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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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The Tonga Hut will be opening it's second location in Palm Springs in time for the season. Our new Partners are Kevin and Claudia Murphy in the Tonga Hut Brand.!!!!

We Have our location and we are starting the build out! This Location will have a full restaurant as well as the famous Tonga Hut Drinks from LA, plus some new ones we are adding.

We are scheduled to open in 11/2013. Danny Tiki Diablo Will be building a place worthy of Palm Spring, Lots of Wood, with Homage to The Tonga Hut LA and Vintage Palm Springs. There will be some surprises as well! Oceanic Arts has been a great help to Danny and Myself and They will be represented too. Ray, Jeremy, Kevin, Claudia and Myself hope you will come for the grand opening!

We will have more information as the next few weeks unfold. Soooo Stay Tuned!!!!


The best tiki bar in LA expanding to Palm Springs is a win/win!

Congrats to you all on the new venture!

TNT posted on Tue, Jul 23, 2013 8:14 PM

Wow! We wish you all success and happiness in this venture and of course look forward to spending time at the Palm Springs Tonga Hut.

Very Cool!
More reason to go to PS to visit my sister.

Jeff btd


How cool for soCal, now.... San Francisco is next!?


Was happy to see Danny's rendering of your Palm Springs location on facebook. Can't wait to see the final product at your grand opening.

GROG posted on Tue, Jul 23, 2013 10:35 PM

Nice sketch. GROG like.

this is gonna be SOOOOOOOOOO
Beyond words
Anticipating seeing it evolving...
Danny is an einstein with this kind of work


Can't hardly wait! Sherman's deli in the a m-Tonga hut in the p m.
Congrats Amy!


Great news! Are you accepting reservations yet..?

Finally a REAL tiki bar in Palm Springs! Exciting!
Congrats, Amy!

Well maybe " El Velvis" will have to make an appearence for the opening .. just let me know...

Sounds like my birthday is gonna be spent in palm springs! woot woot!

Amy, Jeremy, Kevin and Claudia, congratulations on the new Tonga Hut Palm Springs. The local tiki kingdom has needed another destination like this for too long! Diablo's sketch looks great. We'll be in town for Rory's Mod-Palm Springs event in mid-October, but if you're grand opening is in November, I guess we'll just have to drive out again to attend. So cool!

I'd like to donate a case of colored light bulbs to the cause. At the rate they get used in NoHo, they should last a while - LOL!

Congrats Amy, best wishes!

congrats! please save me a seat at the bar!

I am getting by brass name plate and seatbelt custom made for my bar stool right now.

Cheers to the Tonga Hut Crew,



A soft opening private party for Rum Rhum clubbers? Please!


We will be in PS in January. Looking forward to dropping by!

We will leave our "Chastity Belts" home for this!


Planning on being the first and fastest PS Drooling Bastard...!

So what is the location? near downtown?

It'll be on Palm Canyon Drive, that's all they're leaking at the moment.

Thanks BB!

Thank you all for the good wishes we are all so excited!! We will " leak more" info soon!
Thank you again!!!!


Can't wait to see this one!
Great news.

I'm planning a return, in November, is the opening on schedule?

I see more time in Palm Springs in my future!


This is awesome. Finally a tiki bar back in Palm Springs. I hope you'll be open by Thanksgiving. I just bought a Donald Wexler house and will be visiting over Thanksgiving weekend.

Hi All, sorry for the delay. We have been working hard to get everything ready for the opening in November. we are also trying to do something onsite for Rory's event!

We will be located Downtown, we will be doing a special invite only for our Tiki regulars, Rum Rhum and DB. Hang in Pictures soon


Good news!


"It's a Bamboo Paradise of Thatch and CocoNuts"

From the pics I saw it's more dark wood and neo lounge.

Just my 2 cents.



Love the song!
You've got the whole gang singing it here as we work on finishing the Tonga Hut Palm Springs.

Thanks for giving us all a boost to the finish line!

Thank you Ben, Tonga Hut in North Hollywood does have Bamboo, Coconuts and some thatch, so Since the song was written for that hut, we are covered there. Tonga Hut Palm Springs is entering phase 3 and will be a 1940's Vintage Chinese lounge in our "secret" private room, so we will be covered. Tom should be posting good photos today of the new Palm Springs Tonga Hut.

Tony, Great song, I think it will be the Tonga Huts theme if you are ok with that :)

Also The Tonga Hut will be entering the Festival of Lights Parade which goes from the curve up North Palm Canyon and passes right by our patio! We will have a float and a party afterward, mark your calendar for Saturday December 7th!!!!


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Awesome pictures! I couldn't make MOD this year, so the pictures make up for the sneak peek that I missed :)

Thanks Tom! we plan to stop in this Nov.


Looking good, looking forward to the grand opening in November!

Go Danny!


Jeff btd

TNT posted on Tue, Oct 15, 2013 6:54 PM

Wow! The place is beautiful. Well done everyone and thank you Tom for the pictures.

the place looks great! That wall in the dining room is amazing! Looking forward to the grand opening.

Thanks for inviting us Sunday night.


Very nice! Love a modern tiki bar!

Thank you guys for all of the encouragement. It has been a pleasure to design and work on this awesome project. i guess the cats out of the bag so here is a tiny sneak peek .
pre and post wwII exotic and nautical artifacts I have collected for a very special room I am doing. I am striving to do my best and use all of my skills to create a perfect traditional tiki room. Chinese newsprint on corrugated roofing, vintage Chinese tiles, Neou Panels, vintage tapa, an authentic 14 foot outrigger,SQUARE bamboo, and no imported tikis!


As a long time desert resident, I am so THRILLED to see that you have helped to bring a real tiki bar to our desert. Honestly, LA , San Francisco, and San Diego were getting to be too far to drive for a great drink and some wonderful atmosphere.

I intend to be a regular.

I intend to bring my friends so they can be regulars.

I am wondering, will you be serving RAMAKI. It really does have a history in our desert. Maybe a healthy version if anything.

I saw the place from the outside the other day and simply can't wait to your open.

What's the ETA.

Thank you and everyone who is a part of this venture.

And for all of you none Desert Rats, Palm Springs is becoming quite the hip spot for Handcrafted cocktails. The movement out here is taking hold.

From the Workshop, The Bar, and even the IW club, it seems people are getting the idea that good drinks matter. What has been missing from this movement is the quality atmosphere that a great tiki place can bring.

My hope is that the Chamber of Commerce will capitalize on this movement and help spread the word that Palm Springs is the place for hip drinkers everywhere. The Tonga Hut is coming to the right spot.

By the way, from looking at the videos of the place so far and comparing them to your competition - the place will absolutely blow the competition out of the water once the word gets out.


Telescopes, AKA Doc

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