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Pacific Seas inside Clifton's Brookdale, Los Angeles, CA (bar)

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Name:Pacific Seas inside Clifton's Brookdale
Street:648 South Broadway
City:Los Angeles
Status: Open on 4th floor. Call Clifton's for details.
Early Tiki re-created.

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Is there any update on the status of the Pacific Seas?


Saw a few sneak peek photos on Facebook.



Yes, I saw those pics also. Just wondering if there's any time frame for an opening.

TongaT posted on Tue, Apr 5, 2016 3:13 PM

I was actually in these rooms for easter dinner reservations....the room with the map wall is the lounge for the bathrooms outside of the bar.....they told us it was looking like the end of May.

Keeping my fingers crossed that doesn't push back again like the April 1st date I was given was.


Bamboo Ben has been posting pics on facebook. He's been toasting bamboo and hauling it up from the alley. So work is definitely being done. And Ben's pretty darned fast, so I would think May is not an unreasonable expectation.

On 2016-04-06 07:07, JenTiki wrote:
Bamboo Ben has been posting pics on facebook. He's been toasting bamboo and hauling it up from the alley. So work is definitely being done. And Ben's pretty darned fast, so I would think May is not an unreasonable expectation.

Yes. Teaser pics on Facebook Ben Bassham/Bamboo Ben and Instagram-Bamboo Ben.
I'm sworn to secrecy so I can't say much other than sOOn!

Ben, More pictures, please!

We're getting closer......

I'm mounting these "Original Pacific Seas Plaques" tomorrow!!!

Come by and check them out at the end of June and beyond!

Very nice, Ben! The amazing thing is that heavy plaques like that can last well beyond our lifetimes. It will be very cool in 2070 when future cocktailians in hover shoes slide up to read your plaques.

Make sure you use good security screws to thwart souvenir collectors! :)

The Below Decks front door shows how much I'm eager to see Bamboo Ben's work at the opening of Clifton's Pacific Seas!

Some new press that just popped up today from Below The Decks!



TBD, thanks for the link. The place looks amazing from the photos in the story. DAMN AMAZING work, Ben.
Cheers to you and all who helped make this a reality and what appears to be an incredibly well-decorated spot to hang out and enjoy tropical libations.
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Tickets for Monday, October 31, 2016

The Coconut Club proudly presents our fancifully fiendish Haunted Halloween menu! Join us, if you dare, on Monday, October 31st at Clifton’s Pacific Seas. There are two spooooky seatings for your choosing pleasure:

Our “5 o’clock Some-Scare” seating has an arrival window of 5 PM-5:30 PM. Halloween costumes strongly encouraged! Tickets to the 5 PM seating are $100 each

Our “Glamorously Ghoulish” seating has an arrival window of 8:30-9 PM. Halloween costumes strongly encouraged! Tickets to the 8:30 PM seating are $120 each.

All seats include welcome punch, three cocktail courses with food garnishes, three food courses and more! Prices includes all fees, tax and service charges.

Tickets are strictly non-refundable. Tickets are transferable to another person if at least 24 hours notice via email is provided.

Allergy modification or other special requests, including virgin drinks and vegetarian, can be accommodated, but only with advanced notification. Please indicate when buying, or via email at least 48 hours prior to the event.

All in attendance must be at least 21 years of age.

This says it's finally open to the public this Friday, November 4!


I heard Nov 12th for the Public opening.

Call to confirm.


It's official!

Open really sOOn!!

One of TC's was there at press night.

You can find it here....




This may fit well here.
Clifton's Cafeteria is my kind of place, lots of history.
Need new videos of the remodel.

Historic L.A. cafeteria serves nostalgia

This one has Charles Phoenix!
L.A. 437 - Episode 5: Clifton's Cafeteria Grand Re-Opening

Original Clifton's Cafeteria video - before remodel

For those who haven't yet been to Clifton's Pacific Seas I can tell you what you've probably already heard, which is that it is breath takingly magnificent. The decor, lighting, seating, tikis, artifacts, memorabilia, and to save the best for last, the incredible, unmistakable work by Bamboo Ben. The bar needs to work on expanding and improving the cocktail menu (2 drinks on the menu were unavailable, and it wasn't a big menu!) and I hope that comes soon. We had 6:00 reservations, and they eventually escorted us inside at 6:20 or so. People dribbled in and by the time we finished three cocktails at around 9, it was fairly busy. I asked what would happen if I dropped by around the same time and day next week but without a reservation and they said I'd likely be fine and they'd let me in. Please go and support this masterpiece, and drink in the fine work of Bamboo Ben.


How are the quality of the drinks?

From the Long Beach, CA Grunion Gazette

Grunion Gazette: Cliftons Tiki Bar Article

Pacific Seas is on the list

LAist: Best new bars


On 2016-11-18 17:56, kkocka wrote:
How are the quality of the drinks?

I went for my first -and last- time a few weeks ago. The drinks are average: my Jungle Bird was alright, my Zombie was WAY pernod/absinthe heavy and I actually had to send it back. I've never sent a drink back in my life, even if it wasn't my thing or not particularly great. When I talked to the bartender, he said he liked to go heavy on it. No thanks! I can't recall the 3rd drink but there ya go. If the Smuggler's Cove dude hadn't dropped out, I'm sure they'd be stellar.

Don't get distracted by the decor. Something about the entire place didn't feel right to me. I'm sure the latin jazz and enchanted tiki room song didn't help either. Definitely not worth a trip into the city for me - I was warned by friends but needed to experience it for myself.

Sorry/not sorry for shitting on the place.

On 2017-11-06 11:24, kkocka wrote:
When I talked to the bartender, he said he liked to go heavy on it.

Your review is appreciated. Hmmmm, heavy on Pernod/absinthe? Interesting. We know that Pernod/absinthe is generally a background/accent player in tiki drinks, and that most palates today are not used to a heavy dose of this flavor. So it's a daring (risky?) choice on his part, one that I would have a problem with in a Zombie as well. After all, a good Zombie is a joy to drink even if it can make you leave the place drooling and disheveled.

GianFU posted on Mon, Nov 6, 2017 2:42 PM


I can't fathom that such fanciful art direction and theme setting would be primed with ho-hum drink preparation....

Seems to me the value of the place needs the income of a seasoned bartender with a variety of traditional tiki drinks...

I say this as a person with little capacity to differentiate a "good drink" from a "bad drink".... but I respect those who have learned the arts through sustained consumption....

It is my hope that when time allows, I will be able to enjoy a drink and the setting.....


The cocktail program at Pacific Seas (and all the rest of the bars at Clifton's!) are going to really up their game once Bois du Bois really starts taking over. I've known Beau for years from his work and team at Corner Door in Culver City. He's one of the nicest, most humble and mindful bartenders I've ever met. And his creative and delicious cocktails have been noted and recognized nationally and internationally. Here's a link to the article noting his arrival at Clifton's, but you can Google him to see how VERY lucky Clifton's is to get him (and how sad Culver City is to lose him!):


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