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Aloha ka'kou!

Hi everyone - It has been a long time since creating anything and even longer since posting on this site. I've got a lot of ideas about projects in my head. Not all are tiki related. From those that are, some have made it to paper, and even fewer into production. My latest project is a few versions of the PNG gope board. I'm trying to pay some respects to the design but less towards reproducing the "artifact" quality with inspiration coming from Pacific spirits through visions and dreams. Sorry for the picture quality. The pieces are 8"x24" and made from plywood using scrollsaw. I tried different techniques with the color as I wanted experiment with varying degrees of wood grain display. They are not quite finished yet but almost there. Please share your thoughts. I would love to see if these ideas are accepted in the tiki community because there are a lot more where these came from. MAhalo!

Very kool


Can you show some step by step pictures of your techniques. Nice pieces by the way.


Here is what pics I have and a timeline.

After many pages of drawings in the sketchbook, I settle on a design I am happy with, then I scan it into the pc and use Adobe illustrator to trace, make a vector file, then print it out. Since the idea was to make it 8"x24", I had 3 pages I spliced. Then I stuck the printout to the 1/2" plywood board using rubber cement.

I used a bandsaw to cut the outside, jigsaw to cut out the inside, then scrollsaw to cut out the actual design pieces. I used another layer of 1/4" plywood as the background which I cut slightly larger than the board outline that the pieces and outline will be mounted to.

At this point, the sawing is all done and the paper removed. Pieces were rounded using a 1/2" quarter round bit on a router. I don't have a table, so I just secured the router to the workbench pointing up and worked the pieces over it. I'm not quite sure if I'll do that again, it's pretty dangerous, and I'm not entirely happy with the result. Sanding is a pain in the ass, if you want the shape looking right, you better put the time in. I rigged sandpaper on rods and sticks, and used sanding pads and strips cut out from a belt to be able to shape efficiently. At this point, the one on the left is the only one routed and sanded. Rounding the dots is a whole other production. Anyone needing advice on this at this point, let me know and I'll tell you how I do it.

Then you see it almost finished in my 1st post, I used 4 layers of black stain on the black parts. The red is a stain/sealer combo which I'm not happy with. For the next one I'll do, I'll look for a red stain and after I'm happy with the color, then use a gloss sealer. What's next I'll use a layer of gloss on everything except the white then attach all the pieces to the background then attach mounting hardware.

For any further details or questions, please ask. I'm happy to share anything except the actual design and vector files. I encourage the creation of which to be made highly personal.


Be excellent to everyone . . .


cy posted on Sat, Dec 3, 2016 7:13 PM

Very cool ManoKoa!

Very nice, welcome back to TC - hope to see more.

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