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Is Star Trek Tiki????

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Cammo posted on Sat, May 9, 2009 5:46 AM

Hey, I ain't saying it IS Tiki, I ain't saying its NOT.

But it MIGHT BE.

We're going to see the new movie on Sunday and I wanted a place to rant about it.

We're seeing the giant IMAX screen version of it, and have asked everybody I know if they want to go, but so far everybody has said NO. They kind of look at me like I'm asking them to wear a moldy cabbage on their head. Like, this is a joke, right? Then I tell them that it's no joke and when they realize I'm serious they tell me very firmly that they do NOT want to go see the movie and that the movie is just for geeks. Then they look like they feel sorry for me. They just don't get it. I mean, it looks like a fun movie. It looks sort of retro. It's from the 60's. Its got the guy from Shawn of the Dead in it, who apparently rips new undreamed-of holes in a Scotts accent. What the heck?

In other words, it's exactly like asking them to go to a Tiki bar.

On 2009-05-09 05:46, Cammo wrote:
Its got the guy from Shawn of the Dead in it, who apparently rips new undreamed-of holes in a Scotts accent.

You've got it wrong, its not that the accent is bad, its just how the Scotts will sound in the future. The town of Linlithgow are even branding themselves as the future birthplace of Montgommery Scott..

Scotty to be beamed in to his future birthplace

Cammo posted on Sat, May 9, 2009 8:02 AM

I don't mean the accent is bad, but that the guy doing it is English and gets offered on a big golden plate the opportunity of a lifetime: have fun with a Scotts accent in an American movie.

He apparently rolls up both sleeves and goes to work swinging a pickaxe on that accent, setting new standards for rolling A's and burred R's that won't be outdone for quite some time.

Is there drinking in the movie? Yep, its getting Tiki-er by the minute....

That's why I'm glad Simon Pegg got the role over James McAvoy, Scotty is basically a comic character and needs to played tongue in cheek, MacAvoy as a Scott may have objected to some of the more fun parts of the language and portrayed Scotty too seriously.

As an aside my little brother is a ships engineer and it is his constant joy to be refered to on ship as Scotty and counts it as highlight of his career when a captain made a request "We need more power Scotty" that he was able to respond "the engines cannae take it captain they'll blow apart".


Hahahahaha Tony that's really funny. Cammo, what's your point?




I seriously can't believe I have to go over this yet again.

The common confusion is because Tiki sounds so much like Trekkie. Other than that there is very little resemblance between Trekkie and Tiki. Except for green women.

Now as for the misuse of Trekkie*...Only things involving Star Trek should be called Trekkie. Just cuz it's sci-fi doesn't mean it's Trekkie. If it's called Trekkie it has to have something Star Trek about it.

And speaking of putting too fine a point on things: I believe it's Scots with one t unless you're talking about a garden fertilizer.

As for the rumored whisky quaffing, haggis chomping accent: In sci-fi you sometime have to fill in the logic holes. As mentioned above obviously this is a future Scots accent. Probably because Scotland in the future is part of the Disney's United Magic Kingdom** theme park and all the "residents" are required to talk that way.

*Once upon a time Trekkies often preffered to be to be called Trekkers and a few Trekkies might be kind of touchy about that.

**As documented in the 1979 book The 80's: A Look Back at the Tumultuous Decade 1980-1989


Maybe this will clarify things:

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Cammo posted on Sat, May 9, 2009 5:36 PM

Star Wars is NOT Tiki.

Star Trek may very well be Tiki. Think about it.

Captain's Log, Stardate 43125.8. Scotty, sick with Bora Bora Botulism, is replaced by 7rd Engineer Wayne Szalinski. Szalinski and his furry assistant, Quark, apparently crosswired the flux capacitor in the teleporter, causing the crew to be simultaneously shrunk and transported to Kirby's Rumpus Room. Szalinski was found whispering into his communicator "Honey, I shrunk the Vuncan"

Cammo posted on Sun, May 10, 2009 5:03 PM

Just saw the new movie.

It f'n rocked!

It's impossible NOT to like, I mean, it is one fun movie. Scotty is great, the accent isn't too bizarre at all. I've heard thicker Scottish accents at Kinko's.

Kirk get beat up a lot. This is perfect retribution for everybody who wants him beat up for even thinking about playing the character.

Each character seems to get out one classic cliche line, once but only once in the flick.

Lots of stuff to yap about, but gotta go now and I do mean NOW.

(Hey MadDog, see what I mean? It IS sort of Tiki in a twisted teleportation time travel 23rd century universe sort of way.)


Only 1 Star Trek movie was worth watching in my opinion..and that was Wrath of Khan. Esp when that earwig/brain eater thing a bob went diving down people's ear canals. Made me sleep with earplugs for weeks when I was little.

Although I have to admit its great to go to the theater when all the dorks are there dressed up in their Trekkie outfits. Of course these are the same folks who wore trench coats and sunglasses to (and through) the Matrix movies as well. At least it gets them out of the house and away from their computers and gaming systems-Most action they see all weekend.

I do think there should be a weight limit to those costumes however. Nothing less appealing then an overweight guy in a tight fitting Star Trek jumpsuit. ::shudders::

I am a lover of Star Wars. The original triliogy not all this prequel/remastered/CGI nonsense. I even told George Lucas that when I saw him in a restaurant in San Francisco. He just smiled and said he appreciated the input..not like that billionaire has any reason to argue the finer points of movie making with little ol' me but it was nice to be humored.

In the end even with Wrath of Khan Star Wars rules and Star Trek drools.EVen if Star Trek makes record topping numbers with this release its manly due to the too tight wearing costumed fans who will see it multiple times in the same day just so they are taking advantage of as much social interaction as they can get for once.

Viva la Ewoks! Viva la Hans! Viva la Luke! Work it Yoda! Live the dream Jabba!

(oh and in case you are wondering my lack of enthusiasm for said Trekkies is due to having dated one for a brief while many, many years ago. All that vulcan loving was too much for me!)

Oh and in NO way does Star Wars or Star Trek have a thing to do with tiki. Well unless you count the figurines that are interacting with the mugs above.

[ Edited by: leleliz 2009-05-10 17:26 ]

the ewoks COULD totally get into Tiki if it were introduced correctly..

oh..this is STAR TREK...


"Oh and in case you are wondering my lack of enthusiasm for said Trekkies is due to having dated one for a brief while many, many years ago."

Yeah, I can see how gettin' dumped by a Trekkie could make you bitter.


On 2009-05-10 20:12, woofmutt wrote:
"Oh and in case you are wondering my lack of enthusiasm for said Trekkies is due to having dated one for a brief while many, many years ago."

Yeah, I can see how gettin' dumped by a Trekkie could make you bitter.

Oh Woofmutt...what would these forums be without you?

Cammo posted on Mon, May 11, 2009 7:29 AM

As I was standing in line with the three people I had convinced to actually GET in line for the new Star Trek movie, I realized that the line had wandered around a bit and was putting us right at the entrance for the Hannah Montana movie. The movie was in progress, and somebody had left the door open.

What the heck? I walked in to see what all the fuss was about. Comparing and contrasting Hannah to Star Trek.

So the thing with this Hannah movie is, it’s REALLY bad. So off the map, down in the gutter, washed into the sewer bad that only people with 3 year old mentalities could survive it without permanent mental damage. They seem to be made by cocaine-pumped Hollywood dropouts who really don’t care about reality or at least have an ongoing distaste for it.

Even the soundtrack is bad. Not the songs, which were terrible, just the mating of sound to image was off a lot. And the camera doesn’t seem to know what to do with Ms. Cyrus. Is she outraged? Is she happy? Sad? We never quite know. The camera cuts back and forth to her for no reason, at times when she doesn’t really have a lot to do with the plots swirling around her. Its all very confusing.

I looked at the audience. They seemed to be embarrassed to be there, the median age was about 19. Jeez, shouldn’t these kids be on drugs, annoying their parents and hanging out at the beach on a Saturday afternoon? What’s wrong with them? Where is their STYLE?

Why are they here?

The theme of Hannah Montana seems to be that Hannah rules the universe. That’s the attraction. She lifts her finger, or looks a tiny little bit … dissatisfied… and adults run around yelling at each other, asking Hannah what’s wrong. It’s great to be Hannah. She’s incredibly rich, the center of the world’s attention, she lives on this, oh crap, go see the movie if you’re that into it. I ain’t.

What’s interesting is how totally opposite this all is to real life for a pop star. Teeny pop stars have to do EVERYTHING the studio says, when the execs say it and how. They have no personal life, they are not allowed to have fun and most of the time they sit in makeup chairs (Hannah had a lot of pancake on, like about ½” thick on her cheeks, even when relaxing around the campfire) being told how ugly they are and how makeup will save them from a life of drudgery. God help us when this generation hits the streets.

Finally, I didn’t find Miley Cyrus all that cute. She squints a lot. Her chin is kind of strange looking, it looks like she got in some fights in grade 6. She can’t dance. And her singing is pretty thin. She seems to sit around a lot, brushing her hair, looking like she doesn't know the camera is rolling.

What the…?



I gotta agree about the Hannah Montana movie. And it's especially unfortunate as the TV show is so exceptionally good.

The acting on the show is surprisingly accomplished for such young people and Billy Ray is amazing. The music is generally always good and well crafted.

The plotting and the characterization is far better than one finds on most adult shows. Also I have found that a layer of crunchy peanut butter in my shoes gives me a lively step and makes my feet smell Georgia farm fresh.

I think Mylie's switch back and forth between the ordinary high school girl and Hannah is really something else, even without the blond wig you'd really see her as two different characters.

I'm glad to find there are other Hannah fans here on TC, and for those of you who have just dismissed it out of hand give it a look. And I recommend Skippy Extra Crunchy for the shoe thing.

GROG posted on Mon, May 11, 2009 9:33 AM

Cammo derailed his own thread.

When GROG niece was young, and GROG was visiting GROG' sisters house and GROG' niece was watching Hannah Montana Grog watch the show with her. GROG was surprised with the show. GROG agree with Woofy, it was pretty good for a kids show. Miley Cyrus' comic acting remind GROG of Lucy, Carol Burnette, and Jenna Elfaman. Not as funny as them, but you could see she was inspired by them. It still not make GROG want to go see Hannah Montana movie. But GROG plan on seeing Star Trek today. ROTTEN TOMATOES gave it a 96 on the tomato meter.

(Cammo, notice how GROG steer GROG' post back to Star Trek which was the original topic of this thread.)

Not directly tiki but indirectly inspired by idealized imagery of indigenous inhabitants of Oceanic Islands.

Star Trek Original Series: Episodes - The Apple

The costumes are somewhat SouthSeaIslandish. And it looks like they live in grass huts.

Yes, I know... there was no South Sea Island village that had David Soul in a puffy blond wig and bad spray on tan.

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Freakin Space Hippies!

so...is Hannah Montana Tiki?


On 2009-05-11 10:00, little lost tiki wrote:
so...is Hannah Montana Tiki?



GROG posted on Mon, May 11, 2009 10:08 AM

Gonna see Star Trek in IMAX!!!

She looks like Party City's idea of a hula girl.


Cammo glad GROG gonna go see Star Trek in IMAX. Cammo see Star Trek in IMAX too and he like it. He give it five coconuts.

Three pieces of advice to GROG:

  1. Do not go to bathroom in middle of movie. Do anything, go to bathroom in aisle if you have to but do NOT leave theater in middle of Star Trek movie. You will miss big exposions or something.

  2. If theater is really crowded, go early and save the empty seat beside you. Tell people, "No, this seat TAKEN." and glare at them. Then when it ten minutes to showtime, pretty girl with BIG boxes of greasy popcorn clutched to chest come looking for a seat. Tell her "This seat open." Then - close the deal.

  3. Count how many times Kirk punches things. It fun.

On 2009-05-11 11:03, Cammo wrote:
3. Count how many times Kirk punches things. It fun.

I never visit the local film house with at least two flasks.... so every movie invariably becomes a drinking game.

We started the game with DRINK every time Kirk punches things. But then decided it was more fun to DRINK every time someone grabs Kirk by the throat and tries to strangle him.

Luckily I had a spare flask hidden in my hat, we needed it after we changed the rules!

As an aside..... was Leonard Nimoy in soft focus? I mean a little TOO soft? Like the almost full-on blur when they would show closeups of Yeoman Rand in the original shows.........


Soft focus or not that Nimoy guy looks REALLY strange in the movie! They make his ears just as wrinkley as his neck, and it freakin' creeped me out. What would he have looked like in macro focus and harsh lighting?!


  1. Shut your eyes when Nimoy comes on screen!

The Star Trek / Tiki connection has also been pondered in Tiki Music --


Also, my Tiki Hut definitely has a Hor'gahn (which sees a good deal of action), and, Woofmutt is at least correct about the Green Women. Oooo.

Glad to see a new generation carrying the torch...

Live Long and Prosper, TC Lifeforms!

S :wink: K

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Cammo posted on Mon, May 11, 2009 1:36 PM

Lets get to it.

Star Trek was created by Roddenberry back in 1964.

He based it on the incredibly imaginative retro-noir Outer Limits’ episode “Nightmare”, about the international crew of a spaceship being held hostage by a pointy-eared alien and being tortured by unreal visions of personal horrors.

It turns out that the entire “Nightmare” episode was a training lesson. The pointy-eared alien turns out in the end to be more human and compassionate (he privately opposes the torture) than the actual U.S. military men in charge of it, a snap ending that still hits hard.

This aired on December 2, 1963. You can still get it and the entire Outer Limits series on DVD. It’s probably the most influential Sci-Fi show of all time; Harlan Ellison wrote 2 episodes he later sued James Cameron over, Cameron having used them as the obvious basis for “Terminator”. To this day Ellison’s name must legally appear on the Terminator movies as the creator of the characters, a little detail that the producers often overlook.

Roddenberry liked the episode so much he wrote a quick script about the international crew of a spaceship being held hostage by big headed aliens and being tortured by unreal visions of personal horrors, and started shopping it around. The script stank. Two years later he was given the green light, and hired the brilliant director and co-directors (Byron Haskin and Bob Justman) of Outer Limits, the makeup shop and even some of the stars of other Outer Limits episodes suggested by Justman for the pilot episode. (Shatner and Nimoy were Outer Limits alumni.) Byron Haskin was especially important to the pilot, with his special effects experience going back to the silent film days. It was he who invented the whole new idea of making a giant working spaceship, filming it against a bluescreen, and moving the camera around it, instead of moving the ship. In this way, incredibly detailed footage could be controlled carefully and smoothly, and reused over different backgrounds.

But it was Bob Justman who made Star Trek good. He was a sci-fi fan and beatnik, a talented, imaginative writer/director who took Roddenberry’s script and flipped it upside down, into a social statement. He also created the concept of Star Trek actually taking place in the future’s past; the adventures were being recounted from some future date as a series of log entries in the ship’s computer. The scripts would become ‘player pianos’; they were so easy to write they wrote themselves…

When the network saw the pilot show, they in fact LOVED it. Never had such a young, interesting and totally realistic crew ran what looked like a photo-real ship to the farthest reaches of the universe. They thought it was too good, in fact. They thought the show would get low ratings, as it would fly right over the heads of the young target audience they were aiming at. Their advice was to have more action, more gunfights, less talking.

They were right. Star Trek was a dismal failure, of course. It was trashed in TV Guide, got low ratings, the budget was cut and cut again, and was cancelled after three seasons. Five seasons was needed to successfully show in reruns, the thinking was. A three season show was basically thrown in the garbage now and forever.

It came back in reruns, and the long story of Star Trek emerging as an entertainment force has gone on to legend.

But they’ve never actually made a sequel, see.

All the later iterations of the series deleted the dayglo colors, the Vulcans, the cute red miniskirts, the action, the whole dynamic and the wonder of the original first season episodes. It just got worse and worse…

Can you shorten these posts down to a few key sentences.Cammo?
I have a hard time keeping awake for a whole one!

wake me when you cover the Ewoks....

Cammo posted on Mon, May 11, 2009 4:54 PM

"wake me when you cover the Ewoks...."



cammo: maybe no one would go with you, because you insisted on wearing your starfleet uniform.

Well written (as always) and very interesting reading Cammo, but you still haven't answered the question - "Is Star Trek tiki?"

Cammo posted on Mon, May 11, 2009 6:31 PM

Star Trek fans go way back to the show’s original days. A huge fan campaign (organized behind the scenes by Roddenberry) kept the show alive for its final season, and eventually constructed a national event, a fan meeting, a convention, in New York.

Most of these first fans were classic Sci-Fi buffs, who watched the show because their favorite writers were doing the scripts.

Eventually, though, a growing number of very strange people became fans. They were on the fringes of society. They identified with Spock, the half-human alien. Some of them were under prescription medications, which in the 1970’s were pretty strong stuff. Few had children.

And the strange part is, the new fans didn’t want to discuss the writers, directors or extra careers of the principal actors. In fact, they didn’t want to acknowledge that the shows were written at all. They sort of wanted to believe that the shows were real glimpses of the future. They mostly dressed up in later versions of the show, not the 1966 costumes. And acting loud and obnoxious at the growing fan festivals was becoming their all consuming hobby. People had to treat them nicely for once in their lives, because they were part of the fan club.

They were … TREKKIES!

GROG posted on Mon, May 11, 2009 6:41 PM

Saw the movie today, and liked it. Looking forward to the next one.


On 2009-05-11 18:31, Cammo wrote:

They were … TREKKIES!

Yup..these are the men who were at the theater the other night.


I'm waiting.....

Why'd yuh post a pic from last year's Oasis...Oh, wait...Oh! OK, now I see the Star Trek Tiki connection.


high vulcan five


On 2009-05-09 17:19, filslash wrote:
So is Star Wars, Tiki?

It is Margaritaville. Especially Return Of The Jedi.


Trekkies are pretty hip, but NOTHING beats THIS guy!!!!

[ Edited by: Hakalugi - fixed missing image - 2018-04-09 13:56 ]


“What do you mean you don’t wanna go?”

“I mean it’s a nerdy movie. Trekkies are going to be there. They’ll be taking up the seats, two seats to a Trekkie, they’ll be hogging down popcorn and arguing about what kind of fucking phaser Kirk is supposed to be using. The whole thing sucks. The movie is going to suck.”

“Nah, I saw the previews, it looks really good. They did advance screenings for the L.A. critics and they were all blown aw…”

“Are there or are there NOT going to be Trekkies there?”

“Well, yeah, sure, but…”

“So I’m not going.”

“Why not? They’re not going to attack you or anything! They’re harmless! And how many Trekkies are there in San Diego County? Like, a few hundred at most?”

“Look, buddy, you got no idea. There are thousands. Tens of thousands.”


“Yeah! I did a DJ gig once and only once for the Comi-Con and it was a fucking mess. They all crowded around the stage yelling at me to play the theme tracks for one of those Star Trek movies, man, they started coming behind the speakers and yelling at me…”

“Did you have any of those songs?”

“Are you kidding me? I’ve got a song library of like 30,000 right now, you think even one of them is the Borg theme from Star Trek fucking Fifteen?”

My friend Greg is about 6’ 2”, a loudmouth from St. Louis. A vision of him backed up against a giant speaker cabinet, being charged by a herd of angry Trekkies was pretty funny.

“What are you laughing about? It wasn’t funny!”

“What did you end up playing?”

“Oh. Um, some TV themes. That settled ‘em down. But they can’t dance so there was nothing to play. One of them handed me a CD of some soundtrack and I played the whole thing. Charged the Convention Center two grand for playing somebody else’s CD. It was a joke.”

Greg would NOT GO.

I tried calling up other people, and basically had the same conversation over and over and over, more than a dozen times. The answer was the same each time; NO. Everybody I talked to had somewhere, sometime run into these obnoxious annoying Trekkies who had made their day miserable. It was burned into their psyche so strong they simply would not even THINK of going to any Star Trek event, good or not.

Finally, I called a friend who had two kids. These kids are totally out of control 24 hours a day. He was the last guy on my list. The kids, if they came along, would sit on the other side of him. When I got through I could hear them, screaming in the background.

But the answer was the same. It turned out that he had taken these kids to a Star Trek convention, for fun, in Las Vegas. The various Trekkies, badly dressed in Klingon outfits, had scared the children so badly that he now used them as warnings. If the kids didn’t do ask he told them , the Trekkies Would Come And Get Them.


I mulled over the phone conversations while driving to the movie. There really seemed to be a universal hatred, at least a revulsion, of anything “Trekkie”. This wasn’t just a San Diego thing, a friend in Canada had been talking about it too. Trekkies had so muddied their own bathwater that it almost seemed planned, like a dog systematically pissing on fire hydrants to mark his territory.

Star Trek, to me, felt …. well ….pissed on.

Was that the point? Was it some sort of bizarre ownership thing, to make a club so repulsive that only diehard fans and ones who believed in the same hardcore principals could join? And then speak for and own the criticism of a creative property? To be so obnoxious that they clear the room of any reasonable competition?

Or were they just a bunch of dicks?

The documentary film “Trekkies” had been made in 1997. It introduced the whole world to the fan cult, and I think it was initially made as a fun comedy film about adults dressing up year-round in Halloween costumes. As the filming went on and more Trekkies were contacted and gave interviews, it fast turned into a black comedy. Some of these Trekkies were geniuses, some were professional people who used Star Trek to promote and enjoy their businesses. But some were very odd indeed; stalkers, slightly disturbed, and passionately involved in the underlying philosophy of Star Trek’s pacifist basis.

Which is ridiculous, of course.

Because the whole point of Roddenberry’s pilot film “The Cage” was to dramatize the idea that it is far better to have a hard but realistic view of your life than to enjoy a self-serving illusion. It’s simply better to enjoy being yourself than to pretend you’re something else.

So it was with dragging feet and a sinking heart that I actually made it to the 1:00 afternoon showing. At this point I had major doubts about the film and my ability to enjoy it at all. San Diego has two IMAX theaters that run commercial films. This was the best, the centerpiece of the whole multiplex, a new theater with even newer speakers that had been refurbished just days before, and it cost 16 clams 50 to get in.

So here was the first thing I saw:

Yes, an entire TABLE OF TREKKIES! They were sitting around selling Star Trek toys! At least that’s what it looked like; when I got closer I realized that they were just showing off their toys, which weren’t all that great to begin with. They look creepily-played-with, actually. I don’t think they realized how bizarre it was to be showing off your slightly beat up, yellowed-box set of Shatner and Nimoy dolls in front of a giant sign with different people playing the same characters.

Look at the picture - I wish I could make this stuff up.

Which makes you wonder – what will happen to the classic Trek collectible market when Billy Shatner isn’t seen as being Kirk anymore? Like, in other words, last weekend????

But the saddest guy at the table, the absolute lamest thing I've ever seen, (I couldn't bring myself to take a picture of it) was the guy at the end who was showing off his collection of STAR WARS toys! That's right, somehow he had snuck in and had one of those Darth Vader toy boxes that hinge open to hold leetle teeny Darth Vaders inside...

...he was SO proud of it.

GROG posted on Wed, May 13, 2009 12:18 PM

Not a single Trekkie in sight when GROG went to the packed Imax move, or at least none that were in costume. The crowd applauded at the end of the movie and alot them stayed all the way through the credits.

Cammo posted on Wed, May 13, 2009 1:53 PM

"Not a single Trekkie in sight..."

Maybe GROG not know what Trekkie look like.

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