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Art Swap 2024 Witco!

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Great inspiration Hamo!

Brushed a bit of black underglaze on my fountain, wiped some of it off, and a bit of light sanding. Could go in the kiln as early as this evening.

GROG posted on Sat, Jun 29, 2024 7:19 PM

GROG give thumbs up, if GROG had opposable thumbs.


Out of the kiln without incident! I have a few finish options that I've come up with. What do you think?

#1 Unglazed on the outside. I like the look of old, aged wood. Then just glaze the inside to make it food safe.
Fountain No Glaze

#2 Glazed on the outside. This is wet with water, actual glaze would be glossier.
Fountain Glaze

#3 Glazed only in the bowls to look like they are wet. Again, real glaze will be more glossy.
Fountain Bowl Glaze

#4 Bowls glazed blue to represent water
Fountain Blue Bowl Glaze

GROG posted on Sun, Jun 30, 2024 9:37 AM

GROG vote for #3 Glazed only in the bowls to look like they are wet. BUt, GROG not opposed to glazing the whole thing to make it darker and bring out the contrast. You could thin out your glaze so it's not TOTALLY glossy, but I'd do test samples first to determine how thin to make your glaze.

MadDogMike too impatient to do test tiles LOL

I have not tried that watering down technique. I may need to actually do some test tiles. I had a clear satin glaze but wasn't too happy with it. It tended to fire milky in places. Thanks GROG

Is that low or high fire Mike?

hang10tiki 7/21/24 is 20 days away!!! MadDogMike that's beautiful as is. Hamo and Swizzle love seeing your names pop up.

Time to reveal some more step by steps on my Witco Fountain painting. I did four layers and then highlighted the curve. While painting a show on Pompeii was on. They uncovered a painting.


The Pompeii had a piece that reminded me of parts of the Witco I was painting. DSCN7271

The first painting of Pizza ever found in antiquity. DSCN7268

Swizzle it's a high fire clay fire at ^04.
danlovestikis coming along quite swimmingly!
David Ray contacted me through Facebook. He had swapped with us while TC was dark and is interested in this year's Swap. Hopefully we'll see something from him soon

[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2024-07-01 08:15:33 ]

It's July 1st, 21 more days! Here's our lineup as of now
Will carve - Done?
anthonymaye - Done
MadDogMike - Almost done
Or Got Rum? - Started
danlovestikis - Started
hang10tiki - Started
Hamo - Started
Slacks Ferret - Interested
David Ray - Interested

So we have 9 potentials, that's a decent start

Joshua Bell will not be joining us this year and I hear rumors that Cy will not either, both have other things going on in their lives. I have reached out to some of the others via FaceBook, we'll see if I hear from them

[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2024-07-01 08:30:53 ]

[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2024-07-01 08:48:28 ]

Mad Dog #3 Wendy- go go go

I’ll update soon. I hope

Not quite sure what you mean by highfire ^04 (earthenware or stoneware?), but the reason why i asked is because there's a particular glaze that is designed to pool in the bottom of bowls which from memory cracks but looks like water and would be perfect for your design. I just can't remember who makes it or what cone it fires to.

Hmmmm.. I know there are crackle glazes, I wonder if that's it? It's a high fire clay but it's low fired (I haven't had any problems with that technique) I wanted to use brown clay for this project but couldn't find any lowfire brown.

Well, I'm done!

MadDogMike that's a wonderful work of tiki art. Super cool.

I have finished my piece. Title: Witco on Edge. The stars actually sparkle as you walk across the room looking at the painting. I put more steps on my "other crafts" page but this is enough for here.


Taken with a flash. DSCN7294


Excellent Work Mike and Wendy...Bravo. I'm on the home stretch of my version of what an early 60's Witco ad could have looked like.


Great minds think alike

Good job you two

Or Got Rum? An early 60's Witco ad sounds really intriguing.

hang10tiki thank you for thinking we have great minds!

I tweaked the painting. I noticed I was missing the design on the bottom left when looking at MadDogMike's mug.


[ Edited by danlovestikis on 2024-07-04 21:53:49 ]


Alohaaaaa. Okay I'm late- after Mad Dog and Wendy reaching out but would love to join in.

Years ago I had found an almost instructional brochure re: Witco chainsaw carving and thought I had saved it on a computer. It was probably three or four computers ago and looks like i'm up a certain creek without a paddle. Anthony, I love the bat sculpt, Mad Dog & Wendy, fantastic work as always!

I'm torn a few different ways but work is slow this week so I may do some test work to see which direction I will go. Unfortunately no more kiln access- or time- to work in clay.

It might be time to get a chainsaw to approach this correctly- or it might just help me learn how to juggle. (Original Calvin & Hobbes cartoon below to "get" this reference).IMG_9407

Look forward to seeing all of the other entries (and mine as well)!

[ Edited by TikiAno on 2024-07-05 17:25:05 ]

danlovestikis I am so glad you fixed that error, it was bugging me but I didn't know how to tell you. Just kidding LOL I hadn't noticed :D

Go TikiAno, Go!

Yes, It's in my mind what an ad would have looked like.


OK, finally got my carving station set up, my wife said it looks like one of Dexter’s rooms


Time to get rolling on the carving

I like it! A clean room so that the dust from the rest of the house does not get on your carvings!!!

Mike- I like the way u think

Was deciding on three, going with this one



Looking good hang10tiki. Pretty soon the countdown in days will start.


hang10tiki you carve like I paint. Great minds think alike.


Hamo posted on Wed, Jul 10, 2024 8:37 PM

Great work, Mike and Wendy. Go H10 and Or Got Rum?! And glad to see you make an appearance, TikiAno!

I forgot that this year's deadline is July 21, so I'd better get going.

I won't have enough time to carve that unfinished frame I mentioned earlier, but I went digging through my collection of other thrifted frames and found this one that works really well.


Traced my inspiration piece so I could transfer it to the linoleum. On to carving next.




Looking good Hang10Tiki and Hamo
I think we're down to 10 days!

Go Hamo go

Lil more

Man it’s hot out



Hang10, looking great- and so clean!

Hamo, killer idea and moving forward.

My brain has been going six ways at once- I still haven't started with my hands.

Initially I was going to make a smaller Witco World map, perhaps with some TC influence in there... but then I started looking for this book

Witco how to

And then, by some divine providence and a very generous person in a FB Witco group, I received a pdf of this out of print gem. So, as I flip through it (more research to be done), I'm thinking I might just follow the (original) directions to see what I can make. For fun and not so much profit.

I'm excited TikiAno!

That resource is super cool.

Hamo posted on Thu, Jul 11, 2024 7:40 PM

Did some carving this evening. Added some red printing ink (would have been a bit better if it was India ink) and a black Sharpie to add contrast so I could see what I was removing.



A preview of the final product


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