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Name our Meeting Room & Win a Caliente tropics Resort Night Light and Two Night Shirts!

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Aloha Gang!

Firstly, if you have opened this to read it, YOU HAVE TO RESPOND! No more chickens here--DON'T BE SHY! Please limit yourself to three responses each (I know it's hard, but I want to even out the playing field a little).

If you remember correctly, our former breakfast room was dubbed "The REEF." I say former because we now use the bar for breakfast service. And, as you know, the bar is the real REEF, reincarnated thanks to Crazy Al, Bamboo Ben, and their worthy assistants.

So, we need a new name for the meeting space (which used to be the breakfast room). Is this making sense to you?

Let me give you a little update. In keeping with our personality, we have recently renamed each building. The former West Wing is now known as Wallis Island (aka the Alnshely Show). The former East Wing is now known as Easter Island. And, the Tahitian Lanai will remain the Tahitian Lanai (its' namesake the digs at the old Waikikian in Honolulu). Aside from the "W," and "E," conotation in the first letter of these names, these three islands are geographically located in the same order, in the South Pacific. Cool, huh? Are you with me?

So, I'm looking for a name with some significance or connection with history, for this "new" meeting space. Here are a few ideas...
South Seas Military reference (like WWII)
Polynesian reference
Historical reference to the Resort (Ken Kimes, Elvis, Vic Damone, Rat Pack, the Angels ball team)
Historical reference to Palm Springs
Tiki reference
60s reference

Hopefully you get it by now. If you don't...STOP DRINKING for God's sake! International Tiki Day is over! We need to make certain your liver holds out for Tiki Oasis IV!

Dive in! Mahalo!

P.S. Those two night shirts are really our embroidered t-shirts.

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"The Fleet Marine","The Waikiki Room","The Captain Cook Room","The Sea Drifter","The Aloha Arms".


Nutridge; The Mauna Loa; Hibiscus; The Lahaina


Just dive in? Here goes...

  • The Kon Tiki
  • The Sharks Den
  • The Outrigger Room

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"the Aku AKu"

"aloha Nui lounge"-- i think this means lots of happiness or luck

"Malihini lounge"-- ithink this means visitors or guest lounge
hope that is what those mean.

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uh, "Congo Cellar"?

Truk Island Lagoon, Iwo Jima Room, Pearl Harbor Overlook

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Jetsam, Flotsam, Driftwood Lagoon Room

  1. Tiki Room
  2. Tahitian Room
  3. Hula Room

MacArthur Park
Batann Baton Room

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich Bamboo Lounge

Rat Pack?
Frank's "Family" Room
Dean Martini Lounge

I'm just gettin' started, and there's no 3 limit's that's gonna stop me (especially if bad taste didn't)...

Oh, shit, Casey...I just saw the three response rule...two double Black Magics tonight....


North Shore

Mai Tai Meeting Room

Polynesian Playground

Midway Island



  • The Wharenui Room (the Maori name for a meeting house)
  • Hui Hall (hui is the Hawaiian word for a club, group, or organization)
    or if you really want to drive everyone crazy:
  • Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Hall
  1. The Palm Grotto
  2. The Blue Lotus Room
  3. The Mirage Room


Please delete this one. Sorry


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1: Pearl Harbor Room (WWII reference)
2: Puka Puka Room
3: Suvarrow Room (small grouping of cook Islands)
4: Anchorage Room (main island in the Suvarrow group)
5: Rarotonga Room
6: The Atoll

Sorry, 3 choices just weren't enough.

  1. Kamehameha Room
  2. Maui Room
  3. Cook's Last Stand

The Magma Chamber

The Lilo Lounge

The Human Aquarium :)


The Lauhala room. By memory, it's mostly Lauhala correct?

Something tells me that the Mai Kai wore off on you Casey! We'll be bugging you as soon as the weather get's back to the 80/90's. Have many ideas...

p.s. if it's a "Meeting Room" you will need a meeting table and a podium??

p.s.s. and with all these new areas at the Tropics, you will need directional signs to aim us(tiki freaks/guests/staff) in the right direction??

Over one thousand custom tiki bars served! (Watch out Mc Donalds!!!) Web-site soon!

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Well here are my first 3 thoughts,

  • The Molakai Room - nod to the Mai Kai
  • The Chairman's Boardroom - nod to Frank
  • The Sven A. Kirsten Room - nod to... duh

When can I pick up my free nightshirt?? :wink:

Hoity-Toity Wanna Be

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Donovan's Reef (John Wayne's South Pacific Idyll). Just re-watched it last night and got all choked up when The Duke and Lee Marvin got in a fight and busted up the bar. And ruined that SWEET white suit Lee was wearing.

The Unga Bunga Bungalow

[ Edited by: Unga Bunga on 2003-08-15 10:20 ]

another one:
4) Bongo Room ("nod" to Bong)

1.The Maneaba - a micronesian meeting house.

2.The Goona-Goona - named after the "native" nudie movies of the 30's and 40's.

  1. The Tarawa Beach Lingerie Lounge - in tribute to Ed Wood Jnr who bravely fought on the beaches of Tarawa whilst wearing womens underwear.


This has certainly added a boost to my demeanor today. But, then again, reading replies usually does. I think I might have found the answer in an earlier reply, BUT KEEP GOING!

Kamana Wanna Rooma
Kamana Wanna Meetya


Lets see...
Your meeting will be held in the:
*Zulu Room
*SS Arizona
*Savage Room
*Leopards lounge
*SS Oceanica
*Captain's quarters


Sorry I had to post more....

  • The Lava Dome
  • Operation Crossroads/WWII ref
  • The Sonny Bono Room/Palm Springs Ref

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Unga Bunga wrote:
Kamana Wanna Rooma
Kamana Wanna Meetya

OK, I have to admit....this one is funny..."I've been to Hawaii."
"Oh ya, what island?"
Strange, sometimes the "dicks" (as in Richard, of course) are always the funniest.
OK, you, UB know I'm jabbing in fun, and I'm serious, I like your "room name" the best so far...not sure if Casey will go for it.
Who knows?

MARA TAU (probably spelled wrong, but like the movie,"Zombies of Mara Tau")



Fiji Forum

Samoan Summit

Maori Meeting


Hey Casey how about these:

  1. Beachcombers Lair

  2. Lani Kai Room

  3. The Tiki Room

  4. Palm Tiki

  5. Hukilau Hideaway

  6. Aku Aku


  8. Samoa

I'm on the Eastern Seaboard and, so, have No Idea What I'm Talking About, but... How 'bout Castaways?

God. All this creativity for a t-shirt and a night light!

I have a feeling if I offered a pillow case that Sven slept on, I'd probably get an even bigger response!



The Black Pearl
The Palm Grove
The Beach Hut

Agua Caliente Cove

Ring-a-ding Lounge

Coachella Coconut Cove

The Sands

Bora Bora Boardroom

Hot Hot Hale

CaseyJ what name did you decide to go with? One of the entries or one of your own?


** The Molakai Room

** Moana Luau Room

** The Diamondhead


server was acting weird. sent it multiple times. please see last one in string of three...


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server was acting weird... this got sent multiple times. sorry.

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the atomic room
the hideaway
the atomic hideaway
the fall-out shelter

more as the inspiration hits...


O'hana Central

O'hana Meeting Hut

Hula Huddle Home

(I've never been there, so I'm not sure how the room looks like or how the space is used.)



O'hana Central

O'hana Meeting Hut

Hula Huddle Home

(I've never been there, so I'm not sure how the room looks like or how the space is used.)


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Hukilau :wink:

Halawai (Hawaiian for "meeting")

Here's a name for the adjoining bathroom:

"Tiki Leaky" or

"The Leaky Tiki"

--Slod (in bad taste we stand)

On 2003-08-25 09:48, Pomaika i wrote:
Hukilau :wink:

Halawai (Hawaiian for "meeting")

I was going to suggest the same, can I throw my weight behind this? I haven't seen any where that we get a vote, but if I do, it goes toward this.


Hope I haven't repeated anyone...

The Aloha Tower
The Coconut Shell
House of Hawaii

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