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"Goldmember" off topic?

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Since Austin Powers is sort of retro chic, I thought I can vent here.....and I see you as my friends and I need someone to complain to!

Goldmember is a stinker in my opinion, because of overdoing it in the body function joke department. I went with my son, who is at the age of laughing at ANY body function joke, and even he was grossed out. While some of the initial concepts Myers comes up with here might be funny, he milks them so endlessly that it becomes like flogging a dead...member.
The new villain character doesn't cut it at all (he should have made fun of the Germans, not the Dutch, they are clearer characters), Austin's chick side kick Foxy is lame (Liz Hurley still was the best), and worst of all, the production design sucks: The seventies had very cool designers like Werner Panton, and here we have just a hodgeopdge of bright colors and, oh how original, a pimp mobile?

I am one who thinks the original Austin Powers was the best, I told everyone to see it. The second still was funny, and yes, this one really cracked me up occasionally too, but as a visual stylist I guess I am just to sensitive for that amount of grossness.

How times have changed...

Everyone told me to avoid the second one so I didn't see it until it ran on HBO (well, it was actually Showtime... okay, okay, I admit, it was Cinemax) and I thought it was pretty funny.

Now I hear this... and I'm excited, because this lowers my expectations, so hopefully I'll enjoy it.

So please... everyone post your negitive reviews of Goldmember! :wink:


I'm off to see Goldmember right now, and am recalling a movie reviewer for the Portland Mercury who once wrote: "Poop is funny, farts are funny, monkeys are funny, and midgets are funny. End of story." Not exactly the most PC of reviews... but still, there's a little truth in the primal funny force of all of these. :) Judging by the first two movies, I'm checking my expectations at the candy counter and intend to let my inner jackass laugh itself silly.

Well, while not the best Austin Powers outing, my husband and I both had a good time at the theatre (and not even at matinee prices!). Yes, the character Goldmember was lame, and Fat Bastard's gastrointestinal doings I always find disgusting. But I totally dig on Mini-Me, and the cameos at the opening were just about worth the price of a ticket itself! Well, maybe not, but we still got a kick out of it! :)

Go, and get the big popcorn.


I agree that gross out humor is hardly inspired, but what freaks me out about these movies is their being marketed to little kids, and their popularity among kids. I'm very liberal (ok, socialist) but come on, this is just sick. Shagadelic fast food tie ins, when shag means "fuck"? I certainly don't want to sit in the same theatre with a bunch of grammar school kids watching Goldpenis.

I agree about the kids thing. While there wasn't any shagging in this one, there were plenty of off-color jokes. In fact, there was a mom with her 7- or 8-year old daughter right in front of me, and I kept cringing every time there was a sex joke on the screen. What was that mom thinking?! And while they got a PG-13 rating, the humor was still pretty adult, with lots of bleeped-out F-words.


So Austin Powers finally "Jumped the Shark" with Goldmember huh? I can't say I didn't see it coming. :)

I really liked the first one and I thought the second one was funny and a good sequel. But I could see it heading downhill. I haven't seen Goldmember and will probably wait till it comes on cable.

I thought casting Michael Caine as Austin's pop was genius, I just hope they gave him more to do than what I saw on the previews.

But as I remember the 70's weren't kind to anyone! :wink:

All I have to say is the opening sequence is awesome! Go see the movie just for that! You can leave after that... you won't miss much.


Taking this even further from the realms of Tiki, if you like Mike Meyers, get hold of 'So I Married an Axe Murderer'. You'll bust a gut, honest.

Trader Woody

mig posted on Tue, Jul 30, 2002 8:46 AM

I loved the first Austin Powers... split my gut like few movies have. The second one, I thought merely alright. The third one, I'll go see it sometime. With that, though, I will say:

I knew Derek Flint. Derek Flint was a friend of mine. And Austin... you are no Derek Flint!

p.s. Woody: HEED!!! PANTS!!! NOW!!!

[ Edited by: Lance Samason 2007-07-06 15:19 ]


I just saw Goldmember, and I really can't see why everyone here is so worried about kids being 'corrupted' by the naughty jokes. Sheesh. Any 8 year old worth their salt can come up with waaaay dirtier stuff than you saw there. They're just not telling you about it. What the heck were you guys doing at that age? I for one was making my Princess Leia doll and my 6 Million Dollar Man action figure do the nasty nightly. But then again, I'm a filthy Canadian.

In any case, I have to disagree with BigBro on tht Dutch/German issue too - the dutch villian is funny precisely because the Germans are too easy to pick on! Come on!

A SHMOKE AND A PAN-CAK? will go down as one of my fave stupid phrases of the year.

I still think the first Austin Powers films were the best, but this was great too.

Especially the feed across the bottom of the screen when they showed the CNN channel = It read: TORONTO VOTED BEST CITY ON EARTH... MAPLE LEAFS WIN STANLEY CUP...

hahah. So maybe I'm biased...


Mig, don't Forget the Colonel, with his WEE BEADY EYES.

Lance, actually I'm very interested in seeing CQ for that very reason. Unfortunately it looks like I missed it in the theaters so I'm waiting for it to be released on video. Without giving away too much, what's your general opinion of it?

[ Edited by: Lance Samason 2007-07-06 15:18 ]

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