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The Tiki Central Members Most Embarassing Photos Post

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I am going to start with the bar raised quite high. The first is me at 11 years of age, 1981, 7th grade. It was not long after that Kahuna picked up his usual copy of Hit Parader on allowance day, discovered a new company in the back ads called SST, and ordered his first Black Flag record. It was all downhill from there. Next we see a transitional photo of Kahuna a couple of years later, still wearing an old Slayer tee-shirt but now sporting some Airwalks, a self-inflicted chrome dome, and grey Dickies. Finally we have Kahuna in 1987 looking like STevo from the Vandals (that's me in the back of the pigpile in the Neato Torpedo tee-shirt)with a bleachblonde mop and a necklace I used to wear of a Kennedy Half with a bullethole shot through it. I know for a fact nobody can trump that first photo!

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...Don't leave me 'hangin folks.


BK, Thank you for posting those!
I applaud your courage. I haven't laughed so hard since the "Sausage Assault" from a couple of weeks ago.
Thankfully, I have no embarassing photos here at the office (nothing more embarassing than usual, that is) to post at the moment. That's my story and I'm sticking to it



I can't go back to 11 year old, but I can give up some early 20's picks. Here ya go BK.

Here I am modeling my girlfriend's wig...

The Swank Pad Broadcast - If it's Swank...

[ Edited by: Swanky on 2003-07-23 16:40 ]

That "wig picture" looks just like the guy who used to front "Kajagoogoo" back in the 1980s. I'll have to dig out and scan some of my vintage pix from the spike/mullet days; not sure I can top these, though....


Hey Swanky!

Can you say "Breakfast Club" in that last pic?

These are truly entertaining and I would love to post, but am not empowered with the hardware to do so.

I'm sorry to admit, that as I child, I was persuaded to capitalize on the success of my friend Mowgli and publish my own book of adventures. I think about 100 copies were ever sold.

In this story, I discover the hidden Temple of Zhan-zhan, where I steal the giant Golden Cinna-Bon of Jhiva with the help of my animal friends, Marmalade The Tiger, and Boku the half-albino pygmy elephant. It's all a load of crock.


Tim, were you ever a member of INXS?


I have a good one of you in "missionary position" with a tiki at the Hukilau. You were the "top"! (e-mail me your snail mail address)

On 2003-07-23 18:15, suffering bastard wrote:
That "wig picture" looks just like the guy who used to front "Kajagoogoo" back in the 1980s...

Kajagoogoo! The Jimmy Buffet of 80's Pop. Everybody sing along:

Too shy shy
Hush hush, eye to eye
Too shy shy
Hush hush...

Yep...I hear lots of big, big talk. Don't see too much photo "do", though. :|


I don't know how I managed to smile considering how much I hated that damn yellow sweater.

It's not the funniest phots (I'll unearth the goth shots soon I promise) but I happened to have it on my server...

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That's kind of a Christy McNichol ring! You're right, Fish...gotta see the Goth shots.

That's dead sexy, Freak.

Sexxy? Not hardly. Have not shown any of those pics to anyone without some sort of wise ass comment. No way around it unfortunately. Just gotta laugh wid'em! Nope. Wasn't the most comfortable thing I have to admit.....Isn't there any Female Tandem Jump instructors out there?????? Well unfortunatley there wasn't that day....Have some nostalgic pics at home too to dig out as well. The long hair days in Junior High School (1974-1976 era). Will dig'em out tonight and try to post some more humility tomorrow. None here at work........



I was totally going to suggest an embarrasing high school picture thread- thanks for getting this started! This should be great. As soon as I can get one uploaded, ye shall tremble at the sight of my mullet.

Keep 'em coming!

At the right. Mercifully the shoes with 2" platforms are covered by the grass.

Akbar & Jeff:

[ Edited by: Sweet Daddy Tiki 2008-09-17 21:40 ]

You'd better be good or that guy on the left might have you whacked.

ha! this is the best thread EVER. that is some priest shirt there, bk. if you still have it, you could probably sell it on ebay for big bucks!

unfortunately, all my big hair pics are at my moms. perhaps, though, i could get agent dan squared to post one of his dave gahan hair pics tonight. and rumour has it that he was frequently referred to by people on the dorm floor as "duckie dale"...


All right. Top this!

Long hidden from even private viewing, this is me in maybe 1st grade. Back when I had straight hair, before puberty changed that. I can only guess the camera man caught me totally off guard.

The Swank Pad Broadcast - If it's Swank...

[ Edited by: Swanky on 2003-07-24 12:14 ]

"Yew cain't sit here"."Taken".


Looks like Swanky and I would have had to sit together!

Tikifish, even you and and Swanky were too A-list for me.


Then of course, I decided if I couldn't join the cool kids, I'd just frighten them instead.

Hey, Swanky... I think your first grade glasses were totally stylin'! You were indie rock before it even existed. :)

OK, here goes:

Halloween 1983: I'll tumble for ya!

Published in the school paper, 1987:

cynful? Isn't that a pre-Stimpy character on your shirt?
Sorry, no photos of me.........wouldn't know how to post 'em anyway.

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[ Edited by: jungletrader on 2003-07-24 23:12 ]

That's a bunny from Matt Groening's Big Book Of Hell on that shirt, right, cyn? That was a Forrest Gump quote, my lovely, talented Purple flower..That would make you Swanky's "Jenn-ny" (Oops...I had it in my mind that Jade was Swanky's Jenn-ny...it was fish...my lovely pouisson..)

[ Edited by: Basement Kahuna on 2003-07-25 08:30 ]

I didn't know you were in the band , The Cure.
I love your music!

On 2003-07-24 12:24, Basement Kahuna wrote:
"Yew cain't sit here"."Taken".

Basement --

Man, I laughed so hard at that, milk came out my nose !!! and I wasn't even drinking milk at the time!!!



Circa 1987-88.

I don't want to say the name of the band this reminds me of. Let's just chalk it up to a combination of "Cabaret" and "Rocky Horror" influences instead.

Perhaps I can hope for a faint Chrissie Hynde resemblance? Or Grace Slick--the big chin and heavy eyeliner, you know...er...nah.

Oh well.

Speaking of RHPS, IF I get a scanner anytime soon, the Magenta-As-Leather-Dominatrix pic might just see the light of day.


Here's your TURBOgod, circa 1971, Picking a winner. Unfortunately nothing much has changed.

Vixen, was there a Souxie shirt on you in that photo? Turbo-"take that diaper off your head and put it back on your sister, right now!" Hanford-Tim hasn't spoken to me since the Gump comment..Hope he's not sore!


Turbo, in Canada we like to call that 'mining for natural resources'.

On 2003-07-24 22:49, jungletrader wrote:
cynful? Isn't that a pre-Stimpy character on your shirt?

It's Bongo from the "Life in Hell" comic.



vixen: It really does look like Grace Slick in the 1960s. She was hot back then.

martiki: where's that one you promised?

cynner: Weren't you in Bananarama?

OK, I'm getting busy with my scanner tonight.


Here I am, 3rd grade, 1969, the year of Woodstock.
I should have worn the same outfit to Hukilau.



You people are damn scary! Too bad I don't know how to run any photos on this board or my scanner for that fact...hee hee



That is quite the jaunty cravat!

I meant Divy, Vern....actually you look quite smashing, baby...You look like you could be a sit-in in The 'Lovin Spoonfull!

All right. Here goes my contributions:

1982 - Atomic Cocktail in his Movie Idol days.
(One hand holds a martini while the other hand is plugging up the drip from the shower of the tub he's standing in.)

And a one and a two.....
(My glory days in the Hart Street Strutters.)

"Oh Rio, Rio dance across the Rio Grand"
(Notice white Capezio (Duran Duran) shoes and come hither look as if Nick Rhodes might be just around the next tree.)

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[ Edited by: purple jade on 2003-09-06 14:32 ]

Adam Ant in a Pat Benatar kind of way...

... OK, that's it ... my marching band photo is coming soon.

Cruzin Tiki, I've known several band nerds that grew up quite nicely, actually. Bring it on!

BK, I've always found Bat Benatar loathsome, so I'm afraid it is a moral imperative that I destroy you for that remark. :wink:

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