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Hello CAP CITY TIKI CRAWL hosts and crawlers. We had a good meeting at the Jungle Bird on Sunday, July 1. We decided on the following:

The Cap City Tiki Bar Crawl is on October 5,6,7, 2018.
Wendy has finished our Crawl mug...it’s HOT HOT HOT. Sign up below for the mug.
I will be providing free Cap City Tiki bumper stickers.

We have all been short on spare time this year so our plans for the following will be scheduled for the 2019 Crawl.
*Cocktail Contest (help us make a Cap City Tiki Cocktail)
*Fezes (will be working on some new options for the emblem)
*Name Tags (will develop more passports for Crawlers next year.

FRIDAY 10-05-18
Jungle Bird Tiki Bar (4p-7pm) Buddy/Bar
McTiki’s Okole Maluna (7:15-10pm) Mike & Denise

SATURDAY 10-06-18
Atomic Outpost (10am to 11:45am)Brittany
Kurt Biddle hosting info to come (12:00p-1:30p)****
Scott’s Tiki Bar(2p-5p) Scott Shapiro (POOL open swim)
Brenda Rey (6p-10p) Brenda Ray includes the MARKET PLACE & MELISSA GRUENHAGEN

SUNDAY 10-07-18
Swanberg’s-Tiki Shop (10a-12:30p) Lauren
Headhunters Hideaway (1:30-5p) Dave & Eva

Some Crawlers don't make all stops, but we are estimating 60+ participants this year.

If you have not received the eVite invitation (with the stop addresses), please message me with your eMail address please.

[ Edited by: VampiressRN 2018-10-03 23:26 ]


I will be there crawling. Can’t wait to see Wendy’s incredible mug this year.

The Sacramento Crawl mug for 2018.

This is the list of those who have purchased a crawl mug in the past. It helps me to know how many to make. If you want on or off this list just send me a message here or by PM.

The mug this year will be shown step by step on this thread and on my "other crafts" page and on fb. It will cost $95 plus shipping if you don't make it to the crawl. I will update this list as we continue on. Thank you VampiressRN for running another crawl, we all appreciate you so very much.

11 VampiressRN
#13 Laura Lee Riley
#20 TikiTNT aka Tom Colman
#22 Debbie Whitaker Moretton
#25 Matt Hull

#42 Heather Hart – Evers PAID (AquaAloha aka Heather Evers)
#47 Choptop
#60 Dancin' Lizard aka Debbie Eyman-Whitehead
Annette Kerns
Andrew Bornhoeft aka Dru

Bill Beierle III
Brenda Ray
Brian Martin
Bullet Roberts
Brigitte Crawford

Cathi Wartelle
Chris Martin
Cecily Dewing
Cole Unger
Christine Lonie

Daniel Cromm
Denise Marie Hopkins
Duane Orzol
Donovan Goble
Dannelle Ddr Abellera

Erik Danielles
Freddie Coester
Gabrial Baldwin
Gregory Ramirez

JJMaiTai aka Jeremy and Stephanie
Joanne Kelly
Jacoby Jorgensen
John Kuckowicz
John O'Neill

John Kuckowicz
Karen Stuetz-Garland
Kristin Beierle
Kurt Biddle
Lauren Lundstun

Mike Mac
Mike Mac's sister
Mary Parker
Mahalo Tiki
Melissa Schmitt-Barletta

Moai Mike
Mitch Cichella
Monty (via Debbie Hurley)
mondo-by-the-bay aka Karen Schell
Miss Monk-ii aka Maggie

Nelson Osorio
Robyn Lednock-Hass
Roger Scott
Stephen Holt
Stephen Seaton

Savage Tiki Eric
Scott Taylor PU by friend at JB Natalie Cortez or Carol Graven
slowhandtikiman Rob Wagner to be picked up by Jeremy done #30 is his request
Scott Shapiro ... and friend (2)
Terry Patton

Tadpole Thomas LoBue
Tonie Iriarte Jenkins
Todd Sieber
Vance Klinke
Woody Miller

Trace Stark
Trey Goodwin
Whylee Raven aka Dr. Tiki Mojo
Eric Allred

New Additions

Eric Gabrys
Sterling Seaton Mincey
Ken Kim McCormick
Debbie Smith
Michael Bong

Bob "Rum Dog" Burt
Abe Cerda
Roger Scott
Jeffery Lynn Konyu
Michael Forman

Geoffrey Mattison
Chad Manen
Dion Martinez
Todd Sieber
Bently Jogensen

Tiki Cy (fb)
G.t. York
Lloyd Mirafuentes Jr. #50 if possible.
Debbie Smith
Beatrice Dally
Bonnie Borda Hoffecker
Terra Washburn

91 on list, now I'm starting the list past the number of mugs I've made so far. Come to the crawl and you will get a mug. If you don't attend then if I run out you'll have to wait until I make a few more.


[ Edited by: danlovestikis 2018-09-07 08:21 ]

The Sacramento Crawl mug 2018 . This year the idea for making it a volcano was offered by Jeremy Sherlock. I've done them in bowls and free standing but never as a mug. This is the year and it's going to be HUGE.

Here is my volcano inspiration from Australia. Tall and skinny, perfect for a mug.

I looked at all my past sculpts and chose last years crawl mug to bury in clay. So the volcano will be larger than the mug from last time.

I use all kinds of tools to place the clay. It is too hard to do with thumbs and fingers.

I needed a lot of clay so I broke down my sculpt for the Maori Lamp and started adding pieces.

Little by little I build the volcano.

I found that this massage tool worked to pound in the clay.

A good texture.

The mug is slowly evolving while I think about what to do next.

Four side are roughed out.

I started this back in October right after the last crawl.

More steps for the Sacramento Crawl mug 2018

We went to the state library to look through old phone books for tiki places. We started at 1912. I found my great grandfathers name in that book. He said he had one of the first 99 phones in Sacramento. The phone books prior to this date were for phone numbers of three states not a city. I think he told the truth.

We found this place and then looked and didn't find it mentioned here in Tiki Central. Does anyone have any information about this place to share? It didn't last long it wasn't in the next phone book.

We drove to the address and all we found was a foundation.

I started by cutting off the front of one side of the volcano. Using a carved and sanded chop stick I copied the style of the name.


I began to add clay to the front.

Not a door, similar, but more of a monument.

Next I copied the tiki from the phone book ad.

I put him on the front and then decided that he didn't look impressive enough.

So I chose a place on the side of the volcano and dug a hole and

pressed him into place. Historically he's there but the front needs to be better.

More steps to the sculpting of the mug.

Wherever I add clay I have to attach it so that there are no undercuts or molding it will not work. The plaster breaks off if it is trapped.

I cleaned it up and added decorations around the raised part.

Close up.

At this point I was still thinking about what I would put in the center so I just moved on to fine tuning the surface.

I also thought about how is would look when the top was trimmed and that caused me to add more clay

and to form it and to add to the detail.

I also decided that this tiki was sticking out too far from the volcano's surface so

I added clay around him and then

did the detailing.

This just shows how things evolve over time. Cheers, Wendy

Sacramento Crawl mug for 2018 more steps.

I wandered around the house looking for the tiki that would look good on the front of the volcano. I found it. Freddie Coester made this cast and gave it to us as a gift many years ago. I think it's impressive and it has a great feel. Thank you Freddie.

So first I cut out a piece of clay just the right size to fit in the arch.

Then I began to add clay.

I think it is now ready to put on the volcano.

Just right.

When I do the mold I can't let any plaster get behind the pieces so I'll have to seal this tiki in place.

I made little snakes and pressed them into place.

Then I begin to clean it all up.

Done and ready for more detail.

I wasn't looking straight on as I carved the side. It became slanted. This will not work for a mold that has to be pulled straight off.

PART FIVE: the finished sculpt for the Sacramento Crawl mug 2018. Jeremy Sherlock asked for a volcano. Dan and I located an old closed tiki restaurant the Waikiki to commemorate and I used Freddie Coester's tiki on the front. Here's the outcome. Next up will be how to mold this huge mug.

Here is the sculpt for the 2018 Sacramento Crawl mug.

This link will take you to the step by steps for the making of the mold.


If you don't know how to go to the next page on Tiki Central just click here to continue.


The final version (prior to drying and glazing) of the Sacramento Crawl mug for October 2018.

My mug's inspiration for shape.

The inspiration for the tiki came from Freddie Coester. He made this tiki and gave it to us as a gift.

The Sacramento tiki place for the name. Only the foundation still exists.

A cleaned up mug.

The first of two pockets for dry ice/ rum sugar cube at the top.

Oops! I took this photo before adding the volcanic surface to the dry ice/rum sugar cube cup on the left.

The tiki at the bottom comes from the phone book ad from an old telephone book.

Here it has been done.

I will do many glaze tests until I find just the right way to glaze this mug.

With one mold it will be one mug cast each day possible and cleaned up. Cheers, Wendy

Progress Report 3/1/18

This is how I keep track of how many I pour from a mold.

I can do one volcano a day as long as we are home long enough to wait to pour out the slip 3 hours after pouring it in. We try to do this at 6:00am. Today it was at 8:00am so we have to be here at 11:00 am to pour it out.

Now I have more space to hold projects.

As the clay dries it becomes a lighter shade of grey.

The tables are filling up again!

One more month of pouring to have enough to cover the list.

The first few crawl mugs have fired.

After coming out of the kiln they have been scrubbed. When my schedule permits I will begin the glaze tests.

March 14th 2018 Progress Report on making the mug.

We brought this many dry mugs to the kiln shed.

It's freezing out so I had a heater behind me and gloves on. I sanded and fine tuned the mugs.

Dan blew off the dust and loaded the kiln.

We kept on going until

the next level was full. We started the kiln to fire.

We didn't stop. I kept sanding and he kept blowing off the dust until

the shed was full again but this time they are already to fire. We pushed ourselves so that we could use up all the sunshine.

The rain has started again but we have enough mugs ready to keep firing for this whole week! It's going very well.

More progress on the Sacramento Crawl mug. The photos look like others because the steps are all the same steps just different batches.

Unload those that are fired.

Re-load the kiln and set to fire.

Wash those that are unloaded.

Protect the art from dust.

Another load out of the kiln.

More brought from the garage to the back yard for sanding.

They stack up in the shed until the kiln is ready to load.

Only some of them make it in along with Wish List projects.

Set to fire and two days later out they come.

ADDED on 4/7/18

After unloading the kiln it

was time to wash the art in 40 degree water.

Yep I've got tables filling up back in the house. I have to keep them dust free.

After sanding it was time to

fill the kiln.

Two days later it was time to

unload the kiln.

Then back to washing and taking it all back into the house.

We have been lucky. Each work day we find tasks that work with the weather conditions. I sanded in the shed with a heater behind me. I'm wearing ear guards because Dan is outside dusting with the air compressor.

Another load of Sacramento crawl mugs into the kiln

for firing.

The work on the Sacramento Crawl mug for October 2010 continues step by step and day by day. It's really adding up now.

Each time we fire we wait until the kiln is room temperature to open it. This prevents cracking.

Also we are going to wash these mugs in very cold weather because it's still winter outside.

They are lining up one by one in the hallway inside our home. We keep them dust free with a plastic cover.

The mold is beginning to leak. Not so much that I have to plug it.

Once they are dry in the garage they come to the shed to further dry.

Then they go outside to be sanded.

Dan dusts them. Washing off dust once they are fired is way harder than dusting them first and washing off the residual.

Dan loads each one after

he dusts it.

Another batch is fired and

removed from the kiln for washing.

Outside they go and then

into the scrub water and then rinsed in the next tub.

See how far I've leaped ahead now.

That's 78 mugs so far.

I've never been this far ahead before. Looks like I can have a few days off!

April and May 2018 the work continues with Sanding, Dusting, Firing, Washing and bringing them into the house.

Back to work. Wendy

[ Edited by: danlovestikis 2018-05-07 09:13 ]

As always totally awesome mug. Thanks for my #11. Looks like we will need a wheelbarrow to cart that baby home. Thank you for being our resident mugger.


Coming in from Upper Lake. This will our(2) first time

VampiressRN you are welcome. Dan said I've reached the limit of his ability to lift the mold so I will need to start reducing the size next time. This years mug is the largest one so fare. I'm glad you approve!

zond2 welcome to the Sacramento Crawl. We look forward to meeting you either again or for the first time.


If you are not on the list and do want a mug just post a message on this page and I will add you to the list. Cheers, Wendy

For those of us new to the event, is there an approximate schedule? Evenings only for the three days?

Suggestions for where to stay in Sacramento, centrally located to the festivities?

kevincrossman welcome. The crawl usually is Friday evening and then all day on Saturday into the evening and then a half day on Sunday. However the schedule is still being worked out and sometimes changes at the last minute. Send your email address via Personal Messages to VampiressRN and she will put you on the list to receive the schedule when the time is right. She can also give you ideas for hotels.

If you would like to be put on the list for an event crawl mug you just post here requesting to be on the list.

We all will look forward to meeting you, Wendy


[ Edited by: kevincrossman 2018-03-15 08:38 ]

Until I begin the glazing I'm just adding all new photos to the bottom of the very first post. Then I'll keep all the glazing photos together in the next set. So if you want to follow my progress right now check out the photos above. Thank you, Wendy

I've added more photos at the end of the string of photos to show my progress. I will begin to glaze them soon.

If you come to the crawl I'll have a mug for you to purchase. If you do not attend but are on the list for one I will ship after the crawl has ended.

Cheers, Wendy

Hi Folks, we had a great meeting last Sunday. We have all the hosting spaces taken except for Saturday morning. Please keep an eye out for a post from Scott/John with details about our Cap City Tiki Cocktail contest.

The Sacramento Crawl managed by VampiressRN is less than six weeks away. I have the crawl mugs done and I'll be posting more photos soon.

If you are at the crawl you may buy a mug for $95. If you don't make it but want a mug and are on my list then we will ship until they run out. If anyone is left without a mug at that time I will make one for you during the next Wish List.

I made around 80 mugs which is the largest number so far which is fitting because this is my largest mug. Next year whatever I make will be smaller because Dan could barely lift this mold and he's revolted!

Cheers until we meet again, Wendy

Sacramento Crawl mugs for the first weekend in October 2018. More steps.

There have been many days of work before getting to this place. I sculpted the mug and we molded it. When the mold dried we began to pour one mug a day for 85 days. When the mug was removed from the mold it was cleaned and fine tuned. Each time enough for a kiln load completely dried I would sand them. Then I would bisque fire them. Out of the kiln they were scrubbed inside and out.

I kept them under plastic to keep any dust from getting on the surface.

During this time I decided to get the signature cards done. This year it was the ad in the old phone book that inspired this mug.

It took a few hours to get them all printed.

Once I had them done I numbered them and signed each one.

I also ordered the boxes I would need for each mug.

Next it's time to glaze the mugs. Wendy

Sacramento Crawl mug for October 2018. More production steps.

For the next three days we will glaze just the inside and the bottom of each mug. To start the "capillary" action I had Dan spray water into each mug.

At thrift stores I buy heavy glass vases that will fit my mugs when they are upside down. I use them to drain the extra glaze.

I fill up a pitcher with glaze that I will pour into the mug. I let it drip into the pitcher and then put it into the vase to continue dripping.

Since the mug is now upside down I can glaze the bottom. I leave a box where I can add the number of the mug.

With volcanos it doesn't matter it I over fill and have an accident. It will all work out.

The last jars of glaze had firmed up. Trying to blend it with a spoon wasn't working. A regular mixer doesn't work, too messy.

However at a thrift store I had found this blender to use to mix my slip. It worked perfectly with blending the glaze.

Now the glaze was once again creamy. But I was worn out and so I covered the bowl with plastic wrap and called it a day (and night).

So many steps! Wendy

Hi Folks...we are getting close to our crawl. We lost one host so now have 2 Saturday morning openings if anyone would like to host. I am willing to help you in what ever way I can. The times are:

10 to 1145am


12noon to 1:30pm

I will need everyone's email addresses to send out our location addresses. Either post here or send it to me in a message.

VampiressRN had important information just ahead of this post. Don't miss it.

The Sacramento Crawl mug for October 5, 6 and 7, 2018.

After three days I had all the insides glazed.

Here is a view from the opposite end.

A few didn't fit on those tables and ended up in the dining room. I covered all three tables with plastic to keep off the dust.

When a spike is ruined by an overrun of glaze I set them aside to use when glazing with a spray gun.

I'm always looking for ways to speed up the process. I found a large turntable at a thrift store.

On top of that I put five more turn tables and put the spikes on top of those.

Did I have enough of this glaze for the outside of the mug. NOPE so of course we went back to Alpha fired Arts again.

Judging glaze is hard. The pour in and out takes more glaze than when you spray it. However these mugs are so large that spraying took more glaze than expected.

Cheers, Wendy

The Sacramento Crawl mug production. Here are some misc. photos from June 9th to June 15th, 2018.

Every step is repeated 3 times to get three layers. The air compressor jar is heavy for me to lift as are the mugs.

I put five mugs in place upon the metal spikes. Then I squirt all the sides with water to get the "capillary action" going so the glaze will stick well.

Then I did a layer all the way around the volcano. I had a black insides and a dark grey outsides and so it was fine to have overspray into the volcano.

Three layers done wasn't fast but once done Dan carried

them to Couroc trays so dry. I love these tray because they stack so well in a cupboard.

If I didn't have the volcanos on these spikes when spraying the turnwheels would get gummy with glaze which would stick on the bottom of my mugs making a mess. I learned this with the first mug I made. At the end of each glazing day we completely wash everything otherwise the glaze dries on hard and it's difficult to get it scrubbed off.

More days and more spraying.

I was lucky that these were not triple digit days. The air compressor is loud so we wait until 8 am to start.

I did figure out right away that keeping my arm at one height as I went around was faster. I would do all the tops, then the middle and then the bottom. Having them on a turn table made this possible.

The air compressor would clog up frequently so I kept a wire handy. Also the three bottles started upright and with each layer I would lay one down. It's easy when tired to lose count. Dan thought this up.

6 days to do around 90 mugs.

Dan carried them in and out of the house

He also set them on the spikes. These are so big and heavy they wore me out.

Slowly over the days they filled the hall tables back up.

They are NOT done. This was the base color next up all the detail work. I do love doing these crawl mugs each year. This one is number nine.


More glazing steps for the Sacramento Crawl mug for October 5th, 6th and 7th, 2018. This took two brutal days, June 16th and 17th. These mugs weigh 3 to 4 pounds each so both days were long and required heavy lifting for me.

This photo shows how very little glaze got to the bottom when spraying all the mugs. I just wiped it off with a wet cloth.

Dan only held this one mug for a photo and then he disappeared and left me to do the rest. This is the heavy lifting part. I dip the mup into the lava glaze and then held it until it stopped dripping.

I would do five or six and the then

I would go around each one and paint the lava glaze to make the run down the volcano more realistic. Two layers for this effect.

When I would fill up a couple of trays Dan would come and remove them to the hallway tables and bring me the next couple of trays.

The tables filled up and by nightfall the second day this step had been completed. This was a couple of 14 hour days.

Watch out the volcanos are active! Wendy

More steps for the Sacramento Crawl mug. These were taken from June 18th to July 1st. Even by then these steps hadn't been completed but I stopped doing more photos because they would just look the same. We just kept on working.

Once the mugs were dry we began to bring them into the kitchen for the next glazing steps.

I used a huge syringe to run the red glaze down the sides of the volcano.

Before this glaze could dry I added red and black crystals to it. This will insure the red comes out with a rich red color but that there are also specs of black like real lava has as it cools.

Then to make sure these crystals don't pop off I do another layer of red glaze on top of them.

Here you can see the two bowls of crystals in black and red. Sold by Duncan they come in even more colors.

Next I did a thin layer of green glaze on the sides of the volcano. I want the mug to have a green tinge since most volcanos have some foliage growing on their sides until the day the go off.

It takes days just to get this many done. But since the kitchen is full of volcanos there's no cooking going on. We HAVE to go out.

Another round of volcanos are brought into the kitchen.

As I finish a tray completely it is carried by Dan to

the kiln shed. I can't fire until I'm sure they are completely dry.

We bough our home on a Friday the 13th, we signed up for a smart phone on a Friday the 13th, we bought our new car this July on Friday the 13th. So when I loaded the kiln and 13 mugs fit perfectly on the two levels I felt lucky.

Not all of them come out perfectly so I had to re-glaze some and fire them a second time. However we started this process October 2017 right after the crawl so we are ahead of schedule and feeling very happy.

More photos to come, Wendy

The Sacramento Crawl mug production photos from 6/15/18 until 7/4/18. Yep we were boxing crawl mugs on the 4th of July!

Dan's job was to put all the boxes together.

He stacked them on our living room couch.

I signed and numbered all the cards that go into the boxes with the mugs to match.

I call our home a tiki factory because everywhere you look there are tiki mugs and

tiki mugs and

more tiki mugs.

My job was to number the boxes on three sides and then match the card and mug to the box. Then I slid it over to Dan.

He tore up all the stiff wrapping paper he would need.

He wrapped each mug and sealed the box.

My next job was to line the mugs in the hallway were they would sit until the crawl.

This went on for a couple of days. These are huge mugs.

The mug is done and ready to pose for inspection.

I will try to remember to bring looooooooooong straws to the crawl for those of you who wish to drink a quart or two from the mug during the crawl. Suitable for mile too.

Cheers, Wendy

More to come but we have a full complement of hosts.

Friday, October 5
4-7pm – Jungle Bird
7:15-10pm = McTikis

Saturday, October 6
(Roseville to Sacramento)
10am -12pm – Brittany
12pm – 1:30pm – Kurt Biddle
2-5pm – Scott’s Tiki Bar
6-10pm – Brenda’s Tiki Hut

Sunday, October 7
(Sacramento & Elk Grove)
10am -12:30pm – Swanberg’s/Lauren
1:30pm – 5pm – Headhunter Hideaway

"Oh waiter, another cocktail please!!!"

[ Edited by: VampiressRN 2018-10-03 23:28 ]

Melissa Sangiocoma wants a mug Wendy. Thanks

I will be attending the crawl without my usual traveling companion, who will be somewhere between Cuba and Madagascar that weekend.


cant wait.

VampiressRN I put her down, I'm glad she can make it.

Polynesian Paddy OH NO! I have a few things for him. I think I'll send them home with you since you get together every so often.

Choptop and we can't wait to hug you!



Unfortunately I will not be able to be at the Crawl this year. I look forward to seeing lots of pics. Have a great time!

KBP posted on Fri, Sep 28, 2018 10:21 PM

I have not been to a crawl before. It sounds like a lot of fun... but there is little information. Is it open to all who want to join in? How does one go about getting on the list, or even some additional information. I originally heard about the crawl when I was in Jungle Bird. Then I got onto this site, but I'm a bit lost. Can someone please help?

Hello Friends, Dan is my hero, I’ll tell you why. We just ended a trip on the 24th but just prior to returning home I became ill with the worst cold of my life. I’ve been to the doctor because of the persistent sore throat, congestion and dual red eyes and I was told I will be ill for one to two weeks longer and that I am contagious. I’ve been told to stay home.

For the past month Dan has continued to gut his tiki collection preparing for garage sale number three so what he has done and taken the crawl mugs to the garage so that crawlers in town can come here to purchase their mugs with the incentive of shopping the next garage sale early.

The crawl mugs are $95. The items in the garage sale range from $1 to $300 (custom chunk lamps). But most are $5 mugs. I hope this will temp you all to make the trip to Elk Grove. Here is our information and hours that Dan will be available.

Sunday 8am until 10am, then again 5pm until 7pm.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5pm until 7pm.
Also Sunday after the last crawl stop which is in our town of Elk Grove, just a couple of miles away.

Or you can call and make an appointment with him. I am continuing to stay in bed. I have not touched anything in the garage since we returned home.

If you need our address or phone number please message me.

I sent this information out to a bunch of old email address that I hope still work. I will also post this notice on fb and TC.

At this point I don’t know if we will make it to a single stop on the crawl. I might get Dan to go to some of them.

Miss you all, Wendy

Dan has loaded the tables with more tikis today. The tables are packed with incredible bargain. So many mugs we paid $60 for and marked $5. Come shop the garage sale and pick up your Sacramento Crawl mug.

5 PM to 7 PM Monday 10/1 through Thursday 10/4.

You won't see me but Dan's got it under control.

Cheers, Wendy

Hi Everyone, I am still doing my best to get well. I’m better. This cold started on September 22nd so I’ve had it longer than most. Fingers crossed that I’ll be at the crawl. Dan however is going to go so he can deliver the mugs. He will be at most stops but not all of them.

It will help out if you can pay for your mug ahead of time so he doesn’t have to deal with cash.

Each mug is $95. Please use your name I’ve familiar with and under comments write Crawl mug 2018.
To Pay by Paypal use the money to family and friends option (never the one for goods) send to my account which is my email address. If you need it send me a message.

Do not pay ahead if I have to ship the mug to you because I will have to get you the total with shipping after the crawl has ended. Early payment is for those who pick up at my home or at the crawl.

Meanwhile at our home Dan is selling the mugs from our garage while running an early tiki garage sale. You can do one without the other so if you want to shop the tiki garage sale but not buy a mug that’s fine too. 7 to 9 pm today through Thursday night.

If you need our address send me a message. I will check back on and off during each day.

Thank you for helping us out. I work all year to make the mugs and now it’s my payday and I’m ill. Not fair at all.
Hugs and love, Wendy

Update on my condition. I've had this cold for 12 days. For the past few days I've started to feel better. No coughing last night.

However last night Dan started to get a tickle in his throat with some coughing. Now we are worried that he might have begun this cold or some other cold since he's been out to the grocery store and other places.

So for now it's all up to everyone whether or not to come here to pick up a crawl mug or to shop the tiki garage sale tonight or tomorrow night at our home. If Dan is ill I'll take care of it and I'll wear a face mask.

5 to 7 PM the next two nights. PM me if you need our address.

On Friday I will post if I will be at a stop for pick up.

This is the ninth Sacramento Crawl mug I have made and it's the first time this has happened so we've been very lucky. Fingers crossed it still goes well.

The Waikiki Volcano.


HMMMMPH...what is this wet stuff falling out of the sky!!! We should be warm and sunny on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

If you have not received the eVite with the Crawl stops, please send me your eMail address please.

"Oh waiter, another cocktail please!!!"

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Today the Sacramento Crawl begins. We will be outside with the crawl mugs beginning at 3:30 PM if we can find a close parking.
Please pick up your mug ASAP. They are so huge that I can't fit them all in our trunk. We killed the PT Cruiser this year so we have to haul mugs a stack at a time to each location. So we must move them out fast.

If you have a numbered mug we will have those with us at each stop we make.

Dan and I am both recovering from colds. Today is day 14 for me. So I'm not talking much and I'll be using hand sanitizer to keep all the mug boxes clean (yes our careers were at Sutter Hospital, we know how to keep you safe).

We can't guarantee that we will make every stop. We will do our best. It's a good excuse to eat candy to keep up our energy.

Marlene aka VampiressRN this is an outstanding schedule. You've done it again, thank you so very much. Wendy and Dan


I had an absolute best time seeing all my great tiki friends again yesterday!

Marlene, I'm so sorry I didn't get to see you. Next time for sure. But a huge thank you for all you've done to organize the crawl and keep it going year after year. Much appreciated!

The Sacramento Crawl was a raging success thanks to all the hosts and to Marlene aka VampiressRN for setting it all up.

There are more beautiful tiki homes in Sacramento County than even I knew about. It's time to share my photos.

PS if you have a crawl mug on order I will be contacting you about shipment in the near future.

We started off at the Jungle Bird. We came an hour early

so we could have the best parking spot for selling our mugs.

Maggie came clear from Reno for the event but had to go home the next day.

Mark and Debbie came clear from the state of Washington for the three day event.

Frank is my newest tiki buddy.

Oops I just missed the smile. VampiressRN set up the entire crawl schedule and it was wonderful.

Even her mom came to the Jungle Bird and she's almost 100 years old.

The second stop was at Mike and Denise's home. I messed up and only got one fun photo. The party was out back.

Day 2 of the crawl started in Roseville but we missed the stop at Brittany's. We started at Kurt Biddle's.

Chicken and waffles!

Now we were on our way to Scott Shpiro's. One fun place after the next.

One too many drinks!

After the crawl on Friday night I started a new book by a Sacramento author.

I read this page about a drink with a backscratcher. I couldn't imagine it.

Before the next stop we went with Mike to the Jungle Bird for dinner. He ordered a Pain Killer and to his surprise it came with a back scratcher. Now I don't have to imagine it I've see one!

It was fun to see his hat glowing in my photos. I didn't notice that when we were together.

Next stop was at Brenda's home.

Melissa set up a Hawaiian shirt and dress shop in Brenda's living room.

Another great day is over. One more to go.

Sunday 10/7/18 the last day of the crawl began at Swanberg's Hawaiian shirt and tiki shop.

Between stops there was a bit of time so we did a quicky tiki garage sale.

The last stop of the day was at Whylee Raven's. Or Dave and Eva's wonderful Tiki/Pirate/horror movie home for a good meal and cheer.

Soon I'll be back to working on the Wish List #8 as it continues along and then I'll start the next years crawl mug #10.

Cheers, Wendy and Dan

Hey Tiki Gang, I had some people cancel their mug orders so I have some available. They are $95 plus shipping. The mug weighs as much as 4 pounds empty. These are made to last! I wanted mine to be the best volcano out there. Let me know if you need one.
The place it represents no longer exists, just the concrete pad. It's signature tiki was minimalist so I put it on the back. Instead I used a tiki done by Freddie Coester it suited the name Waikiki perfectly.

So just post here to let me know or message me here or on facebook. Thank you. Soon I'll be back to work on the Wish List #8, not going to finish by the end of the year. Everyone is keeping me busy. Wendy

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