketball, baseball, golf, car racing, the Olympics (summer and winter), doctor or lawyer shows, soap operas, talk shows, true crime shows, cooking shows, modern American crime dramas, most sci-fi/fantasy shows, current sitcoms, and a bunch of other programming I can't think of because it's the sorta stuff I never watch.


I have seasons 1-7 of M.A.S.H......so, no superbowl for me!

Finest Kind!

Ditto Chuck. :)

Still not watching, But the wife put on the Puppy Bowl on AnimalPlanet!


Some dog already predicted the Patriots will win so I don't see any point in watching but may watch to see Madonna do her parody of Weird Al's Like A Surgeon.


Nope, not watching. Checking out the new posts here, having a Jet Pilot while waiting for the lasagna in the oven.

I live in a football crazed State anyways so I'm used to ignoring football.

Have a pleasant Sunday evening everyone!

Football is boring

From one Eli ( my middle name after you know who...) to the next,


And I'll add a big Thank You to Tom Brady for the intentional grounding while in his own endzone in the 1st Quarter, winning us 300 bucks!


Yeah, well, I'm still not gonna watch it.

Ah shucks, I missed the whole game and the burlesque show I was going to attend. Instead I went to the Addams Family musical and then watched Val Kilmer go all the way to Mars and not find a damn thing for two hours. Much better time then the game.

I was too busy enjoying the finale to the Canthan New Year event on Shing Jea Island.



Since I have no idea of the rules of this game, and I guess it's playing during the night here, and since I don't know any team or the day of this game. Yeah, no thanks.

p.s. that was the only game I watched all year. Go Quiggly!!!

So where can one go this year to not watch the Super Bowl?

On 2013-01-28 09:31, King Bushwich the 33rd wrote:
So where can one go this year to not watch the Super Bowl?

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar.

It is nice out in the world during the Super Bowl, The traffic is light & friendly
and people (The few milling about also) seem more friendly too, so what does that say?

It's my favorite day to go on a rampage!

I'll be in Puertocitos Mexico, about 60 miles south of San Felipe at the end of the paved road. No power, no WalMart, and no cell phone coverage

Clay, the oldest and most divine art media;
"And now, from the clay of the ground, the Lord God formed man" Genesis 2:7
Pirate Ship Tree House

[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2013-01-28 12:45 ]

I'll be watching it, and you would too if the quarterback of one of the teams came from your hometown. Kaptown 209er's, from TURRRRRRLOCK!! Win or lose the guy is a winner.

I have more interest in this years Super Bowl since one of the teams got thier name from anEdgar Allen Poe poem*.

I hope this trend continues and the next NFL team name is inspired by a poem by Emily Dickinson or e.e. cummings.

*No, there is not an NFL team call the Conqueror Worms

I think literary influence is a good thing in American sports!
Football players should read more.....

Count me as one of the haters. Could care less about sports.

Not a minute of it! I've been a sports fan all my life, but I'm tired of these whiny, selfish jerks who can't string a sentence together making millions while I scrape & bust my ass for every penny! I'm still watching hockey & a bit of baseball, but football & basketball will have to get along without me. I've got better things to do with my time.


I have a long standin tradition of not watchin pro-sports and this Sunday I plan to uphold that tradition.

I don't think that my havin no interest in pro-sports makes me better than other people, I'm better than other people for other reasons.


On 2013-01-31 15:09, Big Kahuna wrote:
Not a minute of it! I've been a sports fan all my life, but I'm tired of these whiny, selfish jerks who can't string a sentence together making millions while I scrape & bust my ass for every penny! I'm still watching hockey & a bit of baseball, but football & basketball will have to get along without me. I've got better things to do with my time.

I am right with you. It's the personalities that turn me off from football and basketball. And the fans.

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