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Drink challenge.

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Was thinking about a drink challenge TC could have, it would be kinda like Mad dog Mikes art swap on TC getting TCers to interact.

In this challenge an ingredient would be named and then TCers would come up with a drink recipe using that ingredient in said recipe.

Then post recipes and even judge them after a set date.

What got me thinking of this was a dessert topping made by Dr pepper, this got me thinking of a dishwasher I once had who told me of the coke milkshakes they used to make in the 50s, they would use the syrup in the milkshakes and not coke so it was a stronger coke flavor, we made one as I had the syrup form the coke machine.

It was good.

Thought this might make a unique tiki drink.

I say Hamo would be the best person to run this.

Dessert topping made by Dr pepper Seen here....


[ Edited by tikiskip on 2022-09-05 07:57:46 ]

Hi Skip! It's very good to see you back here!

Good idea, and may I suggest starting with Chicago's own ingredient - Malort liqueur? Now there's a challenge!

There once was at least one Tiki Central drink contest, and I just looked, it is no longer linked in the "about tikicentral" pages. But I was able to search and find some links to the contest -- and the results. Previously, I was able to download all the results and compile them into a single document for home use. Thinking back, some them were VERY good, but it's been a long while since I last reviewed them.

Here are the links: Topic 5574 Topic 10692

Yes, I know that the original link is broken. We may be able to ask Hanford to figure out a way to bring it back - it was worth visiting, along with the additional recipe submissions in both threads.

If we can't get it back, then I will go into my personal recipe collection and post the full list of winners - if that's not some sort of copyright violation. Hanford, if you're reading this, please consider this a suggestion.

Have fun!

[ Edited by AceExplorer on 2022-09-06 08:30:11 ]

I for one would love to see these results and make some of the drinks!

That sounds like fun to me!


Yeah Mike, I think it would be I really don't make drinks like I used to though.

And I'm not the guy to run it.

"I suggest starting with Chicago's own ingredient - Malort liqueur? Now there's a challenge!"

So, like wait... this stuff?

We asked Sun-Times readers to describe the spirit's taste, prompting answers of "sweat," "grapefruit," "gasoline" and more. Sun-Times file Jeppson's Malört, the notorious spirit Chicagoans love to hate, has been a tavern staple

Hamo posted on Thu, Sep 8, 2022 6:27 PM

I see that I've been volunteered for something....


Ha! yeah Hamo that was my vote.

BUT I wonder how many people would want to join in if the ingredient picked is something like Malort liqueur that is said by one person to "taste like gasoline" don't know if I want to buy a whole bottle of that.

Maybe if you or somebody else does go forward with this a vote on the ingredient would work best.

I would try to join in on the ones where I might have the ingredient or could get something I could use in other stuff.

What goes with the flavor profile of gasoline?

How often do you use that bottle of Pernod anise-flavored liqueur.

Never been a big fan of the flavor of anus.

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