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Finding tiki bars in a post Critiki era?

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I used to use Critiki as my go to when looking for tiki bars while travelling. It seems that Critiki isn't being maintained any more though unfortunately. (I've tried for at least 6 months to add in 5 new bars covering 3 different cities, and haven't received a response. And I can't be the only one trying to add in these bars either.)

How do you all find new tiki bars to hit these days? Random chance? Word of mouth? Internet sleuthing?

Hamo posted on Fri, Jun 1, 2018 7:54 PM

True, Humu hasn’t added any locations in over a year (and hasn’t posted to Critiki News since last November); still, I don’t think it’s too obsolete yet. Most things listed there as in existence are so, or their current status can be confirmed by an Internet search, so Critiki remains my source for new-to-me tiki places.

When it comes to new-in-general places, ones that have opened their doors for the first time within the past 18 months, that’s a different story. Some of us have been posting here about new places, so I also do a TC search (or ask here) before traveling. And it was just internet dumb luck that I found out about Hidden Idol in Denver a year ago (which I then added to the Locating Tiki forum for the benefit of others).


A shame i always used this too and tried to add our home bar too but no luck yet, At least i can see a lot of older locations that are already on here

Hooray! Critiki was one of my entry points to Tiki, i'm so glad it's not going anywhere.

On 2018-06-04 16:24, TikiHardBop wrote:
Good news! She's back!


That's great news!

santa posted on Sun, Jul 1, 2018 2:39 AM

Has the Y review site made critiki obsolete?

Hamo posted on Sun, Jul 1, 2018 4:43 PM

If you mean Yelp, then no, I don’t think so. Critiki has a specific (niche?) audience. The reviews there are by people who get “tiki,” so I trust them more than some bozo on Yelp. Plus, It’s still a nice record of places that no longer exist.

santa posted on Sun, Jul 1, 2018 6:32 PM

The same people that use any review site use both the y that shall not be named and critiki.

On 2018-07-01 02:39, santa wrote:
Has the Y review site made critiki obsolete?

The Y review site made itself obsolete so long ago that I have absolutely no idea why ANYONE would refer to it for anything aside from hours and address.


Anybody know what the scoop is with Critiki? I was able to log on and post a review about a month ago but since then forgot my password and tried to retrieve it several times to no avail.

I had this happen once. She's a one-person operation so sometimes she can get a bit backed up. You might want to send her an email as well.


I get the thing now, but there's still silence. Her post of going on with Critiki is from 4th of June, I've tried to contact her by e-mail over 2 years, even by Facebook (in October 2018), but nothing... There's many updates in Europe scene of tiki waiting for her...
Critiki is main source for me too while travelling and trying to catch as much as possible of those places. The site has a very high importance for tiki-people, but also for bars. Critiki is like Nokia (Finnish mobile phone company) – connecting people, connecting tiki-people with tiki-locations.


Maybe start a similar site of your own?


I don't think it's too good idea. It's better to have one big, good place to keep all the information together and Critiki has helluva big job already done, it already contains whole lotta enormous amount of information, pictures, historical pictures etc. Also I'm not much good at it, not in IT stuff, not much experiences in tiki-world and I'm at home only about 2 months per year, so no, not me, but I'd gladly support as much as I can to keep the database in good condition and to be helpful to everybody.

santa posted on Wed, Dec 12, 2018 2:10 PM

I don’t like yelp but it functions and is fairly up to date. Refusing to use a mainstream review site is obstinate. Tripadvisor works too. The snobby attitude of being tiki er then thou is annoying

On 2018-12-12 14:10, santa wrote:
Yelp ... functions and is fairly up to date. ... Tripadvisor works too.

Until I saw your post, I never thought to search for Tiki on Yelp. I use it often for restaurant reviews, so it's not like I don't use it. I'll see what it says for our next trip.

As someone from Florida, good luck using Yelp to find anything remotely resembling real tiki. I've never had any problems with Critiki.

We still use Tiki Central and see no reason to go anywhere else. Just use the search and narrow it to the "Locating Tiki" forum, and you're good to go...

I'm a web developer by trade and I'd be happy to volunteer some time getting the site going again if Humu is into it.

It would be good to get this going again,Been waiting for a couple of years to get our home bar on it

I think a number of curated moderators would be a great idea. That said, Critiki has always been a very personal thing for her (not that I know Humu personally, this is just based on observation) and it might be difficult for her to open it up to third parties, regardless of their best intentions.

Even as a static website, Critiki's a fantastic resource. I'd hate to see it go away.

santa posted on Fri, Aug 2, 2019 5:22 AM

Looks like we are stuck with yelp and Tripadvisor. No bars opened in the last 12 months are on critiki.


On 2019-08-02 05:22, santa wrote:
Looks like we are stuck with yelp and Tripadvisor. No bars opened in the last 12 months are on critiki.

They are many of them posted on here Tikicentral.

AND you could make your own site that does what you want it to.
OR heck post the info here that would be very easy to do.

Be thankful for the time and effort that humu humu already put into it.
She has other things to do that are more important like time with her child.

People used to come into our restaurant and say "you know what you need to do" my mom would say "buy the place and do what you want to it"

Many times it would be ideas that were tried, or didn't work or would not work, but it was never people that would actually ever do anything.

Heck, somebody needs to take over Tiki Central and modernize it as well! But I can imagine that would be a huge effort that really would take away from your drinking time!

I don't think providing an alternative to critiki would work unless it had the blessing of Humu and the greater community.

It's something I would be interested in contributing to (web developer is my day job). I'm pretty sure I could put together something modern, fast and maintainable (multiple admins).

I guess an email to Humu is the first step?

Can Critiki not be managed by multiple people? Has anyone asked?
Ooga stays updated and appears to have several people entering new mugs.
I wouldn’t mind helping manage things a bit. I work a 9-5 and have lots of free evening and weekend time.

Constant negativity is annoying.

I wasn’t trying to be negative!

Humu’s work is amazing and I’d just enjoy helping out if at possible!


As far as i know there is only one person (besides Humuhumu) who has access to Ooga Mooga and is able to add new templates but even they are not able to make other certain amendments to the site. They are things that only Humu can do.

As far as starting any new sites, doesn't anyone remember how long this lasted for? The only people who use Tiki Central, Ooga Mooga and Critiki are those who have known about them for a while. People use Facebook as their source of Tiki information and no matter how many times any of these sites are mentioned people are always asking the same questions over and over again which they would find the answers to if they just visited them. Even the Facebook groups have a search feature which people just do not use (just like here). I mean there is literally not a week that goes by without someone asking for information if there's any Tiki and/or what places to visit when they go on holiday to X destination, especially Hawaii (Maui in particular). They just need to type 'Maui' in the search bar and every post mentioning the name will show up and the majority of those posts will be asking where to go when they are there and they all have dozens of responses which say exactly the same thing/s.

Personally i think starting up some new sites based on the same concepts as these three already established ones would just be a waste of time because hardly anyone uses these as it is. Humu really needs to hand over the reins to someone else so that they can keep on top of things and keep the site up to date, even if it is in a limited capacity like for Ooga Mooga.

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I think passing the torch would be excellent for all parties - I especially HAAAATE using Facebook as a means of deep discussion. Conversation gets lost, easily sidetracked, and not archived as well. Forums are still superior in my opinion. But what has me concerned, and why I haven't thrown money at Ooga Mooga for instance, is when you look up at the URLs they aren't secure sites. Need to https those suckas. I'm sure anybody with basic means can hack the hell outta this site and get all that personal info that we think is secure, including payment options.

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For anyone searching:


Quoting Trader Tom:

All the 1,000 locations from Critiki are still covered here and an additional 400 or so of newer and vintage locations that weren't on Critiki. There's no map or user mark-off list, but we have been busy updating the database with more history, current social media links, better photos, and menu images. So there's plenty to have fun with! 🙂

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