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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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Hmm... Wow where has the time gone? I don't think I've actually logged into TC for...err...wayyy too long. Gosh I don't even know where to begin!

A lot has taken place since the last time I've traveled these seas. I'm currently working on building up a small toy biz dedicated to Japanese soft vinyl toys and the like. I won't spam you folks with all that, but here's a project that's been on the back burner for a little while.

If you're familiar at all with the classic "MUSCLE" toys from the 80's and 90's, this is very similar in a sense. However, these aren't intergalactic wrestlers but tiny islanders that like to party.

Many trips to Trader Sam's Grog Grotto took place between coming up with these little fellas and working on other ideas.

Hope all is well! See you until the next update.

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Wow, I see your finger in the photo, the guy is tiny. Good detail and fun since he has a spear. Best wishes for a great outcome for your project. Wendy


Spent the past few evenings coming up with potential figure designs for the release. Trying to keep an element of humor in each design as it fits the character(s) so well.

A lot still has to be fleshed out, but I'm pretty much 100% set on how to tackle the toy packaging for general release and convention/show display. I'm probably going to be shooting for a "recently discovered on a beach" vibe. Worn out crates filled with small burlap baggies that will be stamped or stenciled with my logo. They will be filled with most likely 5 individual rubber figures and will be displayed "spilling out" of the crate onto the table.

I've also outsourced the sculpting of the toys to a friend of mine in Mexico. Very talented and I've worked with him before. This project is another way to tide me over while I await further news on my soft vinyl toys being produced over in Japan.

Happy thirsty Thursday all!

So packaging is all fleshed out, sculpts are underway, molding and casting is 99.9% figured out... Man it's a lot of work putting together a solid toy release...

In other news:


Good morning everyone! Just wanted to update this thread with new N.A.T.I.V.E.S. stuff!

The N.A.T.I.V.E.S. come in a set of 5 available in 4 distinct colorways! Kanaloa Flesh, Rongo Green, Tangaroa Blue, and Night Hunter Glow! They were sculpted by a friend of mine in Mexico and produced in an awesome soft rubber over in England. They are also shipped in a small clear plastic can, reminiscent of ship's rations.

If you're interested you can head to my website, YuckToyCo.com , and pick yourself up a set. I am currently sold out of Flesh, and nearly sold out of the Glow sets.

Hi, that's a lot of work to post so many photos, I know! Well done and congratulations on pulling this off.

Your post shows wood and a knife. Do you have photos of what you carved? I would love to see those in addition to the finished work.

I hope this goes well for you. Wendy

Hey what's shakin you crazy people. Figured I'd post another update here. My NATIVES toy release was a success, as all sets sold out within a fairly short amount of time. Since then I've continued to brainstorm, sketch, sculpt and come up with new ideas for toys and other misc. things. My fiance' and I are planning on a tiki themed wedding for next June up in Maine and are working to have some custom mugs made up for the event as well as swizzles which are pictured here:

Here are some other bits and pieces I've been working on as well. Most of these are designed to eventually be turned into soft vinyl collectibles or other types of toys. That two piece concept with the moai-like head above the island could also work as a fairly intricate mug I suppose.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I hope you will share photos so we can all see your tiki theme being pulled off.
All your ideas and toys are fun. I'm glad to see you came back here. Wendy

Was just sketching and came up with the Moai mobile. The head would be swappable with the body. Nice birdman design on the ship/vehicle...

progress on Mr. Moai and his fantastic Moai Mobile.

The legs on the ship will not be that style when finished, as they need to be streamlined for molding purposes.

The head can be detached from the body and popped into the top of the spaceship for playability.

Oh, I'm gonna need a Moai Mobile.


3D prints arrived of Mr. Moai.

What fun! I have always loved the Easter Island bird. I like in on your art. Wendy

Why doesn't the Moai mobile have wheels?

In any case, wheels or not, I really did him. So I'll be needing one of him when you produce them. Lately, I've been acquiring Moais (mostly thanks to TJMAxx and HomeGoods) and I'm liking their chill vibe.


Loving these! I remember those Muscles toys back in the day... I like those NATIVES. Very cool.


I really have no idea of where to begin so I'm probably just going to be rambling off about how much I missed this place and about how much has happened since I last logged off, and we all don't need to read that...

In brief, My wife and I got married last June and had ourselves a tiki/tropical wedding up in Maine! We had custom barrel mugs made for us by Munktiki Imports. We set off on our honeymoon and hit up the Bali Hai AND Skull & Crown! We personally got to meet Gecko while we were out on Oahu and made sure to leave with a couple of his works of art, a blowfish Bob and mini rum sipper. Lovely.

I've updated my projects identity and brand since then and if you'd all like to follow along you can catch me on Instagram @YuckTradingCo

Here are some photos of things I've been working on.



progress on a shrunken head sculpt I've been working on... IMG_0277

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In other news I just released a pin and sticker pack based on my "Goji Bob" art I thought you all might get a kick out of...


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Love that shrunken head sculpt!

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