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Hey, gotta put together a polynesian feast for semi vegetarians. Fish is O.K. Any favorite recipes or web info you can tell me about?

oooh look at TikiFishes website she's got the goods

When my friends throws tiki shindigs, they usually serve "poisson cru", a Tahitian dish of raw fish (hence the name), tropical and nontropical fruits like papaya, mango, bananas, tomatoes, etc, and lime juice. Google for the name and you'll turn up some recipes.



Here is the direct link...
I havent made these recipes myself, strangely enough - I just found them and posted them. Well, I have made spring rolls, they're pretty easy if you have a knack for rolling...

Also, since there are now more and more veggie meats on the market, you could make a lot fo things that are meat recipes and just substitute the veggie meat...


OK, after 20+ years I retired from professional cookery a few years back, but I'll throw my 2 cents worth :wink: Go down to the L.A. Central Market in downtown, it is a great place and not too far from Glendale. Get some large whole fish (I don't know how many people you have so...), score them (make diaginal cuts down the sides) marinate them in your choice of some sort of lime, ginger, soy, cilatro etc. (all can be had at the Central Market for cheap and GREAT quality) and then place them individually in heavy gauge greased (sesame oil?) tin foil and either roast them whole in your oven, or better yet spark up the Barbie or smoker (REAL charcoal PLEASE) and roast them in it with the cover on. :P Make fruit salsas, salads and Thai Jasmine rice to go with it, and maybe find some banana leaves (hey your neighbor didn't mean to have those hanging over you fence) to serve it all on.

Try Spam Musubi:


Sice it's made with SPAM there's no meat in it :wink:

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When in doubt I always go to Alton Brown's Good Eats. He did a special last year on Tropical Foods


Also I highly suggest [link]www.allrecipes.com[/link] because you can just type in certain ingrediants and it will search it's data base AND people review each other's recipes. Good website.


Poissan Cru or however you spell is great. You can find a great receipt on line at http://www.travelcafe.tv check under Tahiti and he has all sorts of food and drink ideas. And yes I watch the stupid show only for the Tahiti segments. Otherwise you can not beat this dish.


Hi Tikifish - thanks for the link. I collect way too many recipes, but those look great! (BTW, nice place in your photos!)

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