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Ideas for main lights in bar

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At last TC is back, my first post back on here since it went down! I am looking for some ideas for my Bar I am starting to build in our house we have recently moved to, We have a big Basement area we are going to use which has some awful flourescent lights up which will go and i will putting some Lahala matting and lots of Tapa/nautical lights we have from our bar in our old house, But i also need some subtle/hidden lights for "daytime" use so i can go down there and see things! So just looking for ideas for stuff if anyone has done similar, here are pics of what i am working with[](Uploading P1360066.JPG…)P1360067P1360068P1360069P1360070


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Yes i agree but i need to run cabling in the ceiling and put battens up and on top of that put ply/Lahala matting so just after pictures on how other people have done their bar, I have ideas for general look of it but the lighting cables will mostly be hidden so they need to go up first

I think dimmable/controllable cove lighting around the room could be cool. Imagine having app-controlled RGBWW strip lights that you could take to bright daylight or tungsten during the day, but a nice moody twilight glow in the evenings.


That metal beam is perfect for what you need as you could put dimmable lights in them on both sides then cap them with a frame and have a plastic covering that could be gelled any color you want.

Also, one of the panels could be a white light on a different switch/circuit for clean up in the room so you can see what you are doing.

Thanks for the ideas, If anybody has some pics of their bar done with "mood lights" and "Main lights" that would be great

Can’t wait to see what ya come up with

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