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Plantation Xaymaca roll call

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I've seen a couple of posts from people whose local liquor stores are now stocking Xaymaca. So far, no sign of it in the Miami area. Any other confirmed sightings or official ETAs?

Hamo posted on Sun, Sep 2, 2018 2:29 PM

I found my bottle at Wilbur’s Total Beverage in Fort Collins, Colorado, on August 26, 2018.

I'd love to hear of any SF / East Bay sightings. None of my usual suspects have it - hell, Ledger's and Cask didn't even know about it.

Binny's Chicago, $24.99 (check online for availability)
France 44, Minneapolis $19.99


On 2018-09-05 11:55, Quince_at_Dannys wrote:
Binny's Chicago, $24.99 (check online for availability)
France 44, Minneapolis $19.99

$20 seems like a steal.

It appears that all the Total Wine stores in the Twin Cities also have it in stock, $19.99

Rays Liquor in Wauwatosa WI has it! I think it's around 29$

On 2018-09-05 11:30, HopeChest wrote:
I'd love to hear of any SF / East Bay sightings. None of my usual suspects have it - hell, Ledger's and Cask didn't even know about it.

bitters and bottles in south city has it on pre-order.

On 2018-09-05 11:30, HopeChest wrote:
I'd love to hear of any SF / East Bay sightings. None of my usual suspects have it - hell, Ledger's and Cask didn't even know about it.

bitters and bottles in south city has it on pre-order.

Hamo posted on Wed, Sep 12, 2018 10:16 PM

This rum just might become my go-to Mai Tai rum. I like Denizen Merchant’s Reserve, but I can get Xaymaca much easier.


Went to a rum tasting today and got to try this. Just arrived in Australia and it was the first time anyone in Melbourne got to try it. A nice rum but a little harsh, nowhere near as smooth as the 5y.o. Barbados we drank at the start. Was told by the Australian brand ambassador and by Ian "@therumambassador" Burrell himself, that the rum was designed to be a mixer, not really to be drunk neat.

Just arrived in the Greater Cincinnati area, the liquor stores in the Northern Kentucky suburbs to be precise.

Still waiting for it here in TX. Apparently TX does a secondary approval process, so things take longer to hit shelves.

Patrolling for this in the greater LA area. Hi Times and KL still don't have it. Total Wine carries it, but its "not available in my area".

I did a taste of this alongside Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve, Smith & Cross, Dr. Bird and Hamilton's Jamaican pot still blonde. By far, Xaymaca was the most muted in terms of that congener, ester hogo you might associate with 100% pot still rums. I don't know if it's the particular marks that were blended or the continental second aging, or both or something else, but I see this is a refined, pinky up expression of the Jamaican style. Perhaps most importantly, it's sipper quality priced to mix. Definitely one everyone should try. Looking forward to reading about how people are enjoying it.


For those of you scoring at home, still no sign of it in the Miami area...


Yankee Spirits on Norwood, MA and Porter Square Wine & Spirits in Cambridge, MA have it in stock.

This just appeared on the Hi Times website. Looks like I'll be making a trip this weekend.


Still no signs of Xaymaca in TX.

I've seen it for around $25-28 in SE Wisconsin, but haven't jumped on it yet.

I found a bottle today at The Party Source in Northern Kentucky (Greater Cincinnati area). Making a Yeoman's Grog in a few minutes.


Still AWOL in Miami...

Total in Plantation has it. I'm guessing the other Totals would have it too. I still have some Kohala Bay left, going to see how it compares and if it needs tweeking


On 2019-02-26 11:40, theoutoftownlocal wrote:
Total in Plantation has it. I'm guessing the other Totals would have it too. I still have some Kohala Bay left, going to see how it compares and if it needs tweeking

I just purchased mine at the Total Wine in Northridge, CA. I'll have to whip up some Mai Kai tributes to see how they come out. I'm sure they'll be fine regardless.

I make Mai Tais with it. The rum is so smooth that I leave out the cane sugar.

Finally managed to score some Xaymaca here in San Antonio back in December.
Since then I’ve been on a touch a dry spell, trying to drop a little poundage before I get married in a couple weeks, so I haven’t gotten to put it through its paces like I normally would have.

But, hey, I’ve got it now.

I can find it on the regular here on the North Coast. I just wish I liked the flavor profile better. Far too many of the Plantation rums have too sweet a finish for my palate. I LOVE the OFTD, but everything else I've been able to find and/or afford has a weird, overly-ripe banana sweetness on the back end that I just don't care for.

Finally got some (and it made a nice Mai Tai https://www.instagram.com/p/BtAZ2nwg5of/). Total Wine in Fremont, CA.

Not so expensive, funkier than something like Appleton but still very easy to drink.


It's at least showing up (as limited production/out of stock) on the TW website for the south Florida area...

Hamo posted on Sat, Apr 27, 2019 10:19 PM

Here's a nice use of Xaymaca which I found on Kevin Crossman's instagram.

Mai Tai Planter's Punch
by Jason Alexander

1-1/2 oz Plantation Xaymaca
1/2 oz Plantation OFTD
1/2 oz orange curacao
3/4 oz lime juice
1/2 oz orgeat syrup
1/4 oz Don's Spices No. 2
1 dash falernum
1 dash grenadine
2 dashes aromatic bitters

Flash blend for five seconds with a cup of crushed ice. Pour unstrained into a tall glass, add more ice to fill, and garnish with few springs of mint.

That was a wonderful drink and a great use of the rum.

Technically, it's my Ultimate Mai Tai IG account (I have a personal IG that's non-tiki)

Here was the Mai Tai I made with it:

A little something different, using the Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry Rum I finally got my hands on. This is a lightly aged, 100% pot still rum from Jamaica with no added sugar (aka “dry”). Quite affordable and eminently mixable.

The Mai Tai tonight is a slight adjustment.
2 oz Xaymaca Rum
1 oz Lime Juice
.66 oz Orgeat (Latitude 29)
.5 oz Cointreau

This is not the boldest Mai Tai I’ve ever made, but boy is this one drinkable. This one goes down really, really easy.

As theoutoftownlocal posted earlier, Xaymaca has been in the Total Wine system in Florida for some time, but unfortunately not available everywhere. I was lucky enough to stock up in March. My initial tastes had to be neat and in a classic Planter's Punch. ...

Since then, I've tried a few other cocktails (all stellar) but I've mainly been busy putting it to the test as a Kohala Bay replacement. On its own, it won't work, but mixed 50/50 with Coruba it's showing quite a bit of potential.

The ongoing research is posted over on the Kohala Bay thread:

Re Total Wine, unfortunately it looks like it was some sort of limited release. I went to my local store in Coral Springs, which didn't have it. But I was told it was available in Plantation and three Palm Beach County stores (Boca, Boynton and PB Gardens). I didn't ask about Miami-Dade. I was also told that it was "discontinued," which seems odd since it just recently arrived.

When I searched the Website, it said "Produced in very limited amounts, not currently available" but then it displayed the same four stores that I was told had it. After clearing off the shelf in Plantation, I headed to Boca, which revealed another lesson about Total Wine.

It was not on the shelf, no empty slot, no sign that it had ever been there. But my guy in Coral Springs assured me they had a case. This was just a week or so later. It couldn't have sold and been removed from inventory that fast. I questioned the guy at the customer service desk, who found the case in the system but scratched his head when I showed him the rum aisle with no Xaymaca in sight.

So he called in the guy whose job was to stock the rum shelves. He too scratched his head, looked around and wondered aloud where it could be. Maybe the case just got set aside and forgotten, I suggested. Sure enough, he climbed up a gigantic ladder to access the many cases stacked above the shelves and there it was, buried beneath dozens of cases of Bacardi and whatnot.

He pulled it down and offered it up. But I was feeling charitable and only took half the case. I haven't been back, but I'm assuming the other half case finally was put on display.

Lesson: The Total Wine computer system is very accurate. The guys stocking the shelves are not.

FYI: I just checked TotalWine.com again and it's showing Xaymaca at 16 stores within 200 miles of me, including the same four mentioned above. But I would have a live person check their back-end system just to be sure before trekking a long distance.

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Here's a toast to Xaymaca for being named one of the top four Spirited Award nominees for Best New Spirit or Cocktail Ingredient at Tales of the Cocktail ...

Sorry it took me this long to try it in Jasper's Planter's Punch. It might be the best Jamican rum I've ever tried in that classic recipe ...

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